Popcorn – The Good, The Bad, and The VERY BAD

Popcorn, the quintessential snack of the movies, is a long standing tradition.

The Good: it’s a healthy, low calories snack – very filling due to its fiber content, and less than 100 calories per 3 cups of air popped popcorn.

The Bad: Problems start when pop corn is bathed in oils and butters and serving sizes balloon to double, triple, and higher of the the 3 cup portion size.

The VERY BAD: Popcorn served in movie theaters, in conjunction with soda pop. The Center for Science in the Public Interest just published a report on this matter, and some of the finding were outrageous – Regal theaters largest size popcorn and soda are the caloric equivalent of three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders PLUS 12 pats of butter. The 1600 calories are almost a whole day’s worth, while the 60 grams of saturated fat are supposed to get you by a long weekend (that’s 3 days!). It’s got 20 cups of popcorn, or almost 7 times the recommended portion size.

“Regal and AMC are our nominees for Best Supporting Actor in the Obesity Epidemic,” said CSPI senior nutritionist Jayne Hurley

Oh well, at least that combo is quite expensive, $12.00. That should give some people pause, if not the nutritional atrocity.

Compare to the innocent serving sizes of the 1950′s drive-ins in the clip above.

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  • http://herbalwater.typepad.com Dr Ayala

    SCPI’s report makes you feel like sneaking food from home to the movies.

    Speaking of home-made healthy popcorn, I’d like to share my recipe post for sage popcorn, and multiple ways to pop corn at home:


  • http://www.psychiclunch.com Psychic Lunch

    You should also put something in here about the KINDS of oil and butter that is used. Many theatre and popcorn retail shops have switched to canola oil because of the propaganda that the American Soybean Association put out many years ago. They all abandoned coconut oil for cooking, much to the detriment of our hearts.