Did King Tut Eat Junk Food? Mummies Show Clogged Arteries

Here’s an interesting story. Cardiologists from the US decided to check 3500 year old mummies for heart disease. They headed off to Cairo, Egypt and what they found was quite surprising. Although no fast food or trans-fat were peddled in ancient Egypt, the majority of the mummies showed evidence of clogged arteries and heart disease. One may even have died of a heart attack.

Does this mean we’re all going to get sick hearts, regardless of our diet?

Don’t rush out to McDonald’s just yet.

According to the researcher, those mummified…

… were of high social status, and many served in the court of the Pharaoh or as priests or priestesses.

Rich people ate meat, and they did salt meat, so maybe they had hypertension (high blood pressure)…

With modern diets, “we all sort of live in the Pharaoh’s court,” said another of the researchers…

read more from Seattle PI…

What to do at the supermarket:

Please don’t let this amusing piece cause you to adopt a more tolerant approach to fast foods and over consumption of saturated fats. The average prehistoric Egyptian barely reached 45 years of age. Enjoy the abundance of our modern “court of Pharaoh” a.k.a supermarket to focus on plenty of fresh produce, lean dairy and meat products and 100% whole grains.

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