Guess What’s In the Picture [Common Food]

1. pepper corns
2. small furry animal poop
3. canola oil
4. none of the above

Answer below.

What you need to know:
The picture above is of rapeseeds. When crushed, these seeds produce canola oil.

Here are some more interesting facts:

1. Rapeseed is a bright yellow flowering plant from the Brassicaceae family which includes mustard and cabbage. The seeds grow about  20 to a pod, and are a fourth of the size of peas.

2. The plant has gone extensive breeding in the past 150 years. Originally it was very acidic and bitter tasting, and served as a machine lubricant in the 19th century.

3. Canada is where the transformation took place, and where huge tracts of land are utilized to cultivate rapeseed.

4. Convincing consumers to start cooking with a machine lubricant was not a simple task. A new name was devised – “Canadian Oil” or shorthand – “Canola”.

5. Today canola is the #3 vegetable oil globally, after soybean and palm oils.

6. With only 7% saturated fat and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in a ratio of 2:1, canola is considered a heart healthy oil.

7. Similar to olive oil, “cold press” extraction is more expensive but yields the purest flavor and maintains the original nutrients. This process uses no chemicals and the oils is heated only up to about 150 degrees. Unfortunately most canola oil sold in supermarkets is not cold pressed.

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  • susan allport
  • Kate

    HUUGE tracts of land!

  • Mirandarice

    Thanks! I was wondering what canola oil really was!

  • not telling,stalker!

    mustard seeds

  • Anonymous

    Actually, canola is short for “Canadian oil, low acid”, and the decision to give it a whole new name probably has more to do with women not wanting to use a product with “rape” in the name than not wanting to use an industrial oil for cooking. :)

  • JS

    Actually, rapeseed is a parent crop to canola oil (which means Canada Oil, low acid). They are not the same grain.

  • Rummo

    Like corn and soy this is a Huuge GMO crop. 

  • Joy’s Wellness Trip

    There are new findings that Canola oil, and other veggie oils are extremely bad for the body.  When heated to a certain temperature the oil turns rancid and when ingested creates oxidization in the body.  ALL salad dressings have been heated to the point of rancidity before they are even bottled.  Wesson and vegetable oils are amongst the worst.  Coconut oil, palm kernel oil, ghee, butter and lard are healthy alternatives, believe it or not. 

  • Texasluvflyer

    There is no good vegetable oil.  Coconut oil or lard would be healthier.

  • Lulu

    Canola oile is Toxic Sludge. Start reading and beware of anything the FDA says is OK.
    Canola, at one time, had way to much Omega-6 (which causes inflamation in your body) and had to be chemically removed.
    Any oil that is heated has become toxic to your body. Only use cold pressed oils.
    When the ‘wonder oil’, canola was added to the feeds of cows in England, viola! – Mad Cow Disease. When canola was taken out of the feed – Mad cow disease went away. Hmmm.
    A rise in Glaucoma/Blindness is being attributed to canola oil.
    Somewhere I read that food absorbs more fat when cooked in canola/vegetable oils as opposed to beef tallow, which was used before canola oil was the standard.

  • Catherine Denis

    This is in everything synthetic I eat! That’s why I look at only natural food because every time I eat something with Canola Oil I throw up and it’s happened since I was six years old. EVILL! EVIL SUBSTANCE!