Walgreens – Coupon for Sugary Meal adjacent to Diabetes Center Link

Here’s irony for you. Walgreens’ coupon of the week is for a $10 ENTIRE MEAL (complete junk food meal). On the same web page is  a link to their DIABETES center.

The meal includes a Digiorno pizza, a 12 pack of Coke, and quart and a half of Dreyer’s Ice Cream. We did some number crunching to see just how bad this meal can be.

The Entire Meal consists of 5160 calories, 672 grams of sugar, 54 grams of saturated fat, and 4700 mg of sodium. If consumed by 6 people, that leaves us with 860 calories per person and 112 grams of sugar! That’s almost half the daily caloric intake, virtually without any healthy nutrients. It’s 28 (yes, TWENTY EIGHT) teaspoons of sugar in a single meal.

No wonder there’s a link to Walgreen’s “Diabetes Center” right on the same page.

Shame on you Walgreens.

What you need to know:

With 24 million Americans suffering from diabetes and another million joining the club every year, is this how a pharmacy should promote people’s health?

Walgreens is a an American fixture, with over 6000 drugstores on busy street corners across the US. Pressure to sell more and be profitable has led Walgreens and its competitors, years ago, to sell much much more than just drugs. Fresh produce and other perishables are a difficult business from a supply chain perspective, but frozen food, soda pop, and snacks are a breeze, and that’s exactly what you’ll find filling up entire aisles at Walgreens.

Conspiracy theorists will say that it makes sense for drugstores to sell people junk food, because the same people come back in a few years to support the main business, drugs. We don’t subscribe to such an extreme point of view, but the way market forces have been shaped in this country, there is a lot of short term profit to be gained by selling people junk food, and then long term profit from trying to heal them from the averse health effects. Pharmacies are clearly profiting from both ends of this stick.

What to do at the supermarket:

If you’re buying food, do it at a supermarket or farmer’s market. Leave Walgreens and its counterparts to drugs and 99 cent toys to keep your toddler busy for 3 and a half minutes.

And if you a see coupon that’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. $10 for all that “food” may seem like a bargain, but you’ll end up paying much more down the line with your health.

(Thanks Carol, for sending this coupon info to Fooducate.)

We checked Walgreens Social Responsibility Page to see why they would do such a thing. We found an answer too – they are socially responsible for their neighbors, for the planet, and for the employees, Not their customers.

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  • Quinadal

    Why do you feel it necessary to point out the saturated fat content like it’s bad? Saturated fat is HEALTHY.