Guess What’s in The Picture [Foodlike Substance]


A) Strawberry ice cream

B) Chicken

C) Plastic foam

D) None of the above

Answer below

What you need to know:

Folks, this is mechanically separated chicken, an invention of the late 20th century. Someone figured out in the 1960′s that meat processors can eek eke out a few more percent of profit from chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows by scraping the bones 100% clean of meat. This is done by machines, not humans, by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve. The paste you see in the picture above is the result.

This paste goes on to become the main ingredient in many a hot dog, bologna, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, jerky etc…

The industry calls this method AMR – Advanced Meat Recovery.

In 2004, as a result of  mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) ruled that beef could no longer be processed this way, because testing showed that parts of the bovine central nervous system ended up in the meat.

As for products using mechanically separated chicken and pork, FSIS ruled that they are safe to eat, but required them to be labeled as such.

Despite them being safe, FSIS states that no more than 20% of the meat in a hot dog come from mechanically separated pork.

What to do at the supermarket:

It’s always a better to choice to see a real cut of meat at the butcher counter in the supermarket and then decide what you want done with it. Buying something prepared in a factory, such as chicken nuggets, or hot dogs, you’ll always get the worst meat, and it will always be combined with additives and other sources of fat.

  • mickey mouse

    this is the nastiest thing i have ever seen in my life and the fda approved this mess. i bet they don’t let their families eat this crap!!!!!!!!!! that’s just sick and we allow our children to eat this junk, too. i will no longer buy hotdogs!!!!!! in the name of Jesus i pray for those who know about this and don’t spread the word. how do the workers deal with this mess? do they sleep well at night?

  • Alicia

    That is absolutely disgusting! I am very happy I don’t eat right now. If I did, I think I would need to throw up.

    Thanks for sharing this information. It is one of those pictures that is worth a thousand words.

  • Christel

    Advanced Meat Recovery?
    *gasp* sounds like a non-profit organization for vegetarians haha
    but seriously:
    the colour HAS to be articficial right? When I worked at McDonalds thats exactly what the strawberry milkshake “beverage mix” looked like! no lies!

  • michelle

    wow i came across this in somebodys blog ( she was pretty horrified also. this makes me appreciate being vegan even more. this is pretty bad, it looks like that toy foam stuff kids play with…….??

  • Peggy Vegosen

    No wonder we humans are suffering from so many types of cancer, muscular diseases and heart problems! The so-called food we’re offered is toxic and no one with authority is telling the public.

  • fanny bonney

    This is legal? And this is what the “food” police say is acceptable for human consumption? Obviously they think less of the general public than the corporations who make billions off this offal. (sorry, couldn’t resist; but what else would you call something that looks like swollen pepto bismal?

  • Al-Kanz

    I’m going to write a post about the mechanically separated meat (VSM in french : viande séparée mécaniquement). Thank you for this picture. It’s possible to use it (I’ll indicate the source).
    Thank a lot for you good work !

  • V

    It’s not that it’s in paste form, (isn’t pâté an expensive delicacy?), nor that they’re dookieing it out en mass fro-yo style into those weird boxes (probably an efficient, if inelegant, way to portion it out in bulk), nor even that they’re using as much of the chicken as possible (which I actually think is good–hey the little fella had to die, might as well eat all that’s eatable), nor that there are weird parts going in here (from the description it seems to be pretty much just muscle scraps, not beaks or something)–what makes me more worried about this kind of thing is what kinds of fillers, chemicals and additives that they might easily mix into this stuff before it ends up as a hot dog or a nugget.

  • Wild Willie

    How many of you have ever been involved in the home butchering of hogs or cattle? And yes the chickens killed for sunday dinner? We stuffed our own casings from the animals we butchered. Oh well, we only added the spices that were on the cupboard shelf so I guess that we were the healthy ones. Maybe we should all get a patch of land and produce our own. And, checken feet are not too bad when food is scarce. You see, I went through THE DEPRESSION when times were REALLY TOUGH.

  • Jared

    I admit that looking at it makes me gag a little, but there’s no difference from eating that paste and picking the last bit of meat off of a bone that you cooked in an oven or on a grill or whatever. I wouldn’t want to eat a spoonful of it and i would be worried about some of the chemicals but if you were starving in Ethiopia or any other third world country then a can of this stuff would be worth it’s weight in gold.

  • BP

    Peggy Vegosen :
    No wonder we humans are suffering from so many types of cancer, muscular diseases and heart problems! The so-called food we’re offered is toxic and no one with authority is telling the public.

    Whaa? Where did the post say this was toxic? It’s not toxic: it’s chicken. This just happens to be the part of the chicken that is closer to the bones and is thus harder to remove from the carcass.

  • Brian

    God people grow up. I worked in a place that made this so i guarantee you i have more experience than any or you how this stuff is made. Much of the chicken is the breast “shells” which is basically the leftover ribcage after the breast meat has been removed. They grind these up and run them through a centrifuge. Since the bone and meat are different densities it is separated. The bone paste goes into everything from pet foods to fertilizers. And if you think that there are not any additives put on the choice cuts in the supermarket you are kidding yourself, preservatives and colouring are jut a few. Unless you are going to grow and butcher your own beef then you are going to injest stuff like this.

  • mesablue

    Wrap that in bacon, deep fry it and put a candle on it for my birthday please.


  • Jimbo

    mmmm… soylent pink

  • Karli

    That’s really cool, actually. Imagine how much food we’re saving. And by eating that stuff, which seems perfectly fine, just think of how many animals we DON’T have to raise- that’s less strain on our food and all that stuff about animal waste harming the Ozone and water systems, etc. I’m no food expert, but if that stuff’s clean meat that’s just been pulverized, it seems fine to me. And the fact that it looks like taffy is always fun. I wonder if animal bone marrows are used in stuff like hot dogs? They’re edible and supposedly pretty good as a food source, although in America it’s just not common. Kind of like entomophagy. Mm, giant water bugs.

  • Just Kelly

    OK…so am I the only one who thinks this is kind of neat? I’d love to see how the actual process works, esp. how they get every last shred of meat but nothing else.

    I almost kinda wish you could buy it like this. Remember that modeling clay you could get and when you made something you liked, you could bake it in the oven and it would be permanent? This could be just like that, only you would put it in the oven and it would come out dinner. Can’t you just picture it? Mom calls you in, you spend the afternoon making little creatures and bowls and stuff, break out the ol’ Play Doh extruders, and in a few hours, dinner! Best. Meal. Ever.

    PS: Just read Karli’s note. OK, so I’m not the only one. Awesome.

  • zwinggi

    i’m not lying, i’m actually hungry for a hot dog right now. they should be doing this to all animals that we eat… and maybe some that we don’t. bear dogs, anyone?

  • Just Kelly

    I gotta think bear dogs would be grizzly–er, gristly. But you do make a point. My late partner was about half American Indian, and literally used to go out and hunt her breakfast in the morning when she was a kid (the other half was hillbilly, y’see). She said the attitude she was raised with was, it was all right to make use of the land and the animals around it, but you had to be respectful and not waste. This, to me, says less waste, and that’s cool.

  • Rich

    So what’s the difference between this and me boiling the hell out of chicken bones to make soup stock? Grow up, people.

    • Greysonkrowd

      do you put ammonia in your stock and tons of artificial colorings and flavors to get rid of the horrible smell and taste it put off?

  • Pollo

    I love this sh@t! I eat chicken nuggets every day.

    • Greysonkrowd

      good natural selection is bound to catch up eventually people

  • gl

    Barney…..was here.

  • Dave

    Good find! Do you know where there are anymore pictures like this? People need to see this stuff.

  • wulliam Biffinger

    This is acceptable to people or they would not buy it.

  • sheila

    This is disgusting I will never touch another hot dog again!!!

  • Amaris

    Seems kinda odd to me that they would be packing that in a cardboard box rather than a leakproof container. Wouldn’t chicken (even after being processed) still be somewhat wet and need a watertight container? Not to mention, totally unsanitary to put food on cardboard that will absorb everything. Crazy pic!

  • Cami

    Since I raise most of my meat and eggs I don’t see a lot of this. But don’t kid yourselves. If you are buying meat in the supermarket, you are getting additives and antibiotics in your meat. They put it in there the easiest way possible. They FEED it to the animals. If you want natural meat, get from a farmer, and you can ask to see the feed labels. My lamb & eggs are not organic, but they are natural. Sadly the lamb costs more to raise than I can sell it for. May just have to give it up…Or hope that people can begin to understand that it is expensive to raise meat! And then they might understand the simple economics of this sort of stuff.

  • Mary

    If you put any “normal” chicken parts through a grinder, this is what you would have. Any meat run through a grinder looks pretty much like what you see in the photo. Only the color changes, depending on the particular kind of meat being ground. Wake up people.That’s what happens when an animal is butchered. If it disgusts you, go vegetarian. No, I’m not a vegetarian. I’m happily chomping on barbecued ribs as I read and write. However, seeing what happens as animals are slaughtered and processed does make me feel a bit squeemish.

  • Christian

    Personally I don’t think its that bad, would you rather waste all that meat and kill more animals, and like another person said that’s what processed meat is, did you think that your hot dog was a particular cut of meat??

  • oldestgenxer

    Whatever they’re doing, it’s delicious.

    I’d like to know what percentage of squeamish little girls that thought this was disgusting has ever skinned an animal or gutted a fish. Or pulled an apple from a tree, for chrissake. It all comes from somewhere, Dorothy.

  • Chishio

    @Just Kelly

    That’t actually one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard of.

  • Leslie

    Is this really chicken? I find it hard to believe that they would put it straight into a cardboard box without any lining. Off to the side there is a box of this stuff stacked on another box. I don’t think they could put it so close to the ground. There are health regulations. I don’t know what this picture is.

  • Popeye

    The color in this picture has definitely been altered to give the gross effect that it is intended to do. Although, I do agree that this is probably not what the caption says it is, or this is in another country other than the US of A. I agree with the other folks in this feed that this is just the same as eating close to the bone. Nothing wrong with it, especially if this is the first phase of production. What you really need to be worried about is the additives and junk that is included after the fact. I eat only grass fed beef and bison, free-range chickens and turkeys from a farm near by. I know what I am getting, but I do pay more for it. It does cost more to do things correctly. If everyone would stop buying the packaged junk and pay a little more for the natural foods, we may, and I say that reluctantly, may bring the food giants to their knees…. yea right, who am I kidding!

  • Sir Awesome

    @ Mickey Mouse, Alicia, Peggy Vegosen, Fanny Bonney, Sheila, etc…

    It’s been said before, but we all need to grow up. Meat is never “pretty” before it’s cooked. Just because it doesn’t have that nice dark burgundy “natural” color of the beef cuts in you supermarket deli, doesn’t mean it’s filled with toxins, bacteria, government chemicals, etc. This is simply bits of chicken (yes, the same bits we eat in our seared chicken fillets) that are too difficult to separate by knife. So they have a water jet do it instead. It turns bright pink because that’s what chicken meat looks like… pink.

    Nothing is wrong with using as much of the chicken as we can. It cuts down on cost and waste. That translates to a reduction in the number of chickens we have to slaughter to satisfy our need for buffalo chicken jerky. Also means less energy, food, and fertilizers used in our chicken farms.

    This paste, as unappetizing as it looks, is a beautiful thing!

    Really, it’s the salt and hydrolyzed soy that poses the real health risks in our processed chicken food.

  • The Cook

    I would like you to explain to me how I am supose to make hotdogs at home? Why not buy 100% beef hotdogs- since beef can’t be processed this way then I guess it works out.

  • Food Network Junkie

    Do I sense a very special ingredient for a future episode of, “Iron Chef”….? Or is it just me….?

  • Daisygirl

    Thank you for helping me gross out my kids! I have been switching our family over to a clean organic diet and now my kids are no longer interested in hot dogs and nuggets!!!! All it takes is a little knowledge and people would no longer be interested in this processed garbage!

  • leanne

    i actually thought this was marshmallow!!!yuck!

  • Doug

    Most of the response to this typify a society of sissies, insulated from the realities of life and rendered squeamish when exposed to a common method of food processing. As one poster said, this is no different in substance than picking meat off the bone.

    I expect peaceniks and vegans who have softened our society to the point of weak decadence and acquiescence to terrorists to be grossed out by this and respond with their hippie mythology (“mmmm, soylent pink”).

    But I am saddened to see an otherwise solid right winger post this on Twitter.

    Nothing inherently toxic about this process. Just a way to get the most meat from the bird. Should we instead send the wasted food into the water or landfills?

  • octopod

    I mean, I’m a big proponent of “use the whole animal”, but the pinkness is seriously creeping me out. Is that photo colour-adjusted, or is the meat colour-adjusted?

  • Bal

    This is v cool :)

    Am hungry now :) ppl are so naive to think that processed foods .. er .. aren’t processed .. Its all meat, as the article says, it takes the meat off the bone .. I guarentee you, those who are complaining about this would quite happily make a stock out of bones, its all the same

  • intergbyt

    stop eating meat guys. think of the future.

  • Jet

    It’s just meat, people. We’ve just become better at separating it from the chicken.

  • http://negative steve

    Anyone got a hotdog, i’m starving!

    seriously, gimmie a bowl of that stuff.

    • darwin

      are you 12 years old?

  • Carrie

    Best way to avoid disgusting stuff like this???


  • axolotl

    Well said!

  • Orlando

    I’ve never seen so many people overreact over something as trivial as this. OMG, it doesn’t look appetizing! It’s for hot dogs and bologna; cool it. You should consider yourselves lucky to not have been born during a god damned famine.

  • YUM

    That looks tasty. In my mind, it tastes like bubblegum. In reality, probably less so.

  • ducan

    While I do agree that we should be using all the meat we can, I don’t agree on the health benefits of this. Our digestive system is not designed to process this already processed garbage. Why can’t they boil the bones and sell real stock? I am also doubtful that this happens on small free range farms and I am against the consumption of caged hens and by-products.
    On another note I do agree that our society has closed eyes when it comes to how meat goes from a farm to our plates. Yes this looks disgusting but that is not why I won’t eat it.

  • drdogl

    Want more? Watch a movie called FOOD, INC. It’s not about some of the terrible things that can happen at some farms like some PETA push. It’s about food production in this country. You’ll want to buy that plot of land, raise your own animals and grow your own food, that’s for sure.

  • Dylan

    this is so disgusting. you all need to watch “Food, Inc.” It is such a great movie because it shows you what really is in the food you eat. Go check it out!

  • Scott

    They have been doing this stuff for years. They save the fetal pigs when they slaughter hogs, and the ENTIRE little pigs go right into the grinder for hotdogs, eyeballs, buttholes, genitals, guts, teeth and all. Pureed up and right into hotdogs, seen it myself many times.

  • zero

    Not sure why everyone is so scared of this stuff. Meat close to the bone is good. I eat tons of crazy gross shit at sushi restaurants and it’s called ‘exotic’ and pay top dollar for it. Here its called gross. Not harmful, not gross tasting. FDA approves it because it is safe to eat. Nab a fish eyeball or some caviar and eat up.

  • Denise @ Raw Brides

    That’s kind of gross…..

    I personally don’t eat meat anymore – due to things like this – I just don’t want that kind of yuck in my body….

    I think if you eat meat, go for the best you can – real pieces of meat, from an animal you can recognise. Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you reduce your overall meat consumption, you can afford it, and yes- enjoy it more!

  • Dufus

    Hate to disappoint but you are(we all are) that kind of yuck.

  • Heather

    I could have lived without knowing this, but now that I do, it is life changeing. We don’t eat any ground meat anyway, but when I crave a hotdog or something like it I will “Just Say No”. Enlightening?

  • Technology

    They have been doing this stuff for years

  • Emma


    There are many fetal pigs that go to schools for their biology programs. How many fetal pigs can honestly end up in the food when I personally know how high the demand is for them?

  • Emma

    Sushi is amazing. But fish and their products just *seem* so much more pure and clean than what the majority of Americans are consuming these days.

  • Jean

    We should all grow our own food or purchase from local friends & farmers!

  • Catherine Hosack

    WOW. Just… wow. I knew this had been going on, but seeing the image is still really shocking. Neat blog BTW!

  • Anna

    @Emma – yes, I see fetal pigs at the biology department all the time, them, their brothers and sisters all diligently studying for the next exam – you’d think it would be difficult what without opposable thumbs and you know, being dead and all, but they seem to manage. Hey, I think it’s great that you support the biology program at your colleges and state universities and I’m also super glad that science seems to be your primary interest.

  • keoni

    I think it is good advice to know what we eat. So, I would avoid wieners. In fact, I ground my own ground pork and ground beef, not knowing what eye balls or intestines or genitals may get ground into the ground meat. Remember, 100% beef only means that 100% of the component comes from a cow, not just meat as we know it.

  • Tracy H.

    Another option you could have given your readers who want to avoid this nastiness is to tell them to go vegetarian or vegan.

    A plant-based diet is healthier and way more compassionate than eating dead animals.

  • Susan H

    Man I love that pink color!

  • Jess

    I don’t care if it’s chicken, it LOOKS like delicious strawberry icecream or bubblegum! And dammit, that’s what I’m going to pretend it is.

    Okay, in all seriousness, saying that a plant-based diet is healthier is often an opinion based on guilt about how the meat industry treats animals. A lot of it is wretched. Most of it is. But eating organic, free-range lean meat in moderation, along with lots of greens and grains, is a very healthy dietary choice. Period. A diet balanced in both meat and veggie proteins is what comes most naturally to humans.

    Also, meat is so tasty. If I didn’t have access to sustainably-obtained meat, from free-range animals, I wouldn’t eat meat either. But I do. So I do!

  • Corey

    are you sure it’s chicken? I don’t think that it is good manufacturing practices to put a raw chicken product into a plain, unlined cardboard box… plascit foam on the other hand…

  • http://yahoo venturethis

    As for the cardboard if this was a while/years past, than it is in cardboard I imagine for the cut backs in production, no plastic made it cheaper to package. In a frozen state of packing, it would be fine if it’s only going to be made into something right away on another belt. I am truly turned to not eat hot dogs, mostly based on not knowing what is put into them. That isn’t fair, nor is it healthy. They leave an odor in our tastebuds and after in all our body for like one week.

  • Scott

    Personally, I believe that that it is shameful to not use as much of the bird as possible.

    Waste not, want not.

  • Miho

    I came here from Mrs. Q’s Fed Up with school lunch.
    And EW. THIS IS GROSS. WOW. I can’t believe this is being fed to kids at school…I’m shocked at how 1.) people can do this and 2.) how people can eat it. Bleeeh

  • CantonDem

    @Emma Sure, fish seems pure, and I’m developing a taste for sushi myself, but… It’s not pure. With fish, you have mercury, PCBs, and other toxins to worry about. Best to eat it in moderation and low on the food chain. The same is true with everything else, actually.

    Regarding the chicken… I am still a fan of good sausage, but this is taking meat processing way too far.

  • Jim

    That’s why I eat Hebrew National or other lunch meats labeled Kosher, even though I am not Jewish. It’s just a better quality product, with no fillers and none of this stuff.

  • Justin

    Since when did everyone become so wasteful?!?! What is wrong with using every bit of the animal? Even dog food is starting to be made from whole cuts of breast meat, this is just ridiculous. If they can use every bit of the animal more power to them!

  • Dave

    Justin–I think the issue is more that the only way this meat can be used in a commercial manner is to put it in a heavily processed product like a hot dog or a chicken nugget. I’ll pick the bones clean by hand when I’m boning a chicken at home for a recipe, but its tough to sell those bits commercially as is.

  • devin

    man i just wanna eat/bathe in this stuff. yummmm!!!

  • Eatnik

    Do you have a reference for this picture? Or a way of contacting the photographer?


  • lauren


  • James

    Okay number one problem with this picture. No one knows where it came from. Number two problem with this picture. No one really knows what it is. Number three. I can definitely tell you from personal experience of working in a chicken factory. That is definitely not chicken. Number four. If it was chicken and it was processed the way the article states it would not be that color. Number five. Whoever took this should take a much bigger picture so that it shows a company name and where it was located at. Number six. I live near an ice cream plant where I know people that work their and I have had a tour of the plant. This looks an awful lot like strawberry ice cream. Number seven. Do you believe everything you see on TV or hear on the Radio. Good example of this is the original War of the Worlds reading that sent everyone into panic because it was the first broadcast without commercial interruption. so a large quantity of people that had just turned on their radio thought it was really happening. They probably felt really stupid at the end of the broadcast. MY point being dont believe everything you read online it is not all true.

  • David Johnson

    You know, when people say “they used every part of the buffalo” about Native Americans, it’s with an air of respect – and a side order of “and we should be doing the same.”

    So why – when we actually *do* make the effort to use every little bit, do those same people get so grossed out?

    • Ashley

      Are you honestly comparing the Native American’s way of utilizing every bit of the animal to this? Tell me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve learn, Native Americans didn’t put Ammonia in their meat to get rid of bacteria that was introduced by the process and add food coloring and flavor to make up for it. Native Americans did not process their meat through heavy machinery. Native Americans did not inject and eat animals filled with antibiotics. In general, Native Americans didn’t treat animals like crap like we do.

      Using every part of the animal killed is not the bad thing, after all people do it all the time by using bones to make broth and the millions of foods and sauces made from the offals. But when you meat is so processed that it doesn’t even resemble meat anymore, I’d rather not eat it.

      By the way, for the cows that are raised in CAFOs, the hide isn’t used for leather and leftover cow parts are feed to other cows and chickens.

    • Raven420

      I don’t know which makes me grind my teeth more….your comment or the 14 *likes* it got.

  • David Johnson

    Congratulations! You’ve discovered the origin of sausage…as made for the last several thousand years…

  • David Johnson

    Jean :
    We should all grow our own food or purchase from local friends & farmers!

    Okay, to do this, you’ll have to do a couple of other things first:

    Step 1 – Break up any city of more than 50,000 people.

    Step 2 – Cut world population in half.

    Step 3 – Learn to live with occasional local famines that cause %50 death rates.

    • mbf

      There is no foundation of logic or science in your response.

  • Amanda Hall

    Oh I was thinking please don’t say chicken…wheres that smiley that is throwing up? Blech!!

  • Chris MacDonald

    I’m finding this rather hard to believe.

    Without knowing the source of that picture (who shot it, and where), I’m going to be hesitant to believe that THAT is Mechanically Separated Chicken. It looks like icing, or candy.

    My guess: the pic is a hoax.

  • Jennifer

    So disgusting. Everyone should see Food Inc.

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    Unattributed picture is unattributed.

  • JerryB

    If you want to be taken seriously as an information source, credit your photos to the source, and provide reference for your facts.

  • Jennifer


    If we were to do that, two billion people would starve to death.

    • Greysonkrowd

      that makes absolutely no sense. If everyone grew there own food, than a fifth of the world would starve. How can you type that with a straight face.

  • Morgan

    Bass- o’ Matic!

  • Rory
  • Lisa

    Everyone should indeed see Food Inc. and also The Future of Food.
    Further, this picture is pretty damn accurate. Here’s a link to an Asian youtube video of mechanically separated chicken: If you aerate that leftover goo dropping into the bucket, it would be the exact color and consistency of what you see above. So I highly doubt that this image is false.

    • starfish101

      yuck that is disgusting what type of meat is that that there r making

  • V

    I don’t believe it.

  • Dan

    I’m going to be the asshole that points this out: It’s “eke,” not “eek.”

  • KARen

    SO my question is, what did you all think that nuggets, cheap sausage,hot dogs and all the other ‘mystery meat’ products out there were made from? I have known for YEARS that muystery meat food is the waste that cannot be packaged to sell as individual items, but the human body can process.
    Yes its GROSS, which is why I have been an organic meat eater for 15 years now (im 33)
    It baffles me when people still react when they read these facts…
    Basically, if it doest look like a steak, chicken meat or fish flesh….its probably organs and offcuts : )

  • Biencubano

    Today, because I was too busy I just had them both: a sausage and a hotdog..! Grrrrrrr….! (Ha-ha-ha) Too bad too late…!


    @Tracy H.

    More compassionate? Perhaps. Healthier? Not a chance.

  • Fred

    This article is useless without info as to where I can get a softserve frozen meat cone.

    • Horatio Postlethwaite

      Best comment ever.

      • Kate Campbell-Reiber


    • melissa

      I read this like 10 minutes ago.. and i’m still giggling everytime I think of it! Best comment ever!

    • Emily Davis77

      I can’t stop laughing at this comment

      • Bebe0143

        Your comment made me vomit.

    • brista


  • Nicholas

    Eek out? It’s eke out, Fooducate!

  • Lete

    The grinding process doesn’t particularly bother me. It’s only Americans who get really grossed out by what part of the animal they’re eating. What I find much more disturbing is the fact that our food if being washed in ammonia and the artificially dyed and re-flavored.

  • veG

    no offense, but this is not convincing. and that’s coming from a vegetarian who thinks people should eat less meat. everyone know’s that hot dogs etc are fat packages. if people really were that worried about eating all that fat, they wouldn’t eat it in the first place. yeah ground up meat looks like strawberry ice cream. so what? if you really want to make people stop eating processed meats, why not talk about all the chemicals, additives, and unnatural crap that they load in there?

  • SoS

    The ground meat like in the above picture is then bleached and artificially flavoured, that’s what’s wrong about it. It’s not a pure product.

  • Si Fir

    Oh for goodness sake, this is just meat, why waste it?
    A lot of the additives that are put into foodstuffs are required to stop it going rotten before the consumers can get to it. We already waste tons of food each day why on earth would somebody who claims to want to be environmentally sound want to increase this. No preservatives would cause more waste and more health problems form people eating spoiled food. You add sugar to your fruit to make jam becuase it helps to preserve it better, vinegar to onions to pickle them so they last longer. Yes it makes them taste nice but that wasn’t the original purpose.
    Going Vegan or organic doesn’t mean you aren’t getting 100% what the ingredients say you are getting. Even hardcore vegans are getting meat in their diet, in the form of insect matter and other “foreign” materials which are allowed at certain levels which are regulated and there is no way that you could exclude them from the food making process, even if you grow and produce all your own food.
    A quick search with google provides an example of these regulations:

    • CeeEhCee

      If the meat were just mechanically separated, and not loaded up with tons of industrial preservatives and flavorings I couldn’t begin to pronounce, then we wouldn’t have a problem. If it were simply separated and pickled in brine or vinegar to preserve it, or better yet, frozen straight away, I wouldn’t have any complaints about the quality of MSP.

      When it comes out of the microwave or at the Mickey D’s counter looking and smelling very much like whatever killed the dinosaurs, we have a problem. And, since that’s the case, we have a problem.

      Since that terrifying, looks-more-like-strawberry-gelato blob of disgusting is the meat industry’s answer to demands cost effectiveness, I’d rather spend ridiculous amounts of money just to make sure I know where the chicken meat came from and what they added to preserve it. 

    • Greysonkrowd


  • herb

    People would eat dogshit if it was run through a factory process like this stuff and argue that it was food. Disgusting. Go veg.

  • NJtoTX

    Reminds me of Brown 25, from Uranus Corporation in the movie Groove Tube.

    I still don’t get why this is so pink. Yeah, chicken is a bit pink, but this is ridiculous.

  • erik smit

    This is actually a good way of processing meat. Without separator meat, we would have to throw away a large percentual of perfectly edible meat and we would have to use good meat for our hot dogs, and we would have to raise more animals for our meat consumption.

    Of course it doesn’t look pretty, but it’s much better than throwing food away.

  • http://facebook melissa posusta

    why is it pink? that does not look naturel???

  • Pinky

    Right–we wouldn’t want to use good meat for our hot dogs!

  • Jacqueline

    Where did this photo come from? What’s the source?

  • Bill Nigh

    The word you want is ‘eke’, not ‘eek’; respectfully offered.

  • Erin

    Can you please give us a reference for this photo? I’m puzzle about why meat would be put into a card board box, and in general I’d like to be able to reference a source before I show it to others.

  • Bardo


  • Adam

    the word is ‘eke’, not ‘eek’.

  • Joe

    @melissa posusta
    Uncooked chicken is pink.

  • MikeMike

    I am pretty sure this is not fake. On Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution he replicated this process with a food processor and sieve and guess what? It came out looking just like that. All too real unfortunately.

  • Marc

    Ground Pig Lips and A$$holes. Yum! Go veg.

  • Straight Arrow

    Thanks for the info

  • Floyd

    @Bill Nigh

    Actually “eek” seems more appropriate, as in “eeks, wtf is that”

  • Janet Riley

    Wow — this post is SO wrong on SO many levels.

    Even has an entry about these claims. Anyone who took the time to read the blog above should go to this link:
    Yes — it’s true. Poultry is sometimes mechanically separated and when it is, the resulting product is called mechanically separated poultry (MSP).
    This process is regulated and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and USDA posts information about MSP on its Web site too. It also is included in the ingredient statement. Using technologies like these can help keep meat and poultry products affordable and prevent the waste that would occur through hand trimming.
    It is NOT true that this is how chicken nuggets are commonly made. The vast majority do not contain MSP. Nuggets are usually made from pieces of white meat and sometimes from a combination of white and dark meat.

    Some processed meat products do contain MSP and this is stated on the ingredient statement by law.

    Meat and poultry products are more heavily regulated than any other foods. We have inspectors in our plants every day ensuring that the products we produce are safe and wholesome AND properly labeled. Instead of being fearful based upon this post, we should be happy that have the choices we have and that we spend less than any other country in the world on our meat and poultry products.

    I’m a mom of two and I work for the American Meat Institute. I feel very confident making fresh meat and poultry products and processed products like hot dogs, nuggets and deli meats — part of family’s total diet.

    Janet Riley, American Meat Institute, Washington, DC

    • Brandon Juhl

      Meat and poultry products are NOT more heavily regulated than any other foods; only one in every several thousand carcasses is inspected by an inspector, and the inspections are not thorough.  We don’t spend less than any other country on our meat and poultry products, we only think that we do.  The vast majority of what we spend on our meat and poultry products comes out of our taxes at tax time and goes to huge govt. subsidies to the animal agriculture industry (the ultimate bailouts; without those subsidies, animal agriculture would not turn a profit because it is so inherently inefficient).  Without those subsidies, you would pay over $60 for a hamburger at the time of purchase.  The fact is, you already do pay that much, but you just don’t know it.  You pay the purchase price at the time of purchase, and the rest is hidden in your taxes, an invisible installment plan.  And of course, animal products like these contribute to heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.  Adopting a plant-based, whole foods diet will reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer by well over eighty percent (that is a conservative estimate), as well as (in most cases) help you maintain a healthy weight and body mass index, and can prevent or even reverse diabetes.  I recommend seeing CNN’s program The Last Heart Attack and/or the documentary Forks Over Knives for more information.  I don’t believe a spokesperson for the American Meat Institute any more than I believe the spokespeople for the tobacco companies.  They are being paid to defend these products that are unhealthy.  They may even believe their own propaganda.  But the facts are indisputable: eating animals and animal products substantially increases your risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.  Cutting them out of your diet, and eating a plant-based diet with an emphasis on fruits, veggies, and whole grains, will reduce your risks for all those food-borne illnesses (heart attacks, etc.), that are just as serious as the e coli and listeria and other nasty food-borne illnesses that you risk getting by handling raw meat (which is why Mechanically Separated Meat is soaked in ammonia, to kill all those nasty bacteria).  And of course raising animals in factory farms’ filthy conditions leads to disease among the animals, often dealt with by putting antibiotics in their feed, so they all get it (not just the sick ones), helping to breed antibiotic-resistant strains of nasty little bugs that can cross species and infect humans.  If antibiotics cease to be effective in your lifetime, it won’t be because doctors overprescribed them for humans; it will be because we over-used them in factory farms (the vast, vast majority of meat in this country, and eggs, come from factory farms).  Meat of any kind, mechanically separated or not, is NOT healthy, nor part of a “well-balanced” diet.  A vegan diet is not extreme; getting your ribcage cut open and having your heart exposed and an artery cut out of your leg and put into your heart, and taking 20 pills a day, that’s extreme.  Getting chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancerous tumors, that is extreme.  The Standard American Diet (SAD), so meat-and-egg-and-dairy-centric, is making us ill.  If we want to be safe, and healthy, we need to stop raising animals to turn them into food for us or make their breast milk or ovaries into food for us.  Mechanically separated or not, meat is not only gross, it’s deadly.    

      • Jackson

        that’s funny because a lot of listeria and e.coli outbreaks recently are from fruits and vegetables.

        • Jack

          Thats funny because e.coli comes from the shit of factory farmed animals polluting our water. Vegetables themselves don’t cause e coli, because vegetables don’t shit.

          • Greysonkrowd


    • Sara

      Obviously biased info here since you WORK for AMI, however, id like to know where hot dogs and deli meats are healthy inany way when theyre made with preservatives and sodium to expand their shelf life???

  • inforodeo

    @melissa posusta
    uncooked chicken meat is pink, especially the meat close to the bone.

  • Ferguson

    @Janet Riley
    Janet Riley,

    I’m glad your job allows you to advocate unhealthy processed “food” choices that do nothing but contribute to the declining value and quality of our health and environment. Groups like the American Meat Institute have successfully marketed the importance of food “affordability” over both quality and safety. You say this yourself! Cost? What cost is it to us if your product makes us unhealthy while destroying the soil and environment? Those are just non-related “external costs”, right? Organizations like yours are always the first to defend meat processing practices (especially in times of massive e. coli recalls), while they offer absolutely no transparency in their production process. Perhaps your next family vacation should be to a cattle CAFO so you can see where many of your meat products begin their journey to your table. I bet your children would enjoy that. If you should be proud of anything, it’s that you are sensible enough to disclose your employer and I thank you for that.

    As Hippocrates stated “Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.” Somehow I don’t think he had processed food-like substances in mind.

    Shawn- Concerned Citizen

  • inforodeo

    @erik smit
    I agree. This is “modern man” doing making the best use of all the parts of our kill, just like that whole “Native Americans used every part of the buffalo” thing. Even the bones are used for other (not-for-human-consumption) products. While it might look disgusting and unhealthy to some, “mechanically separated” doesn’t inherently mean “processed with chemicals” as many like to claim. If you eat “buffalo wings”, a piece of fried chicken, a home-cooked organic free range chicken or some BBQ pork ribs, you’re eating a lot of this portion anyway. They only mechanically separate the leftovers because so much meat gets wasted by the “safe cutting” techniques used to ensure we don’t get bone chips in our “boneless chicken breasts” and other meat.

  • inforodeo

    “unhealthy food choices”? Get real! I am no longer as much a consumer of meat as I was, but I still don’t buy into this idea that meat is “unhealthy”. Like everything, it’s good in moderation. Processing techniques have vastly improved our food safety, the safety of factory workers, and the humaneness of kills. This is way more safe than beating the slowest cow over the head with a rock, dragging it through the dust on a hot day and hanging it from a tree without refrigeration while the other village monkeys eat it …
    You have to keep in mind, too, that technically, “processed” means anything methodical that got the food from its source to your table. The “processing” could be as simple as yanking it out of the sea and freezing it to plucking it by hand and handing it to you wrapped in brown paper.
    It also sounds like you got your knowledge of farming by watching heavily edited and selected PETA videos – most farms barely resemble that which you depicted in your regurgitated rant. You probably have a shelf of processed “herbal remedies” that do more damage to your system than a life time of pig meat.

  • inforodeo

    @Janet Riley
    Thank you for lending some actual substantiated fact to this article.

  • inforodeo

    herb, that’s actually a great point. If dog s— was processed using the high standards used to process meats, it would be safe to eat, and a lot more people probably would eat it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • J. Priest

    @Bill Nigh

    I think that “eek” is entirely appropriate in this particular case.

  • RF


    I was totally thinking the same thing! Hahahahahaha!

  • Yana

    Do u guys kno they put ammonia in the meat to turn it white… :-( “eke”

  • Audrey Stowers

    Why can’t we just do things the natural way anymore? Does everything have to be mechanical. Alot of us like to eat meat, and our bodies need iron the meat provides. But why can’t we just grow the chickens free range, the beef should be raised on grass and not corn, and certainly there should not be any growth hormones used. And processes like this are just nasty. Who knows what was ground up in this paste. Probably stuff you see on your dog’s food labels. Why the heck would I want to feed my best friend this crap. Maybe if we all eat a little less, maybe two servings of meat a week, and stop gobbling up so much in one sitting, we wouldn’t have to mass produce so much meat and eggs. Eat more veggies, whole grains, and dairy. And for goodness sakes, stop eating at these fast food places. They are the reason why we have to “mass produce” in the first place and these foods are making the kids fat. If we went back to the oldfashioned ways, and actually took time to cook for our families and ourselves, it would be healthier, less sodium and fat, no preservatives, and we would be doing our hearts a huge favor. We would rather spend money and go out to eat every single night than to cook food. Sad.

  • Brad Severance

    @inforodeo Watch Earthlings

    and then tell me that “most farms barely resemble that which you depicted in your regurgitated rant”

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Ess

    @Brad Severance

    I have trouble lending credence to something made by people who say “vertebrae” and “invertebrae” instead of “vertibraTE” and “invertibraTE”. You know, because if you don’t understand what those words are…well…

    Not even going to get into “Here watch this sensationalist movie that supports my opinion and THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY.”

  • VAR

    @Ess – I don’t know what you’re talking about but you do know that “vertebrae” is a word right?

  • http://? Puddin Tane


  • bil

    LOL, check your sources. Don’t you think the cardboard would be wet? It’s not because it’s not meat, it’s foam.

  • Sal Izzo

    @Janet Riley
    Hello Janet,

    You stated “I’m a mom of two and I work for the American Meat Institute. I feel very confident making fresh meat and poultry products and processed products like hot dogs, nuggets and deli meats — part of family’s total diet.” I feel sorry for you and your children. It is easily seen, that you are convinced over-processed foods are normal. Where does it say, this is how we are to feed our family? It is organizations like the one you proudly represent, that help the U.S. be as unhealthy as it is. According to the World Health Organization (really do not trust them either), The United States ranked 37, out of 190 other countries, relating to overall health. The sad point here is we as a nation, spend the most on health care related issues, due to the U.S. government, FDA, CDC etc… always offering information about food safety.

    It seems odd that these agencies allow the food manufactures processors, growers, farmers etc.. to perform studies then submit to the government, results that favor themselves. GREED!!!
    I am glad you feel safe feeding your children foods laced with growth hormones, genetically modified feed with pesticides, many other known toxins and hard metals.

    If you think a healthy diet includes hot dogs, salami, peperoni, cold cuts, and other processed meats, research for cause for obesity and the amount of people that suffer from this due to your industry and others alike. Sleep well.

  • Sue May

    That looks like plastic foam.

  • Chris

    I thought Advanced Meat Recovery is what John Wayne Bobbit had to do. If you want hot dogs eat soy dogs. There are other ways to get your fix without having to have your dinner mechanically seperated.

  • Suzanne

    The cardboad could be dry because it’s plastic or other resin coated, which is common for food storage and service packaging.

  • Suzanne

    The cardboard could be dry because it’s plastic or other resin coated, which is common for food storage and service packaging.

  • ayde

    Herb said that americans would eat dogshit if it was run through a factory process. Well it’s funny that americans would believe what people say just because they saw it on the internet.

  • ayde

    @Brad Severance
    nicely put Audrey Stowers!

  • Cathi

    I don’t think the word is “eke” or “eek,” I think the word is “YUCK” or maybe “eeeeeewww.”

    A vertebra is a bone in the spinal column, vertebrae its plural; an invertebrate has no backbone …. I’ll let you guess the rest …

    and I wouldn’t eat that stuff if you paid me to

  • Sloth

    The amount of meat that the common person eats nowadays is very unhealthy anyway. The fact people are getting upset by this food yet will still buy the cheapest meat they can is very hypocritical. If you don’t want to eat “AMR”, then don’t buy the cheapest most non-tasting-like-chicken thing you can find in your supermarket.

    You know there is probably a reason people compare weird tasting things to chicken. Thankfully in the UK we do not have this type of processing, it’s still bad for you but the chicken nuggets here are not “AMR”. If you genuinely care about it so much go Vegan. (Trust me, I’m vegan. It’s a lot better and you realise how much healthier you are with a non processed diet.)

  • Corey


    You appear to be mistaken sir… some facilities offering MSM in the UK include (but are not necessarily limited to):

    UK 4051 EC
    Central Food Services
    Walsall, West Midlands
    Facilities: cutting plant, meat preparation, mechanically separated meat

    UK 4090 EC
    Gill, F A Limited
    Meat Processors And Wholesalers, Parkfields, Wolverhampton, WV4 6EH
    Facilities: slaughterhouse, cutting plant, meat preparation, mechanically separated meat, purification plant

    UK 4535 EC
    2 Sisters Food Group Ltd
    Unit 1 & 2 Howard Street Industrial Estate, Hill Top, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 9SW
    Facilities: cutting plant, mechanically separated meat

    UK 4736 EC
    The Poultry People Ltd
    Unit 5, Key Industrial Estate, Oxford Street, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 7DW
    Facilities: cutting plant, mechanically separated meat

    UK 4806 EC
    Ashiks Chicken Kebabs Ltd
    Unit 1 , Hare Street, Bilston, Wolverhampton, WV14 7DX
    Facilities: cutting plant, meat preparation, mechanically separated meat

    and those are just in the West Midlands…

    a little bit of research never hurts eh?

    The chicken nuggets in the US are not AMR either, it would have to be stated on the ingredients list of the nutrition label as per 21CFR…and it is not.

  • Lola

    @Audrey Stowers
    I’m pretty sure they reason we need to mechanically separate it is because using the cutting techniques that humans use we would end up with bone chips in our food. This method is not a way to add chemicals. I’m not saying that chemicals aren’t added, obviously there are problems in the meat industry with hormones and bad preservatives (I say bad to distinguish it from preservatives like salt which are unhealthy in high amounts but not super dangerous for you) but that’s not really the situation here. I personally do not believe in wasting meat and mechanically separating it is a way to get all of the meat off the bone without getting parts of the bone in our food (which is what would happen if it was separated by hand, either that or it would take a very very long time). Remember that foods that contain this are labeled as such so if you want to stick to say, chicken breasts and thighs only you can do so buy only buying chicken breasts and thighs and cooking them yourself.

  • darlene j

    i would not eat that pink stuff its steraphoam

  • Kay

    For anyone still willing to eat this abomination… You do realize that they add preservatives and have to sterilize this stuff right? That means it is probably sprayed with an ammonia mixture. Neither of those things are food so comparing it to the “Native American thing” is actually the opposite of what it actual is, especially because you didn’t kill the chickens yourself. Also, it isn’t just meat, its the carcass that they carve the meat off of. That means there are bone, organs, connective tissue, blood vessels and blood. Keep in mind the living conditions and the fact that they’ll still kill chickens for food even if they are displaying signs of illness. (E. Coli anyone?)
    If you think big agra-business only cares about making sure there’s a chicken in every pot so to speak, then I’m afraid you are sadly out of touch with reality.
    $$$$$$$ <- That is what they care about and that is all you are to them. A disposable source of income. A constant experiment. No one wants to correlate the rise of cancer, obesity,(juvenile) diabetes, autism, the new wave of gastrointestinal disorders (crone's disease gluten intolerance) and generally screwed with bodies on the screwed up foods we eat because we are so out of touch with how we get our foods.
    I'm not saying meat is bad, but the next time you go to the store, along with you chicken patties and nuggets, buy just 1 organic item. Every time you shop. Just one. Tell your friends to do the same. What you buy determines what is supplied and also the cost. If more people bought organic there would be more of a demand and the cost would go down! Please consider this and start researching facts for yourself…

  • Corey

    No bones, organs, blood vessels, or blood go into MSP… the process is designed to remove all the meat from the bones (hence “separated”), the organs are all removed long before this process starts (evisceration), and blood etc. are removed before evisceration and after the birds are killed.

    The industry may care mostly about money, but they know that if they have a major safety issue then they will lose customers… and therefore money… so believe it or not I’m pretty sure they want to keep us buying their products.

    If poultry is showing signs of illness, if the facility is paying attention, it will not be processed, the farmer also plays a part in this process of removing diseased animals – because they don’t want the rest of the flock to become infected.

    Your trust in organic foods is also misplaced, as they are no safer and can, in fact, sometimes be more dangerous micro-biologically speaking.

    Just my two cents eh?

    • ??

      you actually believe what you’re typing ?

    • Lou

      It’s not that industry has a vested interest in doing it right, but in not doing it so wrong that it becomes a problem.

      • hungry

        It wouldn’t be the minimum if it wasn’t good enough.

  • Brooke


    I appreciate your comment that we should “start researching the facts for [ourselves],” however, I think you’d better take your own advise! You’d be hard pressed to find a report of E. coli gastroenteritis due to consumption of chicken. You really lose credibility when you state such things.

  • Lisa

    That’s horrific !! The AMR process is beyond my comprehension. I’ve been blessed with severe/ life threatening food allergies and I eat fresh food . In the end, everything tastes better. Nothing processed.

  • Christine Andrew, CNC

    Oh, yes this is just one of many sites that validates “Food Politics” that I have been talking about in my own practice. Sal, you said it all, thank you. Processed foods are exactly that—processed. Our bodies were not designed to consume and do well on processed foods. The rise in obesity and chronic degenerative conditions of the majority of people is astounding and the Standard American Diet is the major factor.

  • Jonas

    @erik smit

    Yeah right. Forget the fact that you’re also eating pieces of bone, legs, eyes and other stuff you wouldn’t classify as edible. And that because of this mixture this thing is ripe with bacteria, which means it has to be bleached with ammonia, which means it loses it’s taste and color, which it means it must be artificially re-flavored and re-colored. What is that you are eating again?

  • Jonas


    Would you eat a *whole* fish, nothing removed, crushed and mashed?

  • Paula

    I just saw this failed experiment by Jamie Oliver. This country is in trouble!

  • George.

    The results of this garbage food can you see on the fast food restaurant customers were they are over 200Kg each plus.

    When the American people Smarten up and stop eating shit like that?

  • Dodie


    Thank you. I can’t afford to eat “happy” animals, and after so long, can’t eat any. It makes me sick to think of trying. Y’all can separate me later, if it’s so important. I thought agriculture took care of the protein issues long ago. The biggest meat eating cultures seem to be the ones who argue (religiously) the hardest about our not being “animals”. Interesting. Also separating “meat-lovers” from starving people.

  • Deborah Drake, ND

    Paula :
    I just saw this failed experiment by Jamie Oliver. This country is in trouble!

    That is amazing!! I was surprised at their response but I shouldn’t have been I suppose.

  • sheila

    This is one reason I am a vegetarian……..every fast food restaurant would be closed if the public knew what is in the products served……..

  • Monica

    I cant even fathom this, but at the same time I can!

  • Lorraine

    My dad was a butcher and when I was a child he told me that if I ever saw how they made hot dogs, I would never want to eat one. I see why now.
    THe only hot dogs we eat are the all natural, antibiotice free, hormone free, no casing, no nitrates or chemicals, casing free, no sugar or fillers in them from the Whole Foods Market. The only cold cuts I buy are the same. I also buy grass fed meat, with no hormoines or antibiotics. We live mainly on whole foods, not processed and rarely eat out. I know too much about our food supply to eat most of the stuff from traditional supermarkets, and I’m even very selective in the health food markets because there is stuff there that they claim is healthy, but I KNOW it’s not!

  • wanda king

    @The Cook

    I thought the same thing about beef hot dogs. Actually, I’ve read that nitrates in foods are really not harmful and may be beneficial to the heart, because they are supposedly akin to nitrous oxide. (Disclaimer: This is a sort of quoted statement; I’m certainly not an expert on this stuff.)

  • wanda king



  • Lucy

    But I thought bones are a good source of calcium!

  • Jeffrey Wayne

    What grosses me out is not eating meat off the bones (havn’t you all eaten spare ribs? I do one heck of a job mechanically separating the meat from the bones!), but how the animals that they are processing are raised in the first place. Pastured chickens from local farms are my choice, and yes I manage to get almost all the meat off their tasty little bones. Sometimes we put parlty picked bones into hot water with vegetables. It’s called chicken soup, and people kind of like it. Just sayin’.

  • Pat

    I am sure Whole Foods are costly from exploring the net. I went to our state to check locations, but no prices listed.
    Thanks, but not sure now.

  • roski boi

    the truth is that food taste good unil you find out what it is really is. mostt people do not care they say ummmm ummm goood untill they taste it y ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww LOL KML + killing myself laughing

  • roski boi

    man i just had a hot dog man man man it was good until i found out whets really in it. it is grounded up intestates and left over meats and other thing. that stuff s nasty so watch what you eat for now o n i think you should read-the book fast food nation.

  • Lita

    que asco!

  • Natasha Zeligs

    Not surprisingly disgusting. As far as industry is concerned; anything to make a buck, even if it makes the consumer sick (eventually).

    Buy it whole , clean it, cook it and eat it yourself.

  • Michelle


    It’s not just American’s that eat processed food. I’m an American who has lived for 3 years in Spain and I will tell you that even though most of North America consumes fast food (Canada included), so does most of Western Europe and modern cities in Eastern Europe. I’m not defending this processed meat, I don’t eat it. However, I find it highly offensive that Americans are always categorized as an overweight fast-food obsessed nation. Not all of us are.

  • simba

    Meh. I wouldn’t mind eating that stuff if I was confident that the chickens had been raised in good, humane and reasonably hygenic conditions in the first place.

    I’m happy with use of antibiotics to treat disease (not used for antibiotic free meat and milk in some cases) and with use of intestines, testicles, stomachs, hooves MRM etc- nothing wrong with offal and ‘left over meats’, provided it’s from healthy animals to begin with. It’s common sense to reduce waste and make the most out of each animal, just like it’s common sense to give treatment to sick animals. It’s just the conditions the animals are raised in that I care about.

    • Crystalclearb4u

      ummm, it’s soaked in AMONIA, and FAKE flavoring and color is added later. it’s not real meat after that. it’s used-to-be meat.

      • Greysonkrowd

        simba has a good point though. it wouldnt need all of that if the conditions the meat were raised in was better.

  • http://facebook cathy

    this is so wrong and gross!! Thanks for sharing, I know that there will be no more hotdogs, chicken nuggets etc. served at my home!!!

  • Lilian

    Oh My goodness, I was so confident this was strawberry ice cream. Woa.

  • Julie

    I was a meat eater for all of my life, minus the last 6 months. and for a year before that, I did not eat any red meat. It makes me so sad, to think of all those animals who are born to die, to feed us, and we don’t really even need to be eating them. I know a lot of people THINK they do, but in reality, they don’t. Since My husband & I decided that we couldn’t do it any more, ( eat animals ) He get’s alot of remarks from his friends about it. It’s kind of crazy really, why do they care so much about what he’s eating? We were going down the freeway a couple of weeks ago, and passed 4 trucks filled with cows. You could smell them inside the car about a half a mile before we got up to the trucks. One was chewing on the metal others were looking out, I cry as I write this. So sad!! They were coverd in their own poop, It really is horrable how they are treated. To anyone that is even THINKING abou becoming a vegetarian, or vegan, you should read the book “Skinny Bitch” Make yourself read the sad stories about the slaughter houses. And then think about those animals that are chopped up in grocery store meat departmens all over the world. :o (

    • Lele1979us

      Yep, meat is murder… tasty, tasty murder.  :-)   You seem to think it’s odd that your husband’s co-workers care so much about what he eats.  I think it’s odd that you think that way and then turn around and worry so much about what strangers on a blog post eat.  Kinda funny how things works like that.

      • Stefanski

         After reading her remarks, I don’t think it sounded like she was “worrying so much about what strangers on a blog post eat,” more like stating facts and personal experiences in a way that will hopefully make others think for themselves.

    • Hmmm…

      Here’s the thing. You can start talking about the ethics of eating meat but ultimately the few results that would happen if vegans have their way is: 1) Countries who have their economy based on the usage of animals such as New Zealand would have to turn other other forms to create revenue such as deforestation. 2) What do you honestly think is going to happen to any of the animals that are in those slaughterhouses? Do you think that they’re going to live happily ever after on some farm or shelter? Or possibly that they’re going to face mass euthanasia the way many dogs and cats face due to overpopulation. 3) Are these vegans now going to have a turkey as a pet? As they seem to showing in their propaganda? Or are they going to be sipping their coffee and assume that adoption of farm animals is better suited for other people?

      The real problem is not the consumption of meat or using any animal byproduct but the fact that industry needs better, stricter regulation of slaughterhouses, dairy farms, etc. Heck that’s why now we have a better appreciation for agriculture today. In case you didn’t know in the 1930s (the dust bowl) people had no appreciation of agriculture and growing crops with little regard to erosion, and better land management. Basically we need to reform how things are run…

      • Asdfasdfasf

        New Zealand’s economy is based on the usage of animals, that is correct. Not the consumption of animals.. Their no 1 export is wool, not mutton you tard.

        • Anon

          Actually, the number 1 export in New Zealand is dairy.

      • Sara

        Thats the truth! I blame the Industries…

      • Jessica

        And why is it the responsibility of vegans and vegetarians to clean up YOUR mess. Why don’t YOU figure out solutions to those problems? Why expect vegans and vegetarians to clean up YOUR mess?

    • Samdunn

      Hi Julie,
      I respect your thoughts and comments. I see by what your concerns are that you have never lived on a farm. Just think that if we all became vegetarians or vegan, then we would not have the opportunity to enjoy, butter, fresh milk on our cereal, eggs, ice cream, cheese, fresh backed products that use the above products. Unless we are willing to use man made products to replace the above items. Lets have a look at what could possible happen. The same could happen to sheep, goats and poultry. Lets just focus on cattle. The numbers I us are not correct, I wanted to focus on the possible effects.
       A dairy farmer has a contract to supply “X” number of gallons of milk per year. Lets say he need to milk 200 cows twice a day to fulfill his contract. The cost to feed each cow lets say costs $5.00 a day not counting his labour. The total cost is $30,000 a month or $360,000.00 a year. The sale of  milk has to be over $400,000.00  a year just to break even, with the other costs of running a farm.  A few years down the road the cows and their off springs produce 100 calves. Some of these calves will later be used to replenish some of the 200 cows that he now milks. The bulls will be of no value, but will have to be feed and housed till they die of old age. The cost has now risen from $360,000.00 to over $534,000.00 a year, not counting the cost of building new shelters for the 100 new calves. The dairy farmer now has a capital loss of over $174,000.00 a year. The farmer cannot sell his farm because no one will buy a business that losses over $174,000.00 a year. The dairy farmers will all be in the same shape and have to clam bankruptcy. With no one to look after the cattle anymore they will have to be set free. Now they will have to defend for themselves, until they die. Now the stores will not be stocking milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and any produce using dairy products. The same thing will be happing to the poultry farmers no more eggs will be available for eating or baking with. The same will happen to our goats and sheep’s.  For the farmers to survive all edible and by products from animals has to be used. The animals that are set free will multiply in number. These animals will die of old age or disease. many will be slaughtered while still alive by wolfs or coyotes, but not of starvation. They will be braking into grain fields eating and destroying the farmers crops and vegetable gardens. That he is trying to grow for us vegetarians.  With butcher shops, slaughter houses, egg processing plants, many other related jobs and other plants being shut down, some 2000,000 or more jobs could be lost. What seems like a good idea could have many side effects down the road, some  good, some bad you be the judge. Nothing in this world is perfect. Maybe the slaughter houses should be regulated better. I could go on and on stating the good and the bad. Remember that with any great change there will always be great consequences.

      • Jessica

        “Just think that if we all became vegetarians or vegan, then we would not have the opportunity to enjoy, butter, fresh milk on our cereal, eggs, ice cream, cheese, fresh backed products that use the above products.”

        Milk and eggs are NOT *OURS* to enjoy. What makes you think YOU even have a right to enjoy these things? They are the sole property of the cow or chicken from which they came. Besides, there are plenty of plant-based milks, egg replacements, soy and coconut milk ice cream, and fake cheeses on the market for people to enjoy if they so wish.

        “For the farmers to survive all edible and by products from animals has to be used.”

        I’m really curious as to why that’s anyone’s problem besides the farmer’s? I really could care less if a farmer goes into financial ruin. Supply and demand, baby!

        “With butcher shops, slaughter houses, egg processing plants, many other related jobs and other plants being shut down, some 2000,000 or more jobs could be lost.”

        HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh WOW. You really think that vegetarians or vegans care if people who kill, torture, and exploit animals for a living lose their jobs? You clearly don’t understand the concept behind vegetarianism at all.

        I don’t have any sympathy for those who kill or oppress others. I, and other vegetarians and vegans, do not give a crap if they lose their jobs. In fact, I’d be thrilled if they lost their jobs!

        “What seems like a good idea could have many side effects down the road, some good, some bad you be the judge. ”

        Really, all of this is irrelevant. Everything would work itself out in the end. The people who lost their jobs would get new jobs, a lot of the cows may die in the wild, my question to you is,”so what?” In the grand scheme of things, it would be a change for the better. Vegans and vegetarians aren’t going to cry over cows being killed in the wild. The problem is not that cows are dying, the problem is that cows are being needlessly killed by humans just to satiate a desire (not a NEED) for meat.

        • James Ryan Barnett

          Yes because we already are not in a job crisis enough as is, but now you don’t care that 200,000 FAMILIES ARE NOW HUNGRY BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD NORMAL FOOD, MUCH LESS OVERLY PRICED ORGANIC FOODS? You are exactly what is wrong with people now, you want everything to be different and don’t care what happens to anyone else because you want your way. Who cares if 200,000 people lose their jobs, and now because people won’t eat meat anymore, there is a food crisis because there is not enough fruits and veggies alone to feed the population. You talk like eating meat is evil, and unnatural. Have you noticed what half of the wild animal kingdom eats?
          What do wolves and dogs eat?
          What do cats eat?
          What do snakes eat?
          What do bears, tigers, sharks, and etc. eat?
          Try feeding them some vegetables and see how far you get.
          Granted, humans are different from them because we can survive, albeit difficultly in today’s world, without meat. But just because you can, doesn’t mean I – or my family – can. And not because of preference. Because of food costs. Yes things need to change so people can start eating better, but we can’t fix things by your violent and non-caring method. Quit being a asshole, in case your parents didn’t teach you, you have a better chance of catching a fly with honey than with vinegar. Your focus should be on helping and being kind to your fellow humans first, and then focus on other creatures.

          • Jessica

            1. plant foods are the cheapest foods in most areas around the world.
            also, who said anything about organic? vegan does not automatically =

            2. if there’s not enough fruits and vegetables to
            feed people there CERTAINLY isn’t enough plant foods to produce animal
            foods. you do realize that the animals we eat and exploit for food have
            to eat, too, correct? your lifestyle starves WAY more people than a
            vegan’s ever would.

            3. eating meat is evil. if you choose to kill
            when you don’t have to, if you choose to exploit when you don’t have
            to, then that makes you a bad person.

            4. i know full well what
            animals eat in the wild. do you live in the wild? no. so this has
            absolutely no relevance to the discussion. you are not a bear, tiger,
            wolf, or lion. don’t give me that “circle of life” crap. going down to
            mcdonald’s and buying a pre-packaged, pre-processed burger is not the
            circle of life.

            5. surviving without meat isn’t difficult at all. it’s really simple.

            don’t give me that crap that you can’t go vegan because of food costs. i
            work a part-time minimum-wage job and i still manage to live a vegan
            lifestyle and it’s not just kale chips and tofu. i eat ice cream, potato
            chips, cookies, pizza (with cheese!), and macaroni and cheese ALLLLLLL
            the time.

            7. apparently, choosing not to contribute to the
            slaughter and exploitation of innocent beings makes me “violent”.
            apparently, slaughtering and using animals for no reason other than
            greed isn’t violent. apparently, not having sympathy for those who
            murder also makes me violent.

            8. my sympathy lies with the
            oppressed, not their oppressors. humans are the one who torture, abuse,
            and kill for the sake of convenience and taste. humans don’t deserve a
            single ounce of sympathy or kindness. i’m not here to make you feel all
            warm and fuzzy inside and tell you that it’s okay to eat meat because
            it’s NOT okay. veganism isn’t about you, it’s about the animals.

          • mfp142

            Your message will be lost on people if you are in one breath telling them how to “be more humane”, then in the other breath telling them you don’t care about them or if they live or die.
            My family raises grass fed beef on a family farm and our cows are allowed to just be cows. We do not give them chemicals, feed them corn, or hit them with electricity when they don’t move where we want. Heck, I even put the dog away when we are out with them! We deworm with garlic and our girls have babies if and when they want to, no artificial insemination. They are also fed a high protein “wrapped hay” which is a fermented perennial peanut (not like the peanuts we eat but more like kale-for-cows). This is not something they would ever find in the wild around here. And yes, when the time comes, we send one or two to the butcher, usually bulls so they don’t breed back to their own daughters, and we share the meat with other families. Some of these kids are underweight or have allergies and they can’t have impure foods. I love seeing their faces when they eat a hamburger with a smile!
            Myself, I eat red meat 2x per year MAYBE. For me, I find that a mostly plant-based diet works. My husband and mother feel better when they eat meat. What I am trying to say here is that not everybody is evil or destroying the world. Some of us are doing things the right way. I think it’s great that YOU can go without eating meat, I really do. But not everyone can. And that’s just a fact that you and I both have to accept. By having so much hatred for other humans and the natural way they choose to hunt for themselves, you are actually making your own body acidic, which is a breeding ground for cancer and other ailments. Try to win people over with kindness along with your message, as it is, at it’s roots, a good message! And you will be healthier in the long run too :0)

    • Aaron

      However, I like meat; the taste of it cannot be matched with substitutes.

    • mustafa hakimuddin

      hello Julie, i respect your thoughts but you have to understand that eating a plant based diet is not what nature intended for humans, for 250,000 years humans have been eating meat, its only recently, 10,000 years ago that we started growing plant-based food

      • Jessica

        Wow, I didn’t know that you had to grow plants to eat them! I mean, it’s not like they grow on their own in the wild or anything like that! Humans were gatherers and scavengers WAY before the discovery of fire and cooked meat. Try again. And a plant-based diet is not what nature intended for humans? The “what nature intended” argument actually does more to contradict your point more than it helps it. You really think that using tools to kill animals is what nature intended? Also, have a look in the mirror. You you do not have the sharp teeth or claws to rip into the bare flesh of an animal, your jaw moves in a circular motion, rather than up and down like real carnivores and omnivores, our intestinal length and the amount of time we sleep each night also compares with that of herbivores, and I could go on and on… Also, since you’re so concerned with what mother nature intended, why don’t you get off your computer, give away your home and your car, and go live in the wild? I mean, that’s what mother nature intended, after all!

        • Ben ‘Dewy’ Dew

          I would just like to point out that we have both carnivore and herbivore shaped teeh, used for grinding plants, and for slicing and tearing meat. This is because we are classified as Omnivores. You may as well say that lions dont have the right to eat meat, all animals have the right to eat whatever they can to live, from carrion to plants, this is the cirlcle of life!!!

    • Rick

      I like your comment & gonna. Look up your book now, thanks, though i love a nice tasty pork chop or a juice medium rare rib eye, i love animals too, i do but i love um both, i have a beautiful doggy tootsie, my bes bes fren : )

    • Mikebark

      Go cannibalism! Humans taste good! Especially VEGANS and VEGETARIANS!!

  • Dana

    @ Michelle
    I believe that we Americans are far worse because we do everything to excess. Also the rest of the world follows what Americans do. We lead they follow. I think the majority of Europe eats more whole food then we do here in the US. We have gotten extremely lazy here.

  • Dusty

    This is exactly why I have freezers full of wild meat that I personally go out into the wild and harvest. I know exactly what it is, and exactly how I processed it. Abd exactly how I will prepare it for healthy meals. As for hot dogs, sausages, etc… I make my own.. it’s not rocket science.. easy to do and know what’s in them… and for the Vegetatarians and Vegans our there that think they are safe from the Horrors of meat “fakes”,, think again…. the same goes on in Ur World…. genetically modified and overly fertilized/pesticide applied end result.. U believe the “Organically Grown” label in the G. Stores?? better get a reality check then…. just a way to cost U twice as much… stick a “special” label on.. Bingo… Ka-Ching $$..

    • Michael1986

      Even better idea: don’t eat meat at all then you can be sure of not being bamboozled at the checkout.

    • MoJoJo

      Grow, Forage and Hunt what you eat– know your farmer, your forests and your food. Save money, fossil fuels, preserve our ecological heritage, and spread the message of health to your parents, children, and community.

    • Yasmin Summer

      I personally believe that the process you described should be the ONLY way of, and the only way people should be allowed to put meat on their dinner tables. If you can’t stomach the hunting, harvesting, skinning, processing, preparation, all by yourself…then you shouldn’t be eating meat at all.

      • Raven420

        Wow, REALLY?  That’s a pretty stunning statement.  So the *right* to eat meat has to be *earned*?  The hunters…and ONLY the hunters…can eat everything but the gatherers can only have what they brought to the table.  Nice.  

        • Jessica

          Humans don’t have a right to eat meat at all.

          • Brian

            Does other meat have the right ot eat meat because they do it all the time?

    • Blue_team

      Good for you.

      So those of us living in cities are stuck eating rat and pigeon meat… ugh they eat the same crap we do… I think I’ll stick to foraging at the grocery and farmer’s markets and hunting down the best places for brunch.

      You do realize that we would all have to be living in a forest or at least near one to do this? and not everyone can afford freezerSSS or the time to do all that anymore.

    • Mikebark

      And how do you know where that wild animal has been? What if his last stop before you shot him was over at the chemical plant licking the sodium florozine off of the etching equipment just recently stored outside?

    • BluePotion

      This is why I should stop eating meat.

  • sammy

    wow what is that i know ice cream

  • Stories

    Pink Pithon?! Dunno it doesn’t looks like any of 3 points mentioned.

  • Mhprimitives

    Makes me take a new look at process meat.

  • Heidi511


  • Chezlou

    Sad but true. I spent 2 months last spring recovering from a broken shoulder. It afforded me a lot of time to watch movies, etc. I saw Food, Inc and that made me begin to question what I was eating. It is disgusting to see how the animals are raised and slaughtered so that we can eat them. There is no dignity or respect afforded these animals.

  • Paul

    yuk I thought it was strawberry icecream

  • Ric

    You can really see where consuming this type of food has seriously increased the mortality rate over the last 50 years. I hear that we may never recover from the population loss caused by these products. Oh wait, the US’s population is growing exponentially and we should actually be looking at ways to continue supporting the ever growing population instead of listening to every scare about “What they don’t want you to know is in your food” and “What did this chicken do to you?”. SPOILER ALERT: 90% of human population dies out due to overpopulation environmental collapse except for vegans, who are better than the rest of us. Sorry guys, I just can’t bring myself to rally behind an animal that has the intelligence of a sea sponge. Malicious animal cruelty is horrific and should be dealt with severely, however the only reason chickens still exist is to provide people with food. They are just too dumb to survive without human intervention and if we can mass produce them and send them out at a stupidly cheap price to people that need food then I say strip them bones and make meat paste so that the masses may eat.

    *Feel free to reread with thick sarcasm accompanying most every sentence
    **The indian comparison earlier, although a bit inaccurate, was hillarious

  • william


  • Alex

    You people are misguided and gullible. Mechanically-separated meat is NOT in any product meant for human consumption. Even if it were, there are not bones and organs in it. It’s just another ridiculous urban legend like “there is a certain amount of insect parts allowed in peanut butter” or “processed cheese spread is not really made of cheese” or “processed foods are toxic and will kill you”. You’re all gullible and you don’t think for yourselves, and you get all of your information from ridiculous online chain letters and propaganda websites.

    • Rockgoddess117

      Uh, Alex? I see “mechanically separated chicken” on human food ingredients all the time. You’re misguided, gullible and you don’t think for yourself, and you obviously don’t read food packages. 

    • misguided

      you are retard for sure alex. I remember reading it on vienna sausages when i was a wee lad. 

  • JP

    I don’t see the issue. Plenty people eat this daily and end up just fine. A lot of people end up obese and sick, but that’s really due more to lack of exercise than eating a bit of processed meat. This way, at least we don’t waste our food. 

    • Lighterdayz

      You might want to do some homework on that topic.  Obesity is mostly due to what goes in the mouth.  You can’t out-train a bad diet….or out-run a heart disease.
      Oh, and plenty of people don’t end up fine.  They may be thin, but dig a little deeper into their organs.

    • infuriatedsmartperson

      You’re a fucking idiot, JP.

    • Yasmin Summer

      Your ignorance is appalling, but I have to keep in mind that this is the prevailing mentality that allows this industry to continue its shameless detriment of our society.

    • Raven420

      First of all, it’s just scary that you think anyone could eat this daily and be just fine.  Then you contradict yourself and say a lot of people end up obese and sick.  THEN you blame them and exonerate the manufacturers of the thing that made them obese and sick.  The icing on this cake of complete idiocy is that you think we’re not wasting our food.  

      Reminds me of a button I used to have:  Stupid people shouldn’t breathe.

    • obviously a troll

      obvious troll is totally obvious

  • Mario

    darn, thought it was taffy

  • Agave Syrup

    This article is soooo gross!! I don’t know if I can ever eat another hot dog.. But I always feel discouraged about what to do next and like i cant eat anything at the store

  • Tootiredtodrum

    that looks delicious

  • Goodchicken

    Attn; to whom it may concern;
    We are very delighted to have this chance to introduce our chicken slaughterhouse to you.
    We, Good Foods Co., Ltd are chicken slaughterhouse and chicken portion meats processing plant of Korea and at this moment we will import the mechanically separated processing capacity 2,000kg machine per hour for poultry processing.
    Please send the best price, export conditions and specifications of your separator as below;
     Thank you and I will be in waiting for your best price and specifications separator.
    Best regards
    Mr. Harry ahn
    Director of foreign department
    Good Foods Co., Ltd
    Head quarter; #603, Pyungnae-Dong, Namyangju-City. Kyungki-Do, Korea
    Phone; 82-31-576-6174 Fax; 82-31-576-6175
    Slaughterhouse; 296, Yongsan-ri, Geumsan-myeon,Jellabuk-do, South Korea
    Phone; +82~63~542~2135~6, Fax; +82~63~544~9788
    Korea mobile phone; +82-11-9987-5751
    Vietnam mobile phone; 094-725-6600

  • Patlongway3420

    so that is why every now and then i would get a very tiny peice of something hard when i eat a hot dog and that or bologna and they use a lot of salt i notice lately to cover up the taste

  • Foster

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    “I won’t think of it now,” she thought grimly,summoning up
    her old charm. “I’ll go crazy ff I thinkabout losing him now. I’U think of
    it tomorrow.” “But,” cried her heart, casting aside the charmand
    beginning to ache, “I can’t let him go! There mustbe some way!”"I won’t think of it now,” she said again,
    aloud,trying to push her misery to the back of her mind,trying to find some
    bulwark against the rising tide ofpain. ‘T’ll——why, I’U go home to Tara
    tomorrow,” andher spirits lifted faintly.


  • Melanie See

    The posted picture looks REMARKABLY like strawberry gelato…and nothing like MSC. Can you prove the picture is what you contend it is, sir?

  • Mary White

    What I want to know is why it’s strawberry colored. Is that coloring from blood products?

  • Kss Kylie


  • Kss Kylie

    THis is dumb!!

  • matthewhoggard9588

    Incredible!! All of a
    sudden I thought it’s a huge snack but no it’s a strawberry ice-cream photo. Strawberry
    ice-cream is my favorite, I love to eat this. Thanks

  • whey protein

    That picture is very disturbing. I am very interested in eating healthy and when I buy meat i try to avoid frozen meat or meat from walmart. Thank you for this post that helps  educate us.

  • Red Martyr

    I’d agree, this is disgusting.  if we don’t want to waste food, than make dog and cat food out of this stuff.  and for all those who actually belive eating meat is wrong, you need to look at your own  biology, the K9s and incisors confirm that we are inharently omnivors. and I hate it when people say “I cried for the cows”, I don’t see you crying when an antilope gets eaten on the discovery channel.  being a vegan has alot more to do with human phycology than it does with nurishment.  take it from me, I’ve seen a pelican eat a duck on youtube lol

  • Red Martyr

    I’d agree, this is disgusting.  if we don’t want to waste food, than make dog and cat food out of this stuff.  and for all those who actually belive eating meat is wrong, you need to look at your own  biology, the K9s and incisors confirm that we are inharently omnivors. and I hate it when people say “I cried for the cows”, I don’t see you crying when an antilope gets eaten on the discovery channel.  being a vegan has alot more to do with human phycology than it does with nurishment.  take it from me, I’ve seen a pelican eat a duck on youtube lol

  • Andy Hoffman

    So you’re trying to convince me it’s wrong to use all parts of the animals we eat?  Or is this just another PETA inspired anti-meat rant?2,000 pounds, six feet
    tall at the humped shoulders – the

    Its spirit was praised
    before every hunt with a tribal ritual dance. The buffalo supplied
    virtually everything that the Plain Indians needed to stay alive; food,
    clothing, tools, and housing.
    A.  Brains -  hide, preparationB.  Skull  -  ceremonies, sun dance, prayer

    C.  Horns -  cups, fire carrier, powderhorn, spoons,
    ladles, headdresses, signals, toys

    D.  Tongue – best part of meatE.  Beard -  ornamentation or apparel and weapons
    F.  Rawhide -  containers, clothing, headdresses,
    food, medicine bags, shields, buckets, moccasin soles, rattles, drums, drumsticks,
    splints, cinches, ropes, thongs, saddles, stirrups, knife cases, bull boats, quirts,
    armbands, lance cases, horse masks, horse forehead ornaments, bullet pouches, beltsG.  Buckskin -  moccasin tops, cradles, winter
    robes, bedding, breechclouts, shirts, leggings, belts, dresses, pipe bags, pouches, paint
    bags, quivers, tipi covers, gun cases, lance covers, coup flag covers, dolls
    H.  Hoof & Feet -  glue, rattlesI.  Meat -  (every part eaten)  pemmican
    (converted), hump ribs – immed., jerky (converted), inner parts eaten on the spotJ.  Four Chambered Stomach -  first stomach content:
    frostbite & skin diseases, liner: container for carrying and storing water, cooking
    vesselK.  Scrotum -  rattlesL.  Bladder -  sinew pouches, quill pouches, small
    medicine bags M.  Paunch -  lining for buckets, cups, basins,
    N.  Skin of hind leg  -  moccasins or bootsO.  Buffalo Chips -  fuel, signals, ceremonial

    P.  Tail -  medicine switch, fly brush, lodge
    exterior decorations, whips

    Q.  Bones -  knives, arrowheads (ribs) , shovels,
    splints, winter sleds, arrow straighteners, saddle trees, war clubs, scrapers (ribs),
    quirts, awls, paint brushes (hipbones), game dice

    R.  Muscles -  sinew: bows, thread, arrows, cinches,

    S.  Hair -  headdresses, saddle pad filler, pillows,
    ropes, ornaments, halters, medicine balls

    T.  Whole Animal – totem, clan symbol, white buffalo
    sacred, adult yellow rare-prized

    At least one group of humans had it right….

  • Ingrid Bender

    This makes me think of the movie, “Soylent Green”

  • Bdweav09

    It has a name and if you have worked in the food industry its know as “Pink Slush”. Do not talk about it around a good chef. Let McDonalds serve pure s hit, you will not find a good chef who would use that. 

  • audrey

    With a picture that looks so odd, unbelievable and easily outraged by, I’m going to need sources.

  • Madalyn Tonges

    I’ve seen mechanically separated meat before and this just doesn’t look like it. I wonder if this picture is for real.

  • James

    the companies don’t care about food going to waste.  If they did they would do this for all types of food. where’s the mechanically seperate onions? we waste tonnes of vegitables in the peeling process. and the crap cost $50 a box (apparently no plastic wrapping, just a pink coil of dog crap in a box). this meat is the epitome of hot dogs and bologna, it’s just another way to make money from a worthless product (made from organs and inner lining)

  • Kennedy

    this is chicken

  • Little G

    anyone else find it odd that this substance is being placed into what appears to be an unlined/ cardboard box??

  • snugglebugsy

    People should probably make sure that what they are saying is true.

  • Oatsider

    I don’t see the problem. That is chicken. Raw chicken is pink. The process prevents said chicken from being wasted. End of story.

  • Michielopez

    Happy to say my son has never eaten at this nasty place!

  • Anne Szustek

    For some reason, this pic has resurfaced among the viri of the web. Time to Snopes this thing once and for all: 

  • TheDragon

    Wow… Please do some research on the things you see people. There are no meat processing plants that would ever take a RAW meat product and place it in a CARDBOARD BOX. Please stop being sheep. Go and google MSM (Mechanically separated Meat) and look at the real results and processes. Check for how inaccurate this and so many other articles are.

    Stop being Sheep people! Use your mind and it’ll show you awesome TRUE things.

  • TheDragon

    Wow… Please do some research on the things you see people. There are no meat processing plants that would ever take a RAW meat product and place it in a CARDBOARD BOX. Please stop being sheep. Go and google MSM (Mechanically separated Meat) and look at the real results and processes. Check for how inaccurate this and so many other articles are.

    Stop being Sheep people! Use your mind and it’ll show you awesome TRUE things.

  • Ninja

    Where was this picture taken?  Or what is the source of this picture (who provided it?) 

  • Desizimmermann
  • Rick

    Maybe this is a good reason to eat the chicken that is still attached to the bone.  I used to think that chicken was the safest meat to eat, but now I prefer organic, green finished, beef from a source I can trust – 

  • Bob
  • sandyana44

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  • Ahnsoowhan

    ita a chicken mdcm,,,,,,

  • Boogielinz

    eww seriously so gross

  • Kinder3a

    This is not true. Look it up. Shame on you for not retracting or correcting this.

  • Maria Cristina Chan

    where is the answer? is that a snake?

  • George B

    Pink Slime

  • Nickyoumc

    Is the intake of chia good for diverticuitis

  • Shawn

     ”by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve”  Are you saying that the result is a combination of bone and meat (ie flesh?

  • LJSM

    That’s just gross… 0.0

  • Ross Lindley

    I remember years ago that it was called, “SALVAGED MEAT PRODUCT”. Someone in the food industry clued in that more and more consumers were reading labels and that “salvaged meat” didn’t have a very appetizing ring to it. They renamed it “mechanically separated” meat. This still led you to believe that the leftover meat was somehow neatly mechanically removed from the bones; not too objectionable. But the truth is it’s pretty much everything but the hooves, horns, and large bones crammed at high pressure through a giant sieve.

    Funny thing is, even knowing this and seeing the movie Food Inc., I still eat smokies. LOL

  • Reg Yul R. Guy


  • Avg.AmericanMale

    I have read about 30 comments here. I’ve chuckled at the
    ignorance and hostility on both sides of the discussion (probably more
    hostility from the vegivore’s.) It is almost noon and while reading these
    arguments all I want to do is go to the market and buy a couple Prime cuts of
    steak for dinner. I’m thinking Ribeye; we’ll have some nice delicious fresh
    green beans from our garden with some herb roasted fingerling potatoes and that
    delicious tender juicy rare to
    medium rare steak. My mouth is watering just thinking about the wonderful
    dinner we are going to have. Thank you all helping me decide what’s for dinner

  • Kyana Rodriguez

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  • GOD

    Your sources, to back up your information, is invalid.

  • Ricka Smith

    I’ve got to say that when I was a child, my mother and grandmothers gleaned every bit of possibly edible meat from any bone they had … cracking bones for the marrow to make certain kinds of sausage and meat puddings (considered delicacies) and grinding bones for bone meal. This is not a new kind of nutrient additive … just that past the ’50s if you didn’t live in Europe or the deep south, no one knew that women had used these methods for centuries … nothing was wasted … You may not want to look at it, or eat it, but it is nothing new.

  • Willys

    You could slice that stuff into half inch patties, dip it in a milk/flour batter, deep fry it, and sell it at the Texas State Fair.

  • Liza Turner

    This is a delicious strawberry ice cream. A part of