What is Soy Lecithin and Why is it Found in So Many Products?


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If you read nutrition labels and ingredient lists, you’ve probably come across “soy lecithin” more than a few times. It’s actually a very popular ingredient – one of  the top 10 most used ingredients in processed foods.

But what exactly is it? What does it do?

And most importantly, what are its health and nutrition characteristics?

What you need to know:

Lecithins are oily substances that occur naturally in plants (soybeans) and animals (egg yolks).

Some people use lecithin as a supplement because of its high choline content. Choline is a micronutrient that is good for heart health and brain development. But that’s not the reason it is used as an additive in foods.

Soy lecithin possesses emulsification properties. This means it can keep a candy bar “together” by making sure that the cocoa and the cocoa butter don’t separate. It is also used in bakery items to keep the dough from sticking, and to improve its ability to rise.

You can also find soy lecithin in places you wouldn’t expect, like tea bags, cough drops, prescription medications and even asthma inhalers!

Soy lecithin (also marked as E322) is extracted from soybeans either mechanically or chemically using hexane. It’s actually a byproduct of the soybean oil production.

Why do food companies use soy lecithin?

Since soybeans are one of the cheapest crops in the US (thanks in part to federal subsidies to growers), it makes sense to use a cheap, natural soy derived emulsifier in food processing.

We asked one company, Hain Celestial, why they put lecithin from soy in their tea – read their answer.

Is there a soy lecithin allergy?

Most people with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy itself relates to the soy protein. However, if you read though the comments below, you’ll see that some people with soy allergy are sensitive to soy lecithin as well.

For this reason, any product you scan with our iPhone or Android allergy app will show a warning: “Contains Soy” if it has soy lecithin.

Who should avoid soy lecithin?

While there are vastly differing opinions on the health benefits or detriments of soy lecithin, it is still easy to explain who would not want to use it:

  • People with severe soy allergies who want to play it safe.
  • People who avoid refined oils – soy lecithin is made from soy oil, which is usually made through a chemical process using hexane.
  • People concerned about GMOs.  Unless a product is certified non-GMO, you can assume that the soybeans used have been genetically modified.  Products marked non-GMO or USDA organic should be non-GMO, but have been found on occasion to contain GMOs.

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  • Erin

    PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE tell me it’s not a super-concentrated form of soybean oil. I mean, that would explain why I get sick when I eat chocolate bars. Well, it looks like yet ANOTHER form of food I’ll never be able to eat without getting fat.

  • olivia

    does that mean that if it is from a GMo,( gentically modified plant) that it will have the same properties as the GMO plant? Do they make organic lecthicin

  • olga

    i have allergy to soy lecitin. if i eat anything containing it, my body gets swallen, really scary. i know other people with the same reaction. but i am not allergic to soy beans of soybean oil. same with a couple of my friends. so, what do they actually put in our food under a name of “soy lecitin”???

  • Sage

    GMO=geneticly modified organism actualy. so its not actually bad for you?

  • Lina

    Wow, and all this time I was thinking that this was actually dangerous..

  • Denise

    My son is allergic to all things soy including soy lecitin. Our doctor told us not to worry about it because he would not be allergic to it and low and behold they were wrong yet again.

  • Catherine

    I have a great friend that found out he was allergic to soy lecithin and soy flour when he was 35 – it was life threatening almost overnight. So just b/c it’s not the traditional allergy doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

  • hasan

    Does soya lecithin(E322) contains animal fat?????

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff


  • Cairmaid

    Does soy lecithin have the same estrogen-mimicking properties as soybeans? I’m taking medication to keep my body from producing estrogen, as a cancer treatment, and I don’t want to undermine my progress by eating foods that produce it.

  • Xadus

    Honestly, I think soy lecithin is dangerously harmful to anyone who consumes it. If it was supposedly extracted from a natural substance and converted into an artificial substance then I can gurantee it is harmful. Why do you think they use so little of it at a time. They use it in small candy bars, lolipops, gummy bears and mainly small things so when you start feeling these random aches and twitches in your body, you won’t think it was from the small candy bar or the damn lecithin lolipop. A note for anyone: Natural and Artificial do not work together.

  • shay

    So does that mean that people with allergies cant eat most gum because its in there its just a suspicion but i wou like to know cause in confused

  • John Koempel

    I don’t know what al the lies are about, but all you have to do is check it out
    under “SOY ALERT” then click on soy and your health,,or go to Weston A. Price Foundation and read it for yourself. Also check out any/or all of the other links
    and you will read all about the lies on “SOY”. It has a lot of inhibitors which inhibits Zinc,Magnesium,Iron,andother things to work in your thyroid gland. That why so many Americans are “FAT” Check it out…..

  • http://www.livingitupcornfree.com kc

    Soy lecithin is actually an industrial waste by-product of the whole “soybeans are a great milk substitute” craze that hit America. It used to be disposed of until a gang of scientists were assigned the task of figuring a use for it. Now instead of going to the landfill it is mixed into foods that are marketed to children. Foods that aren’t harmfull are foods that can be eaten by the spoonfuls. If a spoonful would cause your body great distress, it is not food, therefore soy lecithin is not food.

    If you want to know the truth about soy why don’t you read how much non-GMO soy is actually grown in this country. Why don’t we ever seen dried soybeans on the shelves with the other dried legumes? Why don’t we ever cook up a big pot of soybeans like red beans and rice? Do soybean farmers go out and eat big plates of their crops? NO. Soybeans are like Cotton – they are not food crops and should not be in our food supply and that is before we even consider the GMO aspect.

    I know there will be people citing the wide use of soybeans in Asia, but they didn’t eat them without a long fermentation process and they were eaten as a condiment (soy sauce, natto), not as a main dish. The soy in our food supply is not fermented or even slow cooked.

    • Ramseyaaronr

      That is not true at all. Soy beans are a legitamite food that are perfectly edible just like any other type of bean. In fact, tonight, our family offered little soybeans in a side dish to eat. They were delicious and so are other foods that use soy like soy milk. Soy beans may not be common in American culture to eat raw but they might be in other countries/cultures. Food types tend to go in and out of “style”. For example, not until recently have I seen pomegranate juices on the shelves. That doesn’t mean they were not a food before they got popular. It just means that they were not as well known by people so people didn’t drink it.

  • http://www.livingitupcornfree.com kc

    No one should be eating gum since it all contains aspartame. Well, there may be one obscure gum on the market that doesn’t include aspartame (neurotoxin) on the ingredient list, but I haven’t found it. Aspartame is the most dangerous ingredient in gum but certainly not the only one, all the ingredients are harmful.

  • Loralie

    You are wrong about soy lecithin not being anything to worry about, for people with soy allergies. I thought that for awhile, but whenever my son eats anything with any soy properties, be it letithin, oil, or the protein itself, he has the same reaction. Even chewing gum will cause him to react and it’s not in his head, because he is five years old and not reading the labels. So stop telling people that it’s okay, cause it’s not.

  • J.

    Soy in ANY FORM for those with ‘soy allergy’ can KILL! It is a LIE and a MYTH that the soy lecithin doesn’t harm anyone! The Soy industry has ‘indoctrinated’ everyone into believing that soy is just fine…..when it is NOT! The soy industry is no different than the manner in which the Tobacco industry Told LIES about what cigarettes could do to people…….! It is a PROVEN FACT that soy DOES CAUSE CANCERS. For those who cannot eat anything with soy in any form (as it has many aliases)……it is in 99% of what you find in the grocery store that is bottled, canned, frozen, pkg’d, etc.! DON’t call this an EDUCATE BLOG…….WHEN YOU don’t have the FACTS STRAIGHT on SOY! SOY is HARMFUL….Soy is a M A J O R ALLERGEN!!!!!

  • E

    I developed a soy allergy at age 46. It got severe, really fast. I react to soy lecithin. I even react to products made in the vicinity of anything soy. Soy lecithin is dangerous to those of us with soy allergies. I had diarrhea most of my adult life. Once ALL the soy was gone then this problem no longer plagued me. Soy is dangerous to humans. It is not supposed to be eaten by us.

  • S.

    I became allergic to all soy at age 33, when I eat it my bladder flares for hours and my doctor said soy is not good for you because our bodies can not digest it properly. Its horrible that they have to put it in almost everything including things that say allergy free.

  • http://fooducate gary

    Yes!! you got it all right.thanks.

  • http://yahoo.com John (J.P.)

    You know what? I thought the american people were educated, but I guess I was wrong.
    SOY maybe good for a lot of things…. BUT not to eat!!!
    reading these comments I see that some of Americans are real smart.
    I wish the Food And Drug Administration would have enought G.U.T.S. to pull it off the food shelves.Agin read Weston A. Prise Foundations reserch for your self.
    (SOY ALERT) There s about 32-33 pages of why SOY is bad for YOU.
    O, by the way my nutrinist That was at the place where I took my cancer treatments even told me that SOY is not good for you,it can caues cancer!!!!

  • Dev

    Why is Soy Lecithin in my green tea bag? Is it okay if it’s there?

  • Allen

    The comments on this page are appalling. It is sad to see so many people who obviously have no understanding of biochemical processes in the human body. A molecule is a molecule, the body knows not whether a phospholipid choline came from a GMO soy bean or a Lima bean or a damn spare tire. Your fear mongering is really pointless. This is probably the same crowd who thinks that fructose from an apple is different than fructose from a corn kernel…

    • Calliams

      “In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto’s GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.”
      -Huffington Post

      The problem with fructose from corn is the GMOs

  • http://www.livingitupcornfree.com kc

    Except that in the process of genetically modifying soy (and other crops) there is collateral damage that even the bioengineers admit they don’t understand. There is no definitive research on the allergenic effects of these gm crops – people that speak of soy allergies speak from experience. You need to read the latest research. Allergists have been telling patients for years that there is no way to have an allergy to anything but proteins but that has been proven false now. Recently, two allergists proved a widespread regional allergy to a sugar molecule. One of them explained in an interview that doctors really don’t understand all that much about allergies. And by the way, the fructose from corn is different from the fructose in an apple if the corn is genetically modified field corn, thus inedible.

  • carell

    im from Philippines, where can we buy soy lecithin?anyone knew the prize?thanks

  • Corey

    nah… im pretty sure that fructose is fructose, because if it’s different… whoa! it’s not fructose. Regardless of where it comes from the structure of the fructose molecule is the same if it is fructose, if it is changed… it becomes something else… are you getting this?

    Soy lecithin is an emulsifier… it helps with the blending of products (i.e. water and oil, which usually don’t like each other) to create a stable emulsion, the lecithin, whether soy or egg helps the interaction between the two products, making it more stable and less likely to separate.

    I appreciate that some people may have an allergy, and i’m not saying that something will be safe for everyone, people have different allergies to different things… who am I to say? but overall I’d say soy lecithin is safe.

    I am a food scientist after all :)

    Just my two cents.

  • Corey

    Oh also, the fear mongering and name calling and such that goes on in the posts seems a tad silly don’t you think?

    Are you the type of person to listen to that shabby-looking fellow on the street that says ‘the end is nigh, say… tonight!’ just because he’s yelling it at you? No, you probably think he’s a bit wonky… well that’s how you come across when you don’t cite sources for some of these wild statements/accusations… a bit wonky.

  • Sky

    Well Corey, go ahead and eat your soybeans. We’ll see if you don’t end up with manboobs and a menstrual cycle.

    As for me i’m staying away from the “Soy Hype”.

  • JmD

    “People with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy itself relates to the soy protein.”

    Actually, this statement is uninformed and false. I am a soy allergy sufferer (have been my whole life) and I can tell you that YES, it does indeed trigger my allergic reactions.

    • Guest

      But have you ever tried consuming non-gmo soy lecithin by itself??  That would be the test to try.  Help us solve this issue!  :)

  • CMANg

    Does soy lecithin have the same estrogen-mimicking properties as soybeans? I’m taking medication to keep my body from producing estrogen, as a cancer treatment, and I don’t want to undermine my progress by eating foods that produce it.

    Please let me know

    • Frieskristina

      I too have the same problem.I recently went through breast cancer. My Chemo Dr. told me not to try and eat soy due to the estrogen- hormones. It is frustrating to see it in just about everything out there you eat. The ingrediets you see are; soy lecithin, soy bean oil, and soy flour. Its even in gum. Check your cupboard you’d be amazed what is actually in your food.

      • chattiepattie

        I too, have a soy allergy.  When I diagnosed myself, I was told “no way” by many doctors until I hit upon an excellent allergist/environmental specialist at NYU.  I believe that in some way, he has saved my life. He took my symptoms seriously and worked with me to rule out every allergen.  When all (1000) patches were finished, quite simply-soy was the only culprit.  I ask about every ingredient when eating out and if you can still find it-Trident White (the old formula) has no soy.  Recently, they added soy lechitin as well.  I know when I accidentally ingest some soy-I have a 4 day reaction of welts, eczema and welts upon welts, scratching until my skin is raw.  I’m with you-am speechless as to why the food industry has been able to use this ingredient to the extent that it does.

        • Nanomedia

          Could you please tell me name of allergist/environmental specialist at NYU.  My 8 year old has been sick for a year and we need to see someone like this.  I would appreciate so much.  thanks, Nancy
          you can email:  nanomedia@aol.com

  • VB

    “People with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy itself relates to the soy protein.”

    This is absolutely untrue, and dangerous misinformation. I have a severe adult-onset soy allergy, and experience a reaction to soy lecithin, and soybean oil, as well as raw, cooked, fermented, processed, or any other form or expression of soy-derived ingredients. It’s this kind of misinformation that is incredibly dangerous to people with soy allergies.

    Please remove the statement from your website.

    • ninibmr

       Not true.  I myself react very negatively to soy lecithin.  Plus, read this:

      lecithin comes from sludge left after crude soy oil
      goes through a “degumming” process. It is
      a waste product containing solvents and pesticides
      and has a consistency ranging from a gummy fluid to
      a plastic solid. Before being bleached to a more appealing
      light yellow, the color of lecithin ranges from a
      dirty tan to reddish brown. The hexane extraction
      process commonly used in soybean oil manufacture today
      yields less lecithin than the older ethanol-benzol
      process, but produces a more marketable lecithin with
      better color, reduced odor and less bitter flavor.

      • ninibmr

         VB – I should have first said that I agree with you that the quote you put up was untrue…

  • http://www.livingitupcornfree.com kc

    Two award winning allergists have just recently confirmed allergy to a sugar molecule so the idea that only proteins induce allergic reactions is now proven to be totally inaccurate. The people with food allergies knew this to be true for years but allergists just didn’t believe them. I hear that ridiculous statement about proteins all the time in my quest for corn-free and soy-free foods. That blatant misinformation makes my life much harder than it has to be. The fact that FAAN (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network) actually perpetuates that falsehood is perhaps the most upsetting of all.

  • Corey

    I would like to see the article if you could link it please :)

  • reg

    yap you will be round-up ready soya lecitin

  • bob
  • Steph-honey

    @Allen Thank you, Allen! While there are people out there who have confirmed, real, allergies to foods and other substances, and it IS true that an allergy can develop at any age and after repeated exposure to a substance without previous complications, the reality is that many of the things we eat today have soy in them and most people don’t even realize it. Recently I bought a multi-grain cereal that had soy protein in it, but it was hidden in the ingredient list. I’ve also purchased condiments that had plenty of soy extract in them, but if you didn’t know what to look for, you’d gloss right over it. However, lipase, tryptophan, carnotine, and other proteins are all the same once they are broken down by the acids in our stomach and absorbed by our intestines. The same goes for sugars: it doesn’t really matter if it’s fructose or lactose, once it’s broken into glucogen, our body is going to treat it as fuel, produce insulin to process it, and so on. All the chat rooms and .org websites don’t make up for an understanding of cellular biological processes.

    If you suspect you have a food allergy, you need testing for confirmation and then guidance from a registered nutritionist or dietician to learn what is and is not safe for you to eat. I wouldn’t trust my health or the health of my family to a website or one article without the recommendation of my doctor. Anybody can put anything on the internet; while I applaud our ability to have free speech, we also need to use our brains and common sense here and protect ourselves!

  • Dee

    I am another person with adult onset soy allergies, not itching and rash but, sudden and severe gastrointestinal up set. For years I thought I was slowly dying as the continuous diarrhea and gas and stomach pains were often intolerable. No medical help was forthcoming, I took it upon myself to do a month long food calendar. Within a week I could see a pattern of eating soy, in any form, to distress. This is after many years of being a vegetarian with soy products for my main protein source, there was Soy in some form in almost everything I ate.

    It is very hard to avoid all soy as it seems to be in most everything packaged, I no longer eat out or at friends houses because not everyone realizes how prevalent it is. Just a dab of soy margarine or a commercial bakery product will send me running, and I don’t mean out for a jog. The good news is that once in a while I do find something special without any soy, and a lot of labels are stating this product does or does not contain soy. There is an awareness building in the food industry, albeit slowly.

    So in conclusion I’d like to say – don’t let anyone tell you it is only the oil of the soybean or the protein that causes the problems, it is every part and product oil, flour,tofu,whole beans, and all byproducts etc.

  • Judy

    This has been very informative to me, as I have suspected that soy is my gastrointestinal problem…have not been able to tolerate soy sauce for years, but now, after testing for celiac being negative, was advised to do a food journal. I traveled to Europe for 2 weeks and had NO PROBLEM…ate all fresh bread and produce. Then came home and read labels more carefully…do you know that you cannot find bread in the store without some form of soy?? and that almost all snacks contain some form also? QUESTION:If I get a breadmaker and make my own bread…am I safe…or do the ingredients I buy contain soy?

    • Arlene

      No, a bread maker was a life saver for my granddaughter, allergic to soy & so many other foods. Try Hodgkins Bread flour & their whole wheat flour. Use olive oil & follow the bread maker directions. We bake a loaf a week for her & have tried many variations. Good luck
      Abby’s Grandma

  • http://irishgreengables@fitzgibbons.info PaulaF

    Soy Lecithin also contains MSG. For those of us allergic to MSG, it can be quite dangerous. It has sent me to the ER twice with Atrial-Fibrillation — until my cardiologist and I figured it out.

  • jj


    When you make bread your basic ingredients will be flour water salt and yeast you may add fruits nuts oils spices etc to different recipes but non of these should contain soy. Soy products are added to packaged breads as stabilizers and emulsifiers these are things that make large scale bread production faster and allow bread to keep for up to a week or longer in a plastic bag without molding or going hard. Thus you can also go to your local bakery and they should be making bread that is far tastier healthier and free of these soy and other strange bread additives. I always like to remember that real food does go bad this is true of bread homemade or bakery purchased will not last as long but it will taste so much better that there should be no problems eating it fast enough!

    P.S. @ KC ‘I know there will be people citing the wide use of soybeans in Asia, but they didn’t eat them without a long fermentation process and they were eaten as a condiment (soy sauce, natto), not as a main dish. The soy in our food supply is not fermented or even slow cooked.’

    edamame are eaten lightly steamed with salt in many Asian cuisines…and edamame is just another word for soybean! so yes it is eaten lightly cooked… and as someone with a milk allergy i have found soy milk to be a fantastic stand in!

  • Sandy

    Can I ask what his reaction is to soy lecithin? We have tried to eliminate soy (among other things) from my son’s diet. We are finding that soy lecithin is in gum and I actually have used it to bake gluten free items (he is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free, no red meat, no peanuts at the moment until we can get a diagnosis). Curious as I am researching like crazy. Thank you for your time! =)

  • Linda Boyd

    Try removing High Fructose Corn Syrup from your diet. My granddaughter is 4 yrs old and has suffered from eczema, dark circles under her eyes and people asking all the time if she’s sick. We knew she was allergic to soy, through testing, but she would scratch herself raw 24 hrs a day, needless to say she never,ever got a full nights sleep. In June 2010 she overdosed on applesauce, yes, applesauce. Thank God she did. After consumming several bowls of applesauce, she began to scratch uncontrollably!! No signs of rash on the outside so she was itching from the inside out! Ingredients in applesauce: apples, high fructose corn syrup and absorbic acid. We removed HFCS from her diet and within 3 days, her eczema was almost gone and everyone asked what was going on with her skin. She used to always have sores under her nose,they were beginning to heal. We were also told by a dr. not to use neosporin, it made it worse. As long as we remove HFCS and any kind of soy from her diet, she’s fine. She was eating ketchup one day,and noticed she was scratching all over again,never thought about it containing hfcs but there it was! But Heinz makes Simply Heinz, now without hfcs, thank you Heinz! You can’t imagine how much better she is, it’s AMAZING!! Research it!! HFCS has been the evil ingredient. Now there’s a commmercial that shows a dad and daughter walking in a corn field, saying sugar is sugar. It’s not!! It’s a flat out lie!! My granddaughter, Kara, is living proof!!

    • Flyfisher65

      I am not quite sure I follow you here. You are saying that HFCS is bad because your granddaughter is allergic to it? Just because she cannot tolerate it doesn’t mean its bad for everyone. By your justification you could conclude that everything from peanuts, wheat, milk and eggs is bad for you to eat just because someone is allergic to it.

      I am not saying HFCS is good or bad, just saying your logic is flawed.

      • Cyclonesrule

        High fructose corn sugar (HFCS) is absolutely bad for everyone whether they’re allergic to it or not. Why do you think so many food companies are removing it from their products?

        • Itmonkey

          The big problem for me when it comes to ANY soy or corn product is they are more than likely made from GM crops which are bad for anything that is alive.

        • Themtgoat

           In regards to Corn Syrup is it give me dandruff. It took me till I has 36 years old to figure it out (while on the Halaluia diet). I am now 45, and as you can imagine, many things have corn syrup in them. Similar to the Soy products. I looked up Soy lecithin is I also have a dry skin problem, etc. And I tracked it back to Soy products. I didn’t know what the Soy lecithin was, so I started researching it. I think it is also an issue. I read from a different article, that 1/2 % of people are alergic to the Soy products because the GMO soy (which is 90% of everything now), causes problems with their skin, although my issues are different, I am aparently part of that 1/2 % of the population. To bad it took me till I was 45 to figure this one out.

          Hope this helps someone.

      • Mary35

        Seriously! You are plain stupid. Diabetes,heart disease,obesity are directly linked to the increased ysage of HFCS in out food supply. Corn will be the next “peanut” allergy….due to the overuse of various products derived from corn that are in virtually every product processed in the good ole” food subsidized USA!

        • sarahckb

          Too much of anything like sugar is bad for you. I am not saying that HFCS is not bad. We don’t buy products with HFCS, but look at the replacements: evaporated cane juice (a fancy term for sugar), syrups (such as Tapioca or Maple) have the same effect on your blood sugar and too much of it in our diets will cause all the metabolic diseases that HFCS cause. If you have a sweet tooth, get your fix from fruits and vegetables!

          • jazzbaby

            Yes, too much of any kind of sugar IS not good.  However, HFCS is not the same as other sugars.  HFCS behaves differently in the body and effects the organs differently than evaporated cane, maple, etc, because of its chemical structure.  It is so highly refined that it hits the organs much sooner than the others thereby producing increased insulin levels much sooner than other sugars.  Also, genetically modified foods (HFCS are made from GM corn) have recently been found to contain much higher levels of allergens in them than their non-GMO counterparts and I imagine this fact creates all kinds of other problems.

          • susan

            Be sure to read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and his blog The wheat belly blog- also follow wheat belly on FB.  Awesome shares/comments by readers that are  most helpful.  Book hit the shelves around Sept. 1 2011. 

        • Anonymous


          Agreed HFCS is one of the worst things to happen to the American diet at the hands of the major food producers.

      • simplguy

         @ Flyfisher: I don’t think Linda’s logic is flawed Flyfisher!! If anything, I
        might say the same thing to you. But I don’t want to. By the same reason, if a
        product is bad for 98 people out of 100, we cannot say that the logic of “it
        being bad” is incorrect. And HFCS is one such product which should be banned
        from the grocery shelves. Please research it and find out. And don’t go for a
        single source. Organic industry will say it is bad. Pharma/FDA/Agri businesses
        will say “nothing wrong with it”. Our answers lie in the reports that we can
        extract. If you see the outcome of a statistic, it is wrong. But if you study
        the statistics, then you get the answer.

        Except for the outer corridor of a store, namely, “the produce section”, take
        every single row, roam around, take a product (specially canned), and almost
        certainly, you will find a HFCS. How can a product be sold 10 years back without
        HFCS and now suddenly we find it on ingredients list? The logic (or should I
        say, the implication) is straightforward. More money for the corps in shorter
        time by the use of HFCS. If you use simple sugars for the
        storage/emulsification/longevity, you can produce 100 cans for an hour (using a
        blind example), you can produce a 1000 by cutting out the simple sugars and use
        HFCS instead. My example is a little crude but get the picture? In my unofficial
        research (Statistics, reports, news, tutorials, and interviews) HFCS is the
        single most important ingredient in American history that can be attributed to
        many many health problems. It is one thing that should be un-discovered or
        un-invented back to stone-age!! Sorry, if I offended anybody!

  • Judy

    Thanks so much for the info about breadmaking…just got a breadmaker for my birthday and will be trying it out. By the way, I had already tried the bakery idea and found almost all breads in Publix bakery contain soy oil…only found one without.

  • Corey

    soy lecithin does not contain msg… that’s just silly talk it’s soy lecithin… lecithin derived from soy… that’s it

    • Janshackelford

      It may not contain msg but I have the same terrible reactions to any product that has it in it. My throat swells can’t breathe and paralyzed arms also brain seems to be confused. If not msg it is definitey a semilar chemical reaction

      • Im

        I guess the true test would be to consume non-gmo soy lecithin by itself and see if anything happens.

    • AJ
  • JoJo

    I found some soy-free breads at Costco the other day. The roasted garlic was delicious. Be careful, the multigrain has soy.

  • http://www.newtoyouclothing.co.uk Sarah

    No,but it’s certainly addictive.

  • steve

    who is your cardiologist. a lot do not have basic nutritional knowledge

  • Tena

    I found out i AM ALLERGIC to SOY Lecethin, and ALL THE OTHER “FORMS” OF SOY that the FDA and USDA have saturaed the food chain with.
    I found out that the USDA udes all of the SAME additives. “Processed red meat, chickens ect,,,,,,,,,, that are sold at ALL “Grocery Stoes” , any packaged ” Processed Meat contains”Forms of Soy”. You have to find a “Heat Shop” ask some elders in your area. Thi”beef,chicken” is called UNPROSESSED MEAT {NO CHEM OR WATER ADDED}
    Go to web site USDA approved meat additives {I use ” as.com} If you are interested in more info adout “food additive allergies” please contact me, I am a “retited Nurse” and am personally allergic to ALL “FOOD ADDITIVES”. This REALLY limit food choices.
    Good Luck,
    I do have a 1949 “Home made Chocolet candy” reciepe if you would like { I have to have SOME cholect!}

  • Tena

    Tena :@Erin I found out i AM ALLERGIC to SOY Lecethin, and ALL THE OTHER “FORMS” OF SOY that the FDA and USDA have saturaed the food chain with.I found out that the USDA udes all of the SAME additives. “Processed red meat, chickens ect,,,,,,,,,, that are sold at ALL “Grocery Stoes” , any packaged ” Processed Meat contains”Forms of Soy”. You have to find a “Meat Shop” ask some elders in your area. This ”beef,chicken” is called UNPROSESSED MEAT {NO CHEM OR WATER ADDED}Go to web site USDA approved meat additives {I use ” as.com} If you are interested in more info adout “food additive allergies” please contact me, I am a “retited Nurse” and am personally allergic to ALL “FOOD ADDITIVES”. This REALLY limit food choices.Good Luck,TenaI do have a 1949 “Home made Chocolet candy” reciepe if you would like { I have to have SOME cholect!}

  • Tena

    Tena :YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Developed “Latex allergy after 12 yrs expocure as Nurse at age 32. Now I am 42 and in Jan. 2010 I “progressed to latex food allergy syndrom”. My GI trac stopped “absorbing” 98% of all intake. Malnutrition with severe weight loss labs all MESSED UP.Turns out, I am allergic to ALL fod Additives and the “chems used on box/bag packaging, {IT DOES TRANSFES}.
    As of 11/09/10 I am “Healthy”. I eat NO additives.We only buy meat from a local “MEAT shop”, {USDA USES ALMOST ALL OF THE SOY AND MANY APPROVED ADDITIVES}. Make home made bread.Buy the cheeses that only have 3 ingrediants, as it should.READ ALL LABLES and look up any unkown ingredient.Just because it is “Natural DOES NOT MEAN IT IS GOOD FOR YOU” [EDTA, BHA, BHT]Enjoy life for it is a challange or it would be to routien : ]Best Of Luck,Tena@kc

  • Genie Coats

    Corey, you may be a scientist, but until you eat and/or take soy lecithin, and start having brain fog, or constant dripping nose, and many other things it causes, you don’t know what you are talking about!

    I started taking soy lecithin supplements about two years ago, and ate chocolate with it in it also, and other baked products that I didn’t know had soy lecithin in it, and I started having brain fog often. When I finally said a prayer to the Lord as to the cause of it, I had the word soy lecithin come to my mind. I looked it up on the internet, and read about it, and I haven’t been eating anything with it in it for about a month. I have felt better and more alert now than since I started taking the supplements! My children thought I was losing it!

    I now check any product to find out if it is included in it, and I will never eat anything that has it in it again. I believe it is one of the causes of alzheimers, and I believe all of our children are in danger of eating anything with it in it.

    I am trying to figure out what to do to get the FDA to stop letting it be used in our food! We should not allow any fake things be put into our food! Only NATURAL things like good flour, real sugar, real eggs, real milk, real butter and natural fruits. All of this GM stuff is hurting Americans and it should be stopped. If it is eaten over a long enough period of time, I believe it will accumulate and cause mental problems in all of us.

    It has not been easy to give up my favorite food—chocolate—and to have to look at every label to buy something, but I am thankful that I found out the horrors of eating soy lecithin, and intend to tell everyone I can about how bad it is. I can’t believe the things businesses will do in order to make more money!

    I am thankful that I can think clearly now, and that I was able to eliminate the cause of my brain fog!! If our children eat this kind of stuff over a period of time, we will have the horrible prediction of what the russian ruler said, “We will take you without firing a shot!”, come true. If you can’t think, you are doomed! I hope this can be stopped to protect our children and grandchildren!

    • Lambchop722

      During Passover, you can find chocolate without soy lecithin in it. Look for kosher chocolate. Also, look for the brand Enjoy Life, dairy, gluten, and soy free.

      • Gina


    • Lala78

      Yeah Enjoy Life brand is really good and their chocolate chips are delicious without the dairy and soy.

      • Itmonkey

        Watch out for Enjoy Life – many of their products contain carageenan which is known to cause cancer. Just stay away from processed foods of any kind. Raw and organic seems to be the way to go.

        • Joannecoffey26

          Hey, Carageenan is a natural seaweed, isn’t it?

    • Janshackelford

      I am 54 and 12 years ago I was To a point of feeling like I was soon to dye as I could hardly function and after MRIs and doctor after doctor bloodwork and so much they said I must have Lupus or spine damage. To make a long story short I started researching and with a Dr Truss help discovered that the msg and other chemicals in the foods was totally destroying my body. He said I would have been in a wheelchair in the next 3 months and dead within a year. I try to tell people about this problem with foods and most people even family that knew how very sick I was just will not believe that the government would allow food on the market with something so terrible in it. I try to eat and cook at home using organic foods but it is so difficult and expensive. It would be so hard for people with low income to eat good foods. It saddens me that so few people are aware and it is my thought that if the food chemicals could be taken out of foods and go back to the old simple way of eating that the majority of cancer ms lupus hyperactive children on ridilyn and so many other diseases would start to fade away or at least be very few. I have suddenly not been feeling well and I am so afraid I am going to get really sick again. I am so glad you were able to get your daughter well. I wish you continued good health I wish there was some sort of way to stop all the chemicals being put in our food. The future generations really have so little good health to look forward to if they don’t make a drastic change. People will be dying in their early 30′s and 40′s. Here doctors have all this knowledge to prolong life yet don’t care to go to the rootnof the problem they just wantbto treat the disease
      Jan Shackelford

    • J_Marie

      I just want to let you know Theo’s chocolate out of Seattle does not use soy or soy lecithin in any of there products! Eat chocolate!

  • kennethe bull

    I am sensitive to soy products but can use the lecithin without any problems. I take it as a side effect free way of keeping my cholesterol at reasonable levels. However I use the German one as it is certified NOT to be from GMO products. This one may stop the brain fag.


    Every time a food, or a food product, is processed it is changed, making it another possible allergen. The more processed things, sometimes cause more allergic reactions then their less processed conterparts. Anyone with food allergies should just be careful what they eat. I am allergic to olive oil, but not olives, and corn and corn oil, but not high fructose corn syrup.

  • Sharii

    I too have brain fog, difficulty breathing and severe neck & shoulder pain everytime I consume anyting with the word soy on the label.

  • http://juneinthegarden@yahoo.com June Selders

    I am concerned because I am so allergic to eggs. Soy lecithin is not listed as an allergen, so does it come from eggs or from soy beans? I have no idea. Anyone know? Thank you. Lecithin without the word soy in front of it is considered egg, I believe.

  • Corey

    @June Selders
    Lecithin that is derived from soy must say ‘soy lecithin’. Eggs are a very good source of lecithin, but it may also be derived from other sources such as sunflower oil.

    Commercial lecithin, as used by food manufacturers, is a mixture of phospholipids in oil. The lecithin is obtained by degumming the extracted oil of the seeds. The lecithin is a mixture of various phospholipids, and the composition depends on the origin of the lecithin.

  • Corey

    @Genie Coats

    I may not have ever taken soy lecithin supplements, true. But as we scientists like to say: “Correlation does not imply causation” is a phrase used in science and statistics to emphasize that correlation between two variables does not automatically imply that one causes the other (though correlation is necessary for linear causation, and can indicate possible causes or areas for further investigation… in other words, correlation can be a hint).
    The opposite belief, correlation proves causation, is a logical fallacy by which two events that occur together are claimed to have a cause-and-effect relationship. The fallacy is also known as cum hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for “with this, therefore because of this”) and false cause. By contrast, the fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc requires that one event occur before the other and so may be considered a type of cum hoc fallacy.

    I could say, for instance, Sleeping with one’s shoes on is strongly correlated with waking up with a headache.
    Therefore, sleeping with one’s shoes on causes headache.
    The example commits the correlation-implies-causation fallacy, as it prematurely concludes that sleeping with one’s shoes on causes headache. A more plausible explanation is that both are caused by a third factor, in this case going to bed drunk, which thereby gives rise to a correlation.

  • http://fosterclan03@msn.com Rachael

    Here is some info regarding soy lecithin I found, you all may find interesting.

    Soy Lecithin Fact Sheet

    Soy lecithin consists of three types of phospholipids; phosphatidylcholine (PC),
    phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphotidylinositol (PI). It is extracted from
    soybean oil and is generally used as a natural emulsifier or stabilizer in various food

    Lecithin is a combination of naturally-occurring phospholipids, which are extracted
    during the processing of soybean oil. The soybeans are tempered by keeping them at a
    consistent temperature and moisture level for approximately seven to 10 days. This
    process hydrates the soybeans and loosens the hull. The soybeans are then cleaned and
    cracked into small pieces and the hulls are separated from the cracked beans. Next, the
    soybean pieces are heated and pressed into flakes. Soybean oil is extracted from the
    flakes through a distillation process and lecithin is separated from the oil by the addition
    of water and centrifugation or steam precipitation1.

    Lecithin is utilized in a wide variety of food and industrial applications. The French
    scientist, Maurice Gobley, first discovered the substance in 1850, and named it
    “lekithos,” the Greek term for egg yolk. At the time, eggs provided a primary source of
    commercially-produced lecithin. Today, the majority of lecithin used in food applications
    is derived from soybeans.

    Soy lecithin offers a multifunctional, flexible and versatile tool. It is probably best known
    for its emulsifying properties, which help promote solidity in margarine and give
    consistent texture to dressings and other creamy products. Lecithin is also used in
    chocolates and coatings and to counteract spattering during frying. Additionally, its
    unique lipid molecular structure makes lecithin useful for pharmaceutical and cosmetic
    applications and various industrial uses such as paints, textiles, lubricants and waxes.

    Lecithin provides an excellent source of choline, which is essential to every living cell in
    the body and is one of the main components of cell membranes. Not only is dietary
    choline important for the synthesis of the phospholipids in cell membranes, it is also
    necessary for methyl metabolism, cholinergic neurotransmission, transmembrane
    signaling, and lipid-cholesterol transport and metabolism2. Without choline, the cell
    membranes would harden, prohibiting important nutrients from entering and leaving the
    cell. Scientists believe lecithin and choline may aid in memory and cognitive function,
    cardiovascular health, liver function, reproduction and fetal development and physical
    and athletic performance.

    In 1998, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences
    identified choline as an essential nutrient and recommended daily intake amounts3. And,
    in 2001, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a nutrient content claim
    for choline, enabling food manufacturers to inform their consumers via the food label.
    Foods that contain over 110 mg of choline per serving may claim that they are an
    “excellent source of choline” and those with over 55 mg may claim that they offer a
    “good source of choline4.”

    The allergens in soybeans reside in the protein fraction of the bean. The allergenic
    potential of specific soyfoods and/or ingredients is largely based on processing
    techniques and the amount of protein or protein residue remaining in the final product5.
    The majority of soy lecithin used in food applications is derived from refined soybean oil
    that has been processed using the hot-solvent extraction technique, which eliminates
    most, if not all, allergenic proteins.

    In 1998, Awazuhara et al published a study on the antigenicity of the residual proteins in
    soy lecithin and soybean oil, in which they tested soybean-sensitive individuals for
    reactions to soybean oil and soy lecithin. Researchers investigated the IgE- and IgG4-
    binding abilities of the soy lecithin and concluded that the proteins in soy lecithin have
    little antigenicity in regard to soybean allergy6.

    Although limited data exist on the allergenicity of soy lecithin, Steve Taylor, PhD, head
    of the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska and co-
    director of the Food Allergy Research Resources Program, concludes that, “avoidance is
    probably unnecessary for most soy-allergic individuals7.”

    Soy’s healthy image extends beyond soyfoods and carries over to byproducts of the bean
    itself, such as soybean oil and lecithin. The discovery of specific health benefits
    continues, making soy a welcome sight on ingredient labels. Not only does soy present a
    potential marketing advantage, but the abundant supply of soybeans guarantees that
    ingredients such as lecithin are readily available and cost effective.

    Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Adapted from Food Allergy News. 2001. Vol. 2, No. 1.
    Zeisel, SH. Choline: needed for normal development of memory. J Am Coll Nutr. 2000; 19: 528S-531S.
    Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences USA: ‘Dietary Reference Intakes for Folate, Thiamin, Riboflavin,
    Niacin, Vitamin B12, Panthothenic Acid, Biotin, and Choline.’ Washington DC: National Academy Press, 1998.
    University of Illinois Functional Foods for Health Program, Regulatory Update: “Best Food Sources for Choline – FDA
    Authorizes New Content Claim for This Essential Nutrient.” Http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/~ffh/Best_Food_Sources_of_Choline.html
    Bush, Taylor, Nordlee, Busse. Soybean oil is not allergenic to soybean-sensitive individuals. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1985; 76:
    Awazuhara H, Kawai H, Baba M., Matsui T , Kamiyama A. Antigenicity of the proteins in soy lecithin and soy oil in soybean
    allergy. Clin Exp Allergy. 1998; Vol. 28, Issue 12: 1559-1564.
    Taylor, SL, Kabourek, JL. Soyfoods and allergies: separating fact from fiction. The Soy Connection. 2003; Vol. 11, No. 2.
    This informational fact sheet is provided by the United Soybean Board, a farmer-led organization
    comprised of 61 farmer-directors. USB oversees the investments of the soybean checkoff on
    behalf of all U.S. soybean farmers. For more information, please visit http://www.talksoy.com.

    • Sheila Ritucci

      A great deal of information however, you have not mentioned “genetically modified crops” (GMO) and that is probably 90-95% of soybean crops. Also, you have not commented on Monsanto/GMO soybeans and “Round Up ready” crops…might want to look that up. I go out of my way not to consume anything that contains soy. The only soy that is truly safe is fermented soy such as tempeh, natto and miso. Not a big fan of soy as there are many other alternatives. This type of agriculture is very damaging in so many ways. I will not explain… there are volumes on this subject. It’s out there.

      • Heather

        As I’ve read through these comments I was wondering whether the use of gmo soybeans and soybeans that contain pesticides to derive soy lecitan could be part of the reason it is detrimental to so many people. Perhaps if it was derived from organic non gmo soy it would not have such negative effects. I’m not suggesting that be done, just was waiting to see if anyone would bring up the gmo issues. I never bought organic before believing it was a scam and more of a trend but I just hadn’t looked in depth on the issue. So much research and studies have been done linking unhealthy foods to cancer and heart disease and whole fresh organic foods to antioxidants and cancer preventatives. I started out watching a documentary i think was called, The World According to Monsanto. It was so informative and even entertaining. Then I found other documentaries on Netflix like Food Matters and Food Inc. Of course the people interviewed could have their own incentives and perogatives but I honestly think mostly it’s just to get the word  out that people can take control of their own health to a certain degree and also show some information to the general public that has purposely been hidden and distorted in order for companies like monsanto to have a monopoly over agriculture and make huge profits. Round Up Ready soybeans and the effects they’ve had on people’s health and small time farmers are disturbing. This post has gotten too long. Anyhow I appreciate all these comments on both sides of the issue and only learned about soy lecitan today cause i decided to look it up because i’ve been seeing it on labels I’ve been reading a lot this week and today on a multivitamin label. I don’t think it was there for nutrient purposes but for binding reasons. Oh yeah it was hard to find that first documentary about Monsanto. Eventually we found it and were able to watch it free online but it had been removed from many sites.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think that anything produced by Monsanto should be trusted or considered safe. I say this because I used to live in a town less than 10 miles away from a Monsanto plant (now called Solutia to try to distance themselves from the problems there). This particular plant is one nasty piece of work with the dumping of PCBs in the past, there is a sream nearby that has a permanent ‘Do Not Fish’ ‘Do not consume’ ‘Do not handle’ restrictions because PCB concentrations are so high in the stream bed that all of aquatic life is contaminated and even simply handling a fish caught from that water is enough to cause severe skin irritation and rashes. The EPA has even forced them to collect contaminated soil from the surrounding area and relocate it to a single concentrated site for  long-term processing. On top of that, those people who live in the area surrounding the plant have an extremely high incidence of cancer, many times the national average. I had a friend who’s family home was less than a quarter of a mile from there, and he had been diagnosed with some type of lymphoma in his early 20s, then he moved about 15 miles from there and it went into remission. At 29 he moved back home to help his parents out and the cancer came back with a vengeance and was dead within 4 months. Brand new cars that are parked near the plant (like at the homes surrounding it), have severe rust damage within a year, particularly on the roofs.

          Lets not forget one of the things produced by this company, Aspartame and the many health problems it causes. And to think Aspartame was created by accident while trying to make a pesticide. It really makes you wonder how something that was supposed to be a poison was determined to taste sweet and later found as a food additive.

    • Guest

      thank you!!

    • ninibmr

       How convenient for them to declare soybeans to be non-allergenic.  Well , we who experience allergic reactions daily can dispute this information all day long. It has taken me years to finally figure out that the choking post nasal drip I constantly have has been caused by soy present in my foods. I have given up soy and had a bowl of almond milk ice cream last night and once again had the choking nasal drip and when I reread the ingredients, the only possible offender was… you guessed it, soy lecithin.  I am absolutely going to have to avoid any and all soy.

  • http://Foodeducateblog diana

    Food allergies are extremely frustrating. I am overwhelmed with many of them…some life threatening. So when I read anything written by a medical person in ANY dept or a scientist I often have to shake my head at their total stupidity & lack of true knowledge. NO one person can give a blanket statement like the ones above that say soy lecithin does not cause yada yada yada. & I was refreshed to read that some people have the same problems I do ie, I can have canned pure pineapple but not fresh, etc. ANYthing soy, remotely or otherwise or eggs, any part remotely or other wise can & WILL cause serious reactions for me. Forget the ‘scientific’ psychobabble. Babblers have no clue. If 1 lives with the disorder they KNOW far more than these glory seekers who are a serious detriment to the ‘common’ people. Does it make me a bit angry? Yup. I am down to only a handful of things I can eat & now that every one seems to think soy lecithin is harmless, well, think again. Imagine how it must feel to have a choice between going hungry or being sick? Think about being able to actually eat only 6-10 things. Everyday, every meal, every month, year, for the rest of one’s life….maybe. It could get worse. Think about going into a store FULL of food & not finding anything to eat.Just think about it.
    Now. What are we gonna do about it?
    Thanks for letting me say my piece.

    • Tranquilmarzipan

      I was recently diagnosed with a soy allergy. ITS HORRIBLE. And i’ve even found food that doesnt say it contains lecithin. IT IS workable though. My boyfriend is in the restaurant business, and after 4 months of being scared to try anything but the bare minimum (anaphylaxis isn’t cool, It happens once and you’re like I dont want to eat again.) Anyway I’ve gotten to where I can eat out without fear, at certain restaurants. You just have to really find one that will work with you, and stick to the basics: olive oil (no butter), salt and pepper (no crazy spices) or steamed. Also, I’ve gotten really good at cooking, and if you have a whole foods near you, they actually have chicken salad sandwiches I can have, and canola mayo, and breads and cake mixes that are soy-free. It s really frustrating though because I feel like people think I’m a pain, but if you explain that “hey, it’s an i eat it I die thing” they’re a bit more understandale. If you can cook though, there isn’t much you can’t have.

    • Guest

      I feel for you, Diana. I have extremely odd and rare food allergies as well. Before I was diagnosed, my ex-husband and step-children ridiculed me and implied I was crazy or was just trying to get attention. I have found that acupuncture has helped with a few allergies (hayfever, stonefruit, lactose, and melon), but soy and nut remains.

    • bee

      my  four year old has multiple food allergies and to be honest in the UK it is just as bad, though some super markets have made a range of free from food- except the soya letchin is in almost everything! i hope people move to more totally free from foods because this is very serious and hard to manage condition.

    • crystal

      Hi Diana,my daughter /age 11 last yr. was hospitalized 29 nights/bone marrow/ 2500 blood tests/ quarintined near 2 weeks/16 doctors or more- Still , her hanging on & i ..No solid results were given besides “JIA” juinor rumatoid..well come to a long grooling 9 months later , & going all organic as some clearly do not see the BETTER foods as nothing but a pain, it took my child from a wheelchair ( & she almost went down in it for the rest of her life) to 9 mo. later almost -at 99 % better!We have the most highest known doctor /all herbal/he hand grinds his own herbs/fresh packed with minerals & vitamins & so forth & so one- she is as he said ( homeopathic doc) : Allergic to all MSG- & I WILL state MSG is in soy lecithin & about 25 other “Hidden” key words! We learned how to go back to the kosher days really i make all from scratch- I stopped even trying to read labels, it was suicide-literary , my baby was hungry couldn’t walk, & here i was in freaking Poop hole wal-mart with the cheapest most processed foods given to our society & i lost it a few times. since January 1st 2011 i threw out all foods containing MSG, cause yes “she was near death”. Now after detoxing our body’s , juicing , cooking – so many long life lessons were learned to her at such an early age- so i know the food issue – its in all items just about & if you wish to have a complete list of MSG related additives , let me know- cnjquest@yahoo:disqus It was life or death & well i took the fast high road out of western medicine, opened my mind & when i learned the truth of some of the words hidden on labels, & what i was eating i was ill ! FDA approved red & anyyyyyyy other color is roaches, lice ..yeah – bugs!they are farmed-MSG is in even FDA approved colors “cause its all natural” .. well it does get deep /go to http://www.truth11.com, i literally cried- its sick”type in “sweet misery” get a load of what we are eating without any knowledge, no wonder auto immune is the # 1 health issue ” slung around ” on anything the doctors cant figure out- Its a known back door & they say its this, that ” most knowing the true issue is chemical related , but’ awhhhh they did not care if my child died/ or lived- so i will just say , there is only a certain time & place for western medicine, we ( not us anyone) most are nothing but lab rats getting used & docs getting paid- so i feel you in all ways … but research more- this is bad stuff…keep well- a mom whom changed the outcome of a childs future -”fighting doctors, medical freaks, & the state – it was drama to even make the choice to go all natural.. so much , they almost wanted to put me down as abusive- but god & i kept tight & all worked in heavens benefit - im happy with a healthy daughter almost 100% ..it will take 6 more years to rebuild GOOD muscles now on whole clean, true, solid foods, none with any additives ..& well i fee10 years younger just from better foods & herbs .. so keep at it- be careful – & again …just cook more, its a pain sometimes, but it tastes 200% better than anything ive eaten now- ( fresh 100 % all natural whole meats) its costly , but not in the long run- 

      Get’n smarter, & younger is the goal .. good luck 

      • Bearanne24

        Hey Crystal,

        I’m just starting out on my journey to a natural/purely organic lifestyle.  I’d totally appreciate if you’d send any links, articles, info you have my way.  I’ve always been one of those “Eat whatever” types, but from what I’ve been reading lately, I think it’s time for a change!




    • http://www.facebook.com/Feleyra Cristina Puglia Perry

      I completely agree and am in the same boat as you are.  I have to cook most of my food from scratch because I can’t be sure of the ingredients otherwise.  I have a bad dairy allergy and a soy allergy as well, so you can forget anything packaged or in a bag. 

      • Shell

        wow, reading these comments has confirmed I’m not alone regardless to what so many in the medical field tend to make one think.  It’s so frustrating when you’re hospitalised to state what you’re allergic to and then be told no dear that can’t be right….I’ve not ever heard of people reacting to soy…it’s such a common and popular alternative food.  Hello ….wake up and get into the real world, not all of us have easy dietary intakes!  I’m with you, until you walk in the steps of others people really have no IDEA how challenging it can be to find a meal, particularly when you’re out. 

    • Irish0032

      I was just diagnosed with a soy allergy.  I am also allergic to fresh fruit, raw veggies, shellfish,  and treenuts ( new allergy). I can not eat ANYHTING without checking.   My doctor keeps saying to try soy lecithin.  I am scared to.  I don’t have a life threatening reaction, but still I have to carry benydryl with me at all times. This really sucks and no one can give me a straight answer!

      • kturner

        Hi Irish.  I would not try soy lecithin.  I did some research and discovered it was extracted from soybean by soaking the beans in hexane.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexane)

        Hexanes are chiefly obtained by the refining of crude oil. The exact composition of the fraction depends largely on the source of the oil (crude or reformed) and the constraints of the refining. The industrial product (usually around 50% by weight of the straight-chain isomer) is the fraction boiling at 65–70 °C.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1117024007 Daniel Giddens

          Wrong…the only time hexane is used with soy is when you want to remove the soy protein form the soy itself.  This process occurs after the lecithin and soy oil is extracted from the soy bean by way of centerfuge.       

      • Mochabear326

        If you have that many allergies, then soy is the last thing you want to try!!!!  And for all of you with allergies to MSG… did you know that MSG is also in vaccines!!!!   I have Crohn’s and Remicade reaction, so severe that I am now disabled, and dealing with allergies to all soy- AKA MSG ENHANCED products. Yep back to the basics of cooking everything from scratch, to be sure that I also don’t have a reaction.  Benedryl is also my best friend, but when I start having more and more reactions to all products, it does suck going to the grocery store and having to read every darn label.  Good luck all, I feel your pain!  I would also be the first to sign a petition to eliminate soy!

      • Michelle

        You should see a naturopathic doctor. They can calm your body and cure your food allergies. Also, you may want to consider looking up latex fruit allergy syndrome, and other food families, if you keep becoming allergic to different new foods. When you’re allergic to a protein, and it’s in multiple foods but you only know about the one obvious food… continued exposure to the protein will make you more sensitive and you’ll keep finding allergic new foods. I’m starting a blog Michelle beets lyme if you’re interested. I have latex fruit allergy syndrome, and it started with tomatoes, soy, wheat, then shellfish and nuts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1681132811 Michelle Renee LaFrance

      Hi, I GET IT!  I had a pretty violent reaction (in the bathroom) all night from eating creamed corn and evaporated milk (corn chowder).  I am allergic to Soy and lots of other things.  I was wondering if you found a COMPLETE source of “other names for soy” or things that still have soy? 
      I feel the same way when I go to the stores - – NOTHING I CAN EAT - – even worse, going out to dinner and asking the chef what is soy-free and he says “everything here is soy free” because they think it’s “soy sauce” and not veg. oil!!!  Ugh!  My heart goes out to you. 
      Also found chocolate bar without soy, Lindt – 80% dark chocolate usually at CVS and the grocery store! 
      Thanks for your post.
      Michelle : )

    • Kathrynneffperry

      I hear your pain. I am allergic to wheat, soy and rice. As you know from your own experiences there is little I can eat. Wheat, soy and rice are in just about everything. I, too, get frustrated when I read an article claiming, “this won’t bother you”, how do they know!? The only thing I can safely eat is protein (meat) and GREEN vegetables. For breakfast I need to eat an egg (over easy) some type of meat, bacon, sausage or ham. Drink ONLY filtered water.
      I know what you mean about going into a grocery store, looking at all the choices, when we are so limited.
      Good luck to you my friend.
      Kathryn Neff Perry

    • Andrea

      There are MANY things that people with severe food allergies can still eat. You have to do some research, and be creative. It makes me sad to know that some people with severe food allergies have limited themselves to “6-10 things”. Please do some more extensive research! There are tons of ingredients and foods out there that not everyone knows about because they are not “conventional” and not always sold in our common grocery stores, but they ARE available. Don’t give up and settle, because you DO have options.

      • Tiana

         She is probably limited to six to ten foods because she’s allergic to everything else. I can only eat beef, fish or chicken, (these have! to be prepared by me because you never know what has been added by stores, eating establishments, or even by people you know) some veggies, a few types of nuts… and limited fruit due to Adrenal Fatigue  (havoc on your blood sugar levels) I am allergic to soy, garlic, most nuts, all dairy, all gluten. It gets boring, is frustrating, but the alternative is not an option

        • TrinitySeven

          look into urine therapy, i use it yet have never had allergies…yet those who have said it worked beyond amazing, please do a search on here for got (GET ON TELEVISION) productions, and you will find dozens of videos on how it is applied to kill of your allergies FOR FREE!

    • Helpful

      I cook 95% of my meals at home (probably more) because…..I CHOOSE to. I don’t have any food allergies at all. I just want to stay healthy and you simply can’t be assured of 1) how your food was prepared nor 2) who prepared it. Most of the time if it tastes good and you didn’t make it yourself it is due to sugar, fat, msg and who knows what else. A limit of 6 to 10 is wacked though. There are SO many options. My next house will have its location determined by its proximity to a Whole Foods or Natural Grocers.

      • Anonymous

        Well, (not so) helpful,

        When you have an allergy to say wheat (in most cases celiac disease), you can’t have pasta (though there is now a Quinoi variety), breads, beer, soy sauce, most packaged foods (guess what an ingredient labeled as food starch often contains wheat), gravies, barbeque sauces, Worcestershire sauce, malt vinegar (like may be found in vinaigrette salad dressings) , sausages/hotdogs (wheat may be used as a binder, as part of the seasonings, or in the casing, even if the casing was removed after cooking in the case of hotdogs), anything breaded or fried (contact transfer or suspended in the frying oil). Now lets not forget our daily vitamin, oh wait can’t have that in many cases because a food starch (may contain wheat or wheat by-products) was used as a binding agent. And there are many many more examples beyond this that may not even be thought of, like grilled chicken that was marinated in some sort of sauce containing gluten.

        Now this was just one allergy and is still workable, now just think about some of those other ingredients that food producers attempt to cover up by using other less common or recognizable names in the ingredients lists. MSG labeled as seaweed extract ring a bell.

        In my case I am also lactose intolerant (and was diagnosed as an infant, and reconfirmed several times since then) so I had to have soy milk instead. But even that I’ve switched away from, because I didn’t always feel well when I had soy milk, so now it’s the unsweetened almond milk, which I haven’t had problems with.

        I also have issues with coconut (for me it can cause anywhere from indigestion to vomiting, and this is for fresh or prepared). Even the smell of coconut bothers me.

        • Mic

          Wow, Anonymous, we have a lot of those in common. Just found out I was allergic to gluten, dairy (proteins), and msg. Not counting all the non-food allergens like perfume, heavy metals, petroleum, and the typical environmental ones. 
          The last 4 weeks have been quite the ride.. Once I think I may have it all under control, I learn of some other ingredient which I can not have. Including your added above; seaweed extract.
          I appreciate the information… Good luck to you!

    • Traci bowman

      Have you done a gut healing diet such as GAPS? Do you take probiotics to help? From what i have read if you heal your leaky gut (even if tests say you dob’t have it it sure sounds like you might) then you can slowly add foods back in and your body does’t respond so horribly.  I hope the best for you so you don’t have to live your life like this…only eating a handful of foods. I’m doing a gut healing (GAPS) and i’m hoping for the best! Good luck!!

    • carolj

      Diana,  I so agree with you.  I too have an issue with Soy.  I could not figure out why I have having such bad headaches until my nutritionist had me do a cleansing diet.  I was still having a low grade nagging headache after getting rid of all processed foods and only eating fresh fruits and veggies and taking supplements.  I then started noticing some issues as I added foods back into my diet.  And then started connecting the dots.  The nutritionist nor any of my Doctors could tell me why I was having these headaches, I figured it out for myself.  I eliminated anything with soy in it – which included the PAM cooking spray, any supplements with soy lecithin and all process foods that was processed with veggie oils, sunflower oil or soy oil – and guess what my headache went away in about 3 days.  I figured this out about 1 year ago and have tried introducing various soy based items back into my diet and it is a no go.  I get a headache (like a migraine) within 15 minutes or so of digesting the item.  The doctors all gave me drugs, the nutritionist wasn’t really accepting the fact of this at first now she does after other patients have done the same thing. 

      I understand also that soy lecithin also depletes our bodies of vitamin B12, hence me having to get B12 shots which helped with other seasonal allergies and anxiety.  Nasty stuff, it should be taken out of our food source!

      Good luck going forward. 

      • ahollis

        I have been having severe hives & even my face swelling for about 5 weeks now.  I began journaling everything I ate then looking up their ingredients.  Soy was the 1 common ingredient. 

      • billie

        I was drinking soy milk with my cereal for years and having weak spells in the early morning hours. A sleep study said I had rem sleep disorder but I had none of the symtoms that go with that disorder. Also, in the last few months my breasts have been sore. I quit drinking soy milk and do not have the weak spells or the sore breasts..

        • Darleu

          Even after all the years of use, good for you in making that change since it sounds like you had built up an intolerance to either the soy itself or it was possibly due to something new or that had been changed by the manufacturer.  Long ago something similar happened to me with the Silk brand Soy Milk. Since soy is a  phytoestrogenic food [plant-derived with hormone-like properties], I thought I was doing something good for myself to balance the crazy hormone fluctuations during first stages of Menopause.  But come to find out with the investigation and while I was also suffering from hypothyroidism…when the two major metabolic hormones of estrogen and thyroid are competing for the same uptake inhibitor, it is the mighty estrogen that wins out every time.  In other words, as that once daily soy drink was providing so much estrogenic-like affect, it only took about four days before I noticed how it had not only slowed down the already compromised metabolism or gave me more fatigue, but so did it cause the sore breasts [love to sleep on stomach] as well as aggravate formerly dormant uterine fibroids.  As we know, estrogen grows things…so when I quit drinking that soy milk, there was soon more thyroid function for energy, plus, it wasn’t long before the two estrogen related pain agitations began to subside as well.  Unfortunately, while soy is touted to be healthy, most sources of soy in the US are not of the fermented form which is how the Asian cultures have eaten and gained genuine health benefits from this food for centuries. Furthermore, for those dealing with allergic-like reactions to certain ingredients, the soy produced in this country is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and so is it now often produced from GMO origin which is, in no way, entirely safe for humans or the animals. Ever since my disturbing experience I have continued to read labels and avoid most soy. Interestingly, the soy sauce that comes with Chinese or other Asian foods is not a problem, except that I am careful to avoid those with the food enhancer MSG and higher sodium.  Be well, everyone. 

    • Hmalmi


    • JLeemarine05

      I feel for you Diana, my son has a fairly adverse reaction to soy lecithin himself.  After discovering this myself, it’s been so hard to find him just about anything that he can have, from peanut butter to candy!  Pretty much I have to make everything from scratch, and still make sure I’m checking ingredients before I starte making anything.

      • Jpalmer419

        The product PB2 doesn’t have soy lecithin in it and it’s great!

        • Gina

          what is PB2

    • Deidra J.

      I feel your pain, Diana. I’m down to a handful of things also. It scares me that food allergy is becoming more and more common but the food industry isnt taking the blame. I totally believe that the problem is rooted in the way our crops are grown, how our animals are fed, and how convenience foods are processed. Our food is no longer food in its purest form. Most foods in boxes are more chemicals and oils than actual food. 
      I can’t tolerate soy, soy lecithin, yeast, wheat. I’ve had to eliminate entire food groups. No grains, no legumes, no eggs, no morning coffee, no peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish, no corn or corn derivatives, no honey, maple syrup, coconut, chocolate, black and herbal teas, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, rosemary…The list goes on and on. I’m down to just poultry, pork, white cheeses, milk, and a small handful of fruits and vegetables. Whenever there is a glimmer of hope that I may be able to try adding something its killed by the addition of some corn, wheat, or soy product that has been added as  a filler, emulsifier, or stabilizer. I was working as a freelance makeup artist but now I can’t use any kinds of makeup or skin creams on my face or body. No lip balm as they all contain oils derived from legumes, seeds, and nuts. My skin and hair are a complete disaster. I have terrible food cravings that are impossible to satisfy. I can’t eat at restaurants with friends and family. I can’t even have foods cooked on charcoal grill because the briquettes are made from corn and wheat starch. It makes it difficult to get together with friends and family when you can’t visit because you can’t even tolerate the food proteins in the air from a fish fry, BBQ, Thanksgiving dinner, or a cake/pie baking in the oven. I don’t break out in hives anymore. I have mild to moderate anaphylactic reactions to both foods and bath&body products and for the soy, corn, wheat, fish/shellfish, and nut/seed allergies its only getting worse with every interaction.  I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds (not complaining) but I’m still losing at 5’7 and 135 lbs which I dont want. I just want answers and therapy so that I can live a more normal life. And its time that the American food industry take responsibility for changing the composition of foods and assuming that our bodies were built to adjust. My body is completely freaking out and so am I.

    • deidraj

      I feel your pain, Diana. I’m down to a handful of things also. It scares me that food allergy is becoming more and more common but the food industry isnt taking the blame. I totally believe that the problem is rooted in the way our crops are grown, how our animals are fed, and how convenience foods are processed. Our food is no longer food in its purest form. Most foods in boxes are more chemicals and oils than actual food. 
      I can’t tolerate soy, soy lecithin, yeast, wheat. I’ve had to eliminate entire food groups. No grains, no legumes, no eggs, no morning coffee, no peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish, no corn or corn derivatives, no honey, maple syrup, coconut, chocolate, black and herbal teas, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, rosemary…The list goes on and on. I’m down to just poultry, pork, white cheeses, milk, and a small handful of fruits and vegetables. I was working as a freelance makeup artist but now I can’t use any kinds of makeup or skin creams on my face or body. No lip balm as they all contain oils derived from legumes, seeds, and nuts. My skin and hair are a complete disaster. I have terrible food cravings that are impossible to satisfy. I can’t eat at restaurants with friends and family. I can’t even have foods cooked on charcoal grill because the briquettes are made from corn and wheat starch. It makes it difficult to get together with friends and family when you can’t visit because you can’t even tolerate the food proteins in the air from a fish fry, BBQ, Thanksgiving dinner, or a cake/pie baking in the oven. I don’t break out in hives anymore. I cant kiss or touch someone for fear of traces of food or product they may have left over on their face or hands. My daughter comes home from visiting and I’ve had allergic reactions from foods she ate hours ago, or traces of lotion or perfume that xfer from the clothes of friends and family. She has to ask before she can kiss me.  I have mild to moderate anaphylactic reactions to both foods and bath&body products and for the soy, corn, wheat, fish/shellfish, and nut/seed allergies its only getting worse with every interaction.  I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds (not complaining) but I’m still losing at 5’7 and 135 lbs which I dont want. I just want answers andi therapy so that I can live a more normal life. And its time that the Amercan food industry take responsibility for changing the composition of foods and assuming that our bodies were built to adjust. My body is completely freaking out and so am I.

      • Ali

        Hi, have you heard of NAET treatments? They might work for you. I’m sorry you feel so bad.

        • Deidra

          Thank you, Ali. I have seen their website but I didnt quite understand how they could help me with an elimination diet. Clearly, I have already eliminated the foods Im allergic to from my diet and health&beauty routine. Do you know any specifics about the techniques they use? I’d love to hear your input. :-)

          • Zla


            Both my parents have gone to a NAET specialist and have been very happy with the results.  My brother who has celiac food restrictions as well as many others was able to eat a variety of these food. He told me that though the foods don’t make him feel good, he doesn’t feel sick anymore after eating them! I would highly recommend you going and trying it out.  My little two sons have also been to a NAET specialist and she was able to pinpoint exactly what things were bothering them like salt or eggs…after 1 treatment plus a touch up on the second visit they were able to do better! It is hard for me to explain how they do it, but you could call a local NAET specialist and have them explain it to you…hope you can get feeling better soon!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WTL6CQRRLS6QOTVLVVCU4REMDI D.

        For those of you with skin and digestive issues resulting from foods, try using clay.  Edible clay is very, very good for all digestive issues including serious ones like Crohn’s, and even simple things like heartburn.  There are a couple of web sites with lots of good information, but the only one I can remember right now is   http://www.aboutclay.com

        • pravina

          soya lecithin can be used in sweets products eg motichur laddu, kaju katri, halwa, all sweets products plz rply me and i want help

      • Shenvalleyhomegrown

        Deidraj, get with an experienced holistic health provider/nutritionist/herbalist or naturopathic doctor. Sounds like your body seriously needs a liver/kidney cleanse, which should be monitored. Acupuncture and meridian therapy may also help. Furthermore, I agree 100%. It is often not the original food (ie nut, seed, grain, legume, fruit or vegetable) that causes the allergic reaction but the food that it has become today through pesticides, fungicides, synthetic herbicides (think Round Up) along with food processing. What kind of solvents are the food industries using to source foods? For example, hexane (a petroleum product) is often used to remove the outer shell of the soybean (ie waxy substance used to make soy lecithin) from the soy protein. How do you think that subtance reacts in our body? Food for thought. On second hand, let’s make that personally & safely grown food for thought.

    • Tiana

       That is exactly where I am at, I totally understand.  Sometimes it seems almost too much of a bother to eat. Also, right now I am “financially challenged” so buying good quality meats takes a toll. I have very low thyroid, so soy is a no-no.  I have adrenal fatigue, Hashimotos, and severe food allergies. I am grateful I do not have a life threatening disease, have no heart troubles, no cancer, but living like this is very draining, and frustrating.  Add to that the weight gain, and no energy… Uggghhhh. No one else really! understands except someone else who is going thru the same thing

    • janet

      i’m with you. i just found out i have in-tolerances to many things including gluten, soy, eggs, beef, garlic, vanilla, quinoa, sunflower, safflower, bananas, and a ton of other things……..just went shopping. hardly a darn thing i could buy. ugh!!! suffered with chronic pain and fatigue for over 30 years. maybe i’ve finally found the reason. really upsets me that we have so many health problems in this country and the food industry does very little to help eliminate them.

  • Kathy

    I agree, I had a grandmother that was getting to the point of not wanting, to eat certain things because of what she knew was in the product I don’t want to get to that point because people think I’m a little nuts but I think we need to keep our foods as simple to the source as possible, it’s hard and expensive, I don’t know why eating organic costs more than eating what is on our grocery shelves, other that it is cheaper to mass produce the bad stuff.@diana

  • http://Foodeducateblog diana

    since I posted the earlier comments I have done a little research.I also have contacted a few companies that use soy lecithin. It amazes me how people in charge of our food will take any one’s word for it that an ingredient is ojk for us. How did we get to this point?
    The main response I have had is it is cheaper than anything else. So that is where we get. cheap unhealthy food. & we wonder why America is fat. & now why countries using American foods are getting fat! Whatever.
    Something else I learned…the cost of organic food is the paperwork! Who eats that??? those of us who have used manure for fertilizers can produce the same foodstuff we did before but if we say it is organic we have to pay the fees & fill out tons of paperwork just so we can say its organic & sell the same stuff we did before the organic rules were passed. Huh??? May I ask who got the bright idea that government can run our lives better than we can? Why are we still voting these people in? Ok. That is enuff from me. I think I will just go suck my thumb. It is satisfying, organic & has no soy in it……

    • Roy

      The organic labelling regulations are necessary because if they didn’t, then you’d have every giant food conglomerate in the country labelling all their proudcts organic, regardless of what’s in them. It’d become a marketing adjective like “meaty” (which may be purely soy protein) or “cheesy” (which may not contain any actual cheese).

      • Stacy

        To be fair, growers, producers, and manufacturers of “conventional” foods should be required to go through the same processes and then label their foods. If a food is not organic, I want to know why. What was done to it, or what does it consist of, for it to not be able to receive the organic label?

        • kturner

          Stacy…there is a website I saw recently that is trying to get congress to mandate labeling of GMO foods.  I signed the petition because I am tired of being treated like a guinnea pig.


          • Nreinitz


        • Batsandjacks

          right! THat way, being “organic” would be the same price as not and then maybe Non-organic food producers would start making their products healthier.

        • Nreinitz

           Go to: http://www.responsibletechnology.com
          This is a world info on genetically modified food. 

        • Glen

          Wait a minute…if it costs companies more $ to do the paperwork required to label as organic,therefore resulting in higher food costs,why would you want all food companies to go through the same thing? To be fair? Who is that fair to? Not me, because now i’d be spending more on all food products.Government (as usual) ruins it for everyone..if they’re going to be involved there should be an agent who from time to time checks all food companies to make sure they’re being honest about their ingredients. Hire them at the local level in the towns where the food companies manufacture, under the guidance of federal regulation.

          • sofia

            hello.. the federal regulations is how the crap gets in our food!

          • EducatedOne

            If it wasn’t for government intervention, companies would literary poison us in an attempt to improve their bottom line.  How can critics of government regulations be so naive?  Remove government regulations and companies will literally lie to you about whether the food they sell is really organic.

          • drew

            So food companies would intentionally kill all their customers if it wasn’t for the all loving benevolent Federal bureaucracy. You might want to reconsider the user name “EducatedOne.”

          • justsaying

            Do you know how people were living BEFORE government regulations came into effect? It was absolute shit. There were far worse chemicals in the food back then then there are now. Don’t even get me started on those “medicinal syrups” fake doctors sold that would cure anything from colic to cancer. Now the government shouldn’t regulate everything but the food would be worse without someone placing restrictions on the company.

          • Gutseygal

            The only thing these food companies think about is the almighty dollar. They ddon’t care about the long term affects on the people. As long as their food kills you slowly story are ahead of the game. Oh and it truly is a game and we the people are losing.

          • Gutseygal

            Oops I meant ‘they’ in place of the word ‘story’

          • John Richards

            “Intentionally kill” – no. “Intentionally harm” – yes. It’s happened so many times I’m amazed you question it. Review the history of meat and milk regulation near the turn of the prior century. Cigarettes are also a great, high profile example – not just unhealthful, but purposefully loaded with additives known to be addictive (and damaging). Companies have absolutely sold products they know are damaging to customers, and that’s doubly true if the damage is difficult to prove or to trace to the product.

          • Bobbi

            Actually, the food companies are killing us. They just do it slow enough to keep getting our money without us realizing it’s the food we’re eating that’s making us fat/sick/etc. Before you argue that this idea is baloney, note that it’s not just my opinion, there is a lot of emerging research and collation of info on this subject.

          • Jafa’ar

            Now, I know this is a few years late, but I want to help erase some of the confusion surrounding government regulation for the benefit of any future readers.

            You may want to read the enlightening novel “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair in 1906. It does a marvellous job of outlining the horrendous conditions that

            1. The workers were forced to labor in, and

            2. The food was prepared under. In fact, it was largely due to “The Jungle” that Teddy Roosevelt imposed restrictions on Corporations.

            In one particular section of this book, they talk about how the company would take rotten pig flesh, and soak it in a chemical that covered the taste of the decomposing meat, instead giving the consumer the assumption that they are eating Smoked Ham. Now, you may assume that they offered a discount for this meat, as they are doing money by not throwing it out. However, the truth is that it was sold at a premium. The companies charged you more to consume rotten meat soaked in chemicals. Still believe the government doesn’t help?

          • Alex

            They ARE poisoning us. However, it’s not an acute poisoning – the effects poison us over time, all with the stamp of approval from our bought regulators.

          • Bryan Araki

            You people are the reason why I never use the web except for work, family, friends and business be it ours (family biz) or others like purchases, legals and medical etc. Now all that is private aka between us and people we know and or deal with. We do NOT use the web for any information or anything other than entertainment but we I am a Police Officer and my wife is a MD are so busy we don’t EG: Hang on the web and discuss things with strangers. And I won’t here as most of it is pure conspiracy, liberal anti-rich and anti-US BS!

            You types always say these outlandish crap with NO actual or reputable proof like slow poisoning, GMO’s and other stupid made up BS!! And the sites you people get your info are sites made up of the same types of lying people you are. So its all BIASED and it tainted or useless evidence.

            You people actually think our Govt is that smart to do all the thing conspiracy nuts think Ha Nixon and North says it all. Our Govt is too stupid to keep anything a secret.

          • Rhonda Hair

            The honesty of a company depends completely on the honesty of its CEO’s and other employees. This is why consumers insist on government regulation.

            There’s another way, though.

            Become honest. Teach what is right and wrong, there IS such thing, and it is not changeable. Religion- true religion- is your friend; it teaches. Government forces.

            There is a place for government, it’s in punishing actual crimes committed, not in preventing people- or companies- from making choices. The control needs to come from within individuals.

          • Kris

            Even with government intervention they poison us.

          • docwaid

            Please explain.

          • docwaid

            Glen, you are dead wrong about the cost of paperwork. I had a small seafood processing plant that sold value added products as well as the meat. Creating the labels was a pain in the neck, but only cost me a small amount of time and no extra packaging costs. Being precise about the contents probably saved my company from the big bucks even one liability suit would have cost. Likewise, the regulations and inspections for the actual processing of shrimp, crab, and crawfish are absolutely necessary and actually beneficial! Many small processors emulate what ALL the big agribusiness do: they cut costs on anything they think they can get away with. The brilliant HACCPS method not only saved me the costs envolved in testing samples but made me clearly understand and optimize each of my processes. The periodic inspections pointed out problems that had crept into our day to day processing and the inspectors were very helpful in suggesting solutions; again minimizing our liabilty exposure. ANY responsible food processor welcomes clear, well writen regulations based on impartial science. Small processors can’t afford it and large corporations don’t want to spend the money on it. This a clear example where government does things better than business!

          • Andree

            To make it easier it should just be the other way around, good food should not need to be labeled, bad food / food that does not have a track record / proven to be good, like GMO should be labeled = it would cost more to produce crap food = less crap food. Cheers

    • ladyluck

      what should happen is the companies like “monsanto” should have to pay huge fees and fill out tons of paperwork stating that the crap they have created and put in food is “ok” for human consumption!! it should be the other way around! stupid politics. makes me sick (literally)

      • Name

        Great comment and suggestion.

      • Bruce R Porter Sr

        Actually they are paying huge fees…..just look at how much they paid to buy off your CONgresscritter or senator. Or the fraud and deception administration (FDA), or Agriculture Dept, or EPA
        Its costing them billions to own what we laughingly refer to as “our” government.

        • sage

          Ah, the far reaching fourth branch of our government.

      • sage

        Obama appointed a Monsanto exec to head up the FDA. Your idea of huge fees and paperwork would be a conflict of interest.

    • Rathemon69

      Everyone needs to look at the big picture here. If the food growing and producing industry is as corrupt as we all know it is, then what implications does that have for the other “systems” that are supposed to be regulated for the betterment of the people. If you do the research, and I don’t mean just checking the top five search results on google, then you will find that all these shitty companies in the us and around the world that perpetrate these atrocities on a daily basis are all owned by the same group of richy rich bastards that are trying to run the entire world because they think since they have most of the money they should control most of everything that people do to continue the cycle of US giving THEM money and then THEY give US, well I don’t think I need to get into profanities here to demonstrate my point because we all know deep down that this is the truth. Some people just choose to believe in the American dream so much that that can’t see the prison fence being built right around. I’ve said my piece. To the future nay Sayers I will simply say, peace and happiness have a beautiful day everyone.

      • Gracekelly

        Very we’ll said!

    • http://politicoid.us/blog/a-brief-discussion-on-education Kir (Politicoid)

      Soy lecithin is not unhealthy unless you have a soy allergy, in which case soy is unhealthy for you.

      • Jai

        Please do your research on the detrimental effects soy causes once it has been cooked or processed.

        • Courtney Lynn DeJohn

          I take soy lecithin at every meal because I had my gallbladder removed when I was 16. Personally I love it. When I was having gallbladder attacks my doctor told me to take it after I ate and after that I didn’t have ANY pain…it was amazing

    • Teresa

      I feel the same way. About two years ago I learned I had severe food allergy’s.Soy is one of the worst as well as gluten, whey, casein, dairy, eggs, nuts etc. It makes it very difficult to find food to eat. Sure, I have the basics, rice milk and gluten free cereal. And, I can eat meat, vegetables and fruit. Still, when I have a hankering for waffles, the gluten free have soy lethicin in them. I did not realize that and promptly vomited the waffles up. And, for us with food allergies, they charge a fortune for foods without gluten. I have never been sick and all of a sudden I have all of these food allergies! I swear it is all the GMO’s and additives they use now. Bigger, and faster for more profit! Well, I think they should go back to the old ways and just serve natural food.

    • Cloveryfields

      You treat being fat like it’s the plague. Grow up. There’s more to life than being skinny and far worse things than being fat.

  • Carrie

    I can answer this, because we are heavily subsidizing these crops and as much as I see a connection with these crops and processed foods at discount prices on the front pages of the store weekly specials ads I just skim through them and head straright to the produce and seafood since those tend to be more money health food stores tend to follow the same thing since most of these companies sold out your still buying a nestle Hershey’s general mills cargill or kraft product so I try to avoid processed organic and generatic foods and learn to make a homemade version without that crap added in to protect self life

    • Thetruth

      You make some very good points in your post, definitely adds discussion value but spelling and grammar could really improve credibilty. No offense ;)

  • Krel

    Its also a genetically modified ingrediant and its in everything including organics. We should rid ourselves of this poison

    • Eman

      Actually most organic products that contain this use non gmo soy lecithin.

      • Calliams

        How do you know? It’s so frustrating trying to shop non-GMO with this lecithin crap. The organic companies rarely label “non-gmo” and no one seems to pay any attention to it. Ugh!

        • nikki

          i went to a health food store today and noticed a lot of products were saying non-gmo, i had no idea what that meant until now. i was just trying to stay away from as many processed foods as possible to see if it will help me with the constant migraines i get and horrible pain from bone spurs. i dont have food allergies thank god, but i honestly wonder how many of these additives and garbage cause them.

        • sonson

          I agree!!! i have also my difficulties…… i want to know what is in there, and also bio products should totally lable non-gmo if it applies,would make my choice easier—  nice to see others concerned ;) good luck with food shopping!

        • kturner
    • kturner


      Thought you might find this interesting.  I too suffer from soy products and would like to know if GMO soy is in my food.

  • Lisa

    Could you guys do a post about Vega protein powder? I really like their Smoothie Infusion when I’m in a rush, and it definitely isn’t a substitute for veggies. I’m curious to get your take on it. It’s soy free.

  • White_crow4

    I suppose misery really does love company… for some reason it makes me feel better to know others have soy issues too. After figuring out I am gluten-intolerant and buying into the gluten-free products… I’ve discovered that most of them contain an equally awful stomach-cramping produced called lecithin. Never even knew it existed before, but when your diet has been whittled down to a handful of food options, it suddenly becomes painfully obvious. Why do allergy-causing additives have to be in SO many food products? Why can’t we just buy plain old food?

  • babygirl

    hi my mom and i have recently been diagnosed with celiac’s disease. btw, it is just as hard to find food without gluten:( and i am a teenager so i have very little self control as far as my eating…ugh this sucks im gonna miss bread:(

  • Nogmos
  • GWB

    @diana:twitter I have a question. One brand of greens we use (powder) has non-gmo soy lecithin in it but it says 98% oil free. Is this still not a good thing to consume?

  • GWB

    Actually, my question was for anyone who knows the answer to this: I have a question. One brand of greens we use (powder) has non-gmo soy lecithin in it but it says 98% oil free. Is this still not a good thing to consume?

  • Pkhk

    I was recently diagnosed with severe migraines and it seems that soy lecithin might be one of my food triggers. I identify with a few of the comments below most of the general public has no clue what it is like to go through life trying to eat what will not cause an allergic reaction or chronic pain. I am grateful there are organic foods sold at the local grocery store. I need to branch out and find a whole foods or Trader Joe’s location so I can eat more of a variety of foods. This can be very frustrating but I have decided to become an overcomer. I am pressing on.

  • Judith

    Here’s the thing. I have endometriosis, and soy feeds enometrial material. It’s in everything, even whole wheat flat bread. What the heck am I supposed to do?

  • sonson

    hi there..
    is it always gen manipulated soya? how can i know which products have the GM type of soya?! anyone an idea?

    • twas brillig

      If it’s not organic, there’s a very good chance it is GMO! There is a movement to get GMO’s labelled on our packaging and California has now approved it to be on the ballot.  If you have a “WHOLE FOODS MARKET” in your area, I would suggest you check it out.  

  • Harriet Miller

    I agree with Diana.  Soy is in everything!  Believe me, I read labels.  And it’s one of the reasons America is fat and getting fatter.  There’s no escaping soy.  Do your research!

  • Xspecops

    In 2004, I started getting random migraine headaches. Being a 34 y.o. male, at the time, who never even had a headache before, I was bewilder of what could have been causing them. Long-story-short: the symptoms evolved into (in this sequence) red splotching of the skin, skyrocketing blood pressure, massive migraine, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, and complete mind-haze. After thousands of dollars and 4 years of utter hell, ALL my doctors (family physician, cardiologist, neurologist, allergist, nutritionist, etc.) were unable to provide any answers or treatments. I, by myself via a food diary and trail and error, finally made the connection to soybean oil. I test “negative” to soy allergy and can eat soybean sprouts, tofu, soy sauce, soy lethicin, etc. without any reaction but just a little soybean oil (excluding the “highly refined soybean oil) I get violently ill for 24 to 48 hours until it passes completely through my system. Then I am highly sensitized shortly thereafter. Do you realize how hard it is to find anything without soybean oil in it that is not processed? I also love the “contains blah blah blah oil AND/OR soybean oil” statement, like the manufacturer isn’t sure what’s in their product? Oh and now I’ve seen a trend where they just put a blanket statement that it “contains soy.”. I hate it sooo much. I can’t go out to eat with my family or friends, I can’t eat while traveling, going to movies, camping, anything in general. What a life changer this allergy has become.

    • plummk1

      I have a similiar allergy. Its specifically to hydrogenated soybean oil though. I swell in all my joint, get rash on mt joints, and my face swells, sometimes enough to swell my eyes shut. I can handle plain soybean oil with less reaction. Any idea why the hydrogenation process makes such a big difference?

  • Harm_ny

    So, I know people are only supposed to be allergic to soy protein, but if I eat anything with soy oil, or derivatives of (soy lecithin) it makes me gaseous, constipated, and my asthma symptoms flare up.  I was confused why gum was making me chest feel so tight, till I realized it had soy lecithin…for whatever reason soybeans and soy products where the lecithin hasn’t been extracted don’t seem to bring on the aforementioned symptoms.  How the hell I do escape this product????

  • Srs1358

    I am allergic to soy and I want to use a protein shake but it has soy lectin and I am
     very reluctant to try. What do you think? Yes or No

    • http://www.stormin-norman.com Norman Weissman


      • http://www.stormin-norman.com Norman Weissman


  • Pat Hayenga

    Soy is being used too much, to the point it’s hard to find any products without it. Soy lecithin, soy flour, soy milk and soybean oil are not safe to consume. Soybeans are a phytoestrogen/estrogen vegetable so they aren’t safe particularly for males and have been shown to be a cause of early menses in girls. There needs to be control of this in our foods. 

    • twas brillig

      Pat, a warning fine (and demand GMO labeling), but I don’t appreciate any more government agency control (FDA) of our food when “they” are the ones manipulating our food in the first place in crony ties with Big Agro and it’s profiteering. They FDA already is out of OUR control with their attempts to control our food (IE: raiding a food co-op selling Raw Milk).  How dare they tell us we can’t have raw milk!  Let us, the people control it, I’ll be fine with that.  

  • Suzcott1

    they are genetically modifying ALL SOY NOW and this product contains soy!  I quit using it.

  • Suzcott1

    they are genetically modifying ALL SOY NOW and this product contains soy!  I quit using it.

  • Megkolloo

    Hi, i just discovered that im allergic to soy, wheat, yeast, rice, coconut and all forms of dairy, oh yeah and oats. So as you can see this leaves not a whole lot to eat. Any suggestion? Im craving carbs so bad, and i just want a dang corndog! So is soy lecithin the same thing as soy? Its in so much that at this point im praying its not. please help.

    • Guest

      You need to fix your gut, allergies can be tied to intestinal issues and leaky gut.

    • Anonymous

      You might try Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) pasta. http://www.quinoa.net/145/index.html

  • LYD

    I had no idea that this was so prevalent.  Since I was a teenager I’ve always had some digestive problems, I don’t believe this is so much an allergy as much as it is a sensitivity.  Over the course of two to three years the sensitivity increased dramatically (coinciding with the increase of soy lecithin usage in random foods) that I started taking medication on a daily basis – which I took every day for over 2 years.  When the medication ceased to help, I started to keep a log of every single thing I ate and started looking at the ingredients.  What did a large portion of these foods all have in common?  You guessed it, SOY!  Even my favorite peanut butter had soy, and those that didn’t list soy specifically only hid it by calling it something else (soy has many alternative names, including the popular “natural and artificial flavorings” and “bulking agent”).  I have now become one of those people you hate in the grocery store, I look at every single ingredient and if I see anything I believe is a hidden soy, the product goes right back on the shelf.  I cook everything from scratch, which everything tastes better that way anyway :) and gee whiz, after 30+ years the digestive problems and sensitivities have pretty much ended.

    I know many people will say that buying only organic foods or cooking from scratch is more expensive and time consuming but I have found the opposite to be true.  Instead of buying $70 in pre-processed foods each week, I’m buying $40-$70 (depending on how much meat I buy) weekly.  So the cost is pretty much the same.  Some of the reasoning why it comes out about the same is that pre-processed foods do not taste well as left overs, but made from scratch foods do.  Notice that I said ‘some of the reasoning’ not ‘all of the reasoning’.

  • Lupinesings

    I am reading through all these comments, haven’t finished, and am overwhelmed with the number of people who are having difficulties with soy, soy lecithin, corn, GMO, etc. I am allergic to soy, corn, peas, lima beans, sesame seeds, peanuts and watermelon plus related melons. It makes me wonder, how in the world can anyone say, “Most people with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy itself relates to the soy protein.” Obviously, from the posts here, that if this many people responded with reactions to soy and soy protein, then there are many more out there who haven’t had their voice heard because they are either not aware of this problem or haven’t seen this article to react to it. I am personally going to start checking out what is being done to stop this. Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks.

  • Lizanns53

    I am a 5 year Breast Cancer survivor. But my cancer is Receptor positive which means I can not have any Hormones.  Soy is also something I need to stay away from — DA — it is in everything — What is a girl that wants NOT TO HAVE A REACCURANCE do??? I try to make most of my foods from Scratch (but have to watch all labels) so it takes me a good 2 hours to grocery shop (which by the way I hate doing) . OH well nothing will end this trend – after all no one listens to the tax payers anyway. I will just keep Trudging  on & PRAY hard that I make it to see the rest of my grandchildren with out another CANCER issue (as I referred to it)

    • kturner

      Even worse is that 95% of the soy is gentically modified and the government does not require the labeling of GMO foods.  There is an interesting documentary that I watched called forks over knives, which is free online.  It was an eye opener for me as to how our food is handled (also there is Food, Inc.)  I am right now suffering from some sort of severe allergy that happened within hours after eating a soy vegetable product.  I am waiting to here back from my doctor this week.  Since I stopped eating soy, and as it is slowly working its way out of my body, I am feeling a little better each day.  I think we have a right to know what is being put in our food.

      • For the birds

        I have been watching everthing I eat, and I tell the doctors what I am allergic to. I have many years of experience, with soy lecithin, and aritificial seasoning being the most offending foods, but now I realize it is in almost everything. I break out with sores all over my body, that look like an epidemic of the herpes virus. The itch is so intense, that you don’t care how much bleeding you have. I am so upset after getting rid of jelly and peanut butter jars with it. I just found out it’s in bread! I have 2 bags of bread, 100% whole wheat Freihofer’s with bold letters, “soy lecthin” and  Pepperidge Farm bread with it also!!!!! There are many things that contain it, ex: gum, chocolate, cereals, muffins, can foods, granola, etc. On top of it, it doesn’t show up on test by an allergist. My allergist told me “why don’t I stop chewing gum”? I don’t drink, don’t use drugs, or smoke. Also, I am allergic to yeast, brewers’ and bakers, pepper, vinegar, very allergic to artificial sweetners, and vitamins, and food coloring. When, I break out, it’s so intense, that I literally become depressed. I have started UVLight treatment. One of the reasons for adding soy and artificial sweetners, is they make the taste so delicious, and soy is a filler. It’s more addictive. Buying breads and cakes, etc. in a bakery store is definitely clear of additives. We need to buy our food, and cook our- selves. Buy food at a farmers market. Read all labels, including bread labels Good luck.

    • Buddy

      I also have ER & PR positive Breast cancer and have been told to avoid Soy.  Funny thing is that  I use to eat it daily.  I consumed lots.  I ate soy nuts dailey,cooked with tofu weekley , used soy milk and cheese daily  I even made frozen fudgecicles with chocolate soy milk.  We used the immitation soy meat almost daily  we were vegetarians.  Then I got Hormone positive cancer and now I am told to never eat it agaIN.  I am still looking for a Whey protein powder with no soy.

      • Helpful

        Try Dr Mercola’s whey protein

      • Viva51

        stay away from the whey proteins, read The China Study, and try hemp, rice, pea, pumpkin seed, or a blend of these protein powders.

        Animal proteins and fats promote cancer cell growth, and I am very sorry to hear of your cancer, you can beat it.
        take care and good luck to you

        • Anonymous

          Do a search on the China study, Cambell cherry picked the results to reinforce his agenda.

        • Anonymous

          Do a search on the China study, Cambell cherry picked the results to reinforce his agenda.

      • Deborahjune209

        Wegmans makes a whey protein powder in vanilla and chocolate that contains no soy.

  • Bracy_thompson1010

    I am not allergic to soy but I am allergic to soy lecithin! I can’t eat chocolate processed crackers or even sew some gum!

  • Poopnugget


  • Hortonbrittney1998

    hi, im brittney:) i have to do a stupid report for science, but umm yeah you never really told me WHY its used in candy?!!?!?

    • Hortonbrittney1998

      oh neverm9ind,yes it did:)

  • Josh

    I have a severe peanut allergy. Regardless of what any other doctor says about my food sensitivities, I know for sure that I’m allergic to soy as well… Now, this used to not be a problem. I used to be able to walk into a grocery store and be amazed at all of the selection and colorful boxes. I never cared to look at the back which stated “soy lecithin”. Although my soy lecithin allergy is much less than pure soy itself, I still feel crappy after eating something with that magical filler ingredient in it. I would love to just eat something and know for SURE that whatever it is WON’T make my stomach hurt for the next 2-3 hours. I’ve done extensive research and found that all of the natural foods that I’m allergic to: Lentils, peanuts, soybeans, etc. all have the subfamily “faboideae” in common. If anybody can help me find other foods or plants that I’m allergic to as well, (not the scientific terms), then that would be awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  • Lorna Doone

    What I have discovered in the last 5-6 years is that when I injest ANYTHING with ‘Soy or Soy-Lecithin’ my Arthritis flares up. I can almost count to exactly 10-12 minutes where my joints in my hands and feet start to throb! Why doesn’t the FDA take this ingredient out? It’s in way too many products. I also try to eat without flour and sugar. Gluten tends to react the same way the soy does =-/.

  • Blythe

    I found this site because I wanted to find out why they use soy lecithin in so many products.  A doctor has told me to avoid everything GMO…and most soy is GMO.  It is a sad state of affairs of what our country has done to our food supply and how it has gotten people so hooked on fast and processed food that there is a demand for it.  I have eaten soy free, gluten free and vegan and it is tough.  You have to cook your own foods and bring your food everywhere you go.  ENERGY KINESIOLOGISTS MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU EAT A WIDE VARIETY OF FOODS WITHOUT REACTING TO IT.   I live in the Philly area and I am beginning to practice Energy Kinesiology. If you live in New York I know of many there. Otherwise, look for one in your area. If you live in Australia you know they are a dime a dozen.  My email is gonsewahoo92@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would to try it out.  

  • Hawk

    It is good that the comments made from the readers of this article are informative and clarifying.  I hope the author of this written piece reads them with an open mind and that in the future they practice a more careful and thorough investigation before they publish statements as matter of fact, especially about this very important topic, which most people can relate to.  For this topic, it is also good to publish one’s sources.

  • sad

    unfermented soy is bad for anyone. It sucks people make so much money on it now that like oil companies they will care more about money than peoples health  

  • Diane

    You are right that it is in just about everything.  I’m TRYING to avoid GMO crops, soy and corn being the most common.  They put these two poisons in just about everything.  There is only one regular cereal I can buy that doesn’t have some form of corn in it.  Recently I was checking labels to find some chocolate chips/or baking chocolate that DIDN’t have soy lecithin in it.  Found some choc. chips in the gluten free section of the market.  When I got home and unloaded the groceries, I discovered that the tea bags I purchased had soy lecithin in them!  I hate it that our government/FDA is letting these GMO crops be used in our food supply and the majority of people don’t even know.  People have a right to know what they are buying to feed their children.

  • Kittyjan17

    My parents focus on price instead of ingredients no matter what I say. I can’t do much about it because I am in college and depend on them while I am in school. You might say get a job and move out, but do you know how much college costs? Do you know that a double major cannot always afford the time for a job? Also, organic is expensive and my family cannot afford it. All I think I can do is a hit and miss job on being healthy.

  • Nreinitz

    All soy is a GMO, which means it has been genetically modified.  This is not good. Even the soy lecihin, unless the soy is certified organic.  GMO crops are detrimental to your health.  All the studies done on GMO’s show a high fetal death in mice, lower birth weight. I could go on but it would be best for you to check out the studies…go to http://www.responsibletechnology.com

  • Coriattic

    Soy wheat & corn allergies could be rooted even deeper. Most live stock and even farm raised fish are feed grain diets of wheat corn and Soy! This much differs from the traditional diets of these animals in Our food chain. We are messing with the very fiber of gastronomic evolution… And many many are not adjusting as fast as we are changing.

  • http://cybertron-transformers.blogspot.com/ christina thomas

    It’s a shame that even traditionally good foods are now causing us problems, because all the food industry thinks about is money and not health.  Of course, when we don’t inform ourselves, we contribute to the problem by buying the sh!t they sell.  Soy ‘used’ to be a great food, particularly the protein variant…

  • Antaeus

    Let’s get things straight; soy is not bad for you; the soy in this country is probably bad for some of you, because of the way it’s made and modified.  Look for proper sources to the best of your ability and you will be fine.

  • http://seigfried23.hubpages.com/hub/The-Barclay-Card-Visa-Black Maken Ithappun

    Soy lecithin has been around for centuries and centuries, being eaten by humans.  Is it really a coincidence all of a sudden that everyone’s saying it’s bad for us?  You’ve got to look for the ulterior motive when such things happen…

  • Dmw

    Bull!  Fermented soy has been around for centuries, but soy lecithin has only been around for the past 100 years.  Get your facts right.  It’s poison, pure and simple.


  • Dmw

    People who deny that soy is harmful are the ones who I worry about having an ulterior motive.  Either that, or you just got your head in the sand and don’t want to face the truth about this toxic poison.

  • Paf6262000

    The fact is the world is overpopulated and we Americans are spoiled. Companies can get away with “fillers” and “GMO” products because we buy them. We buy them because they are cheaper than the alternative. There is not enough “organic” food to go around because there isn’t enough economic incentive to produce food any other way except through mass production; and mass production and organic, historically, don’t go together. However, consumers are starting to and could continue to change this by only buying organic and turning the tide in favor of quality over quantity. But still, we are going to have to be willing to pay more for the time being. So what’s it worth to you???

  • Tdiamond87

    Soy is a great thing for cell reproduction, regulating cholesterol levels, lessening chances of cancers, among other things. HOWEVER, products that are 100% organic (ie, with no hard to pronounce man made preservatives and chemicals listed in the ingredients) are what people should be consuming. READ THE LABELS!

  • Georgio

    Everything I read here was very helpful, but I really must add something. The first thing anyone should eliminate for a healthy lifestyle is the fluoride. Once you do that, then worry about other things. Peace.

  • susanmarty26

    I have a low thyroid condition and take synthroid for this.  I was told that I need to stay away from products containing soy as it could effect my thryoid.  I am finding that almost impossible; so many products (even the organic type) have this product in it.  I would appreciate any advice on this.  Thank you.

  • tedium

    This is a very helpful website. I believe I have a soy lecithin allergy. I have to eat gluten free and have such bad TMJ, I can not eat anything crunchy. I have felt so alone, depressed and isolated. It was helpful to read that other people only eat to live and THAT is so difficult to do in this day and age. I have to make most things from scratch also. I make large portions and freeze my own food. I used a GF bread mix yesterday and woke up sick in the middle of the night. I can drink Lactose free milk and cook with it and feel OK. The bread mix I used has soy lecithin and is made with garbanzo bean flour. Since, I don’t eat garbanzo beans, I’m trying to figure out which I am allergic to. I have had other mixes with soy lecithin without so much of a problem. Well, it’s back to the health food store for me. I don’t trust my local grocery store. They mislabel things saying that they are gluten free when they are not. Thank you to everyone sharing. We are not alone.

  • rawvegan

    Simiple solution.. Go RAW! no additives, no soy lecithin to worry about.

  • Pam

    It is sad! All of the breads, mayonnaise, most oils, including all vegetable oils, candies, chips, etc are made with soy period. And it is not good for you! They are literally shoving it down our throats. Most people do not read labels. I am at a point, where I cannot buy anything. Safflower Mayonnaise in Organic sections, and Safflower oil, or Olive Oil, only if it is pure. And they wonder why Cancer rate is up, more thyroid and autoimmune disorders are on the rise. GMO’s are the reason. I have done extensive research on this issue. Our poor children have more illnesses today than ever before. When I was growing up, most everything I listed above, was not made with soy. Monsanto is the reason we are in this situation, When are American’s going to wake up and change big Government! It is obvious, we need to quit buying from the manufactures who choose to produce food in this manor. It is harmful and they are only concerned about the almighty dollar, not the health of our future generation. Please educate as many of your family members as possible!
    We still have a chance to turn things around. Also, High Fructose Corn Syrup, is not good for you. Please everyone do your own research. Very Important! I know it makes it difficult to buy, but we need to go back to basics, I had to quit buying bread, and a lot of other things, so the up side I have lost 10 lbs in two months, my labs on thyroid are improving and one other item to share. I know first hand, the chemicals they are spraying on our foods are causing cancer at an alarming rate.

  • AJ

    I am so happy I stumbled across this article. I am newly (about 3 months now) adapting to a new way of eating by way of eliminating GMO products from my diet. It is so hard to shop now that things like this really help make it easier. Thank you! “non-GMO” labeling is hard to come by in my state but I’ve joined the masses in making sure that changes! :) Happy label reading!!

  • CArla

    My doctor recommended I follow the book Deep Nutrition by Dr. Shanahan, and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. These books have been invaluable in helping me cook healthier and be able to explain it to my friends and family. Now if I could only get my kids to eat the dishes…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ContraryMaryLangdon Mary Langdon

    Your allergy app sounds fabulous but my particular sensitivity is to msg and all its natural forms. There are so many different names to know, not to mention the myserious “natural flavors,” that I still get side-swiped even when I diligently read labels. Is there any possibility of you including msg sensitivity to your app?

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      The app notes whenever MSG or equivalents are present.
      The info does not appear as an allergy warning, simply as a regular bullet point.

  • Shirley

    All soy products but especially soy lecithin causes me severe stomach distress. I am unable to consume most processed foods. The big disappointment is chewing gum which I love but had to give up. I have become a whole foods consumer.

  • Hanne

    Late to the party, but… whoever posted about the cost for organic food coming from the paperwork is pretty spot on. Many providers at our local farmers market are organic, but they can’t afford the 7 years of soil testing and all the paper that goes with to be certified organic.

    People just need to put their money where their mouth is – only buy organic, buy from local small farms. As we choose do move in that direction, companies will have to do the same.

  • Jim

    Dear Hemi Weingarten…If you’re really worried about hexane and other chemicals in your oil or other food, you shouldn’t buy any packaged food because they all contain hundreds of sub ingredients which are manufactured and that’s the key word. To manufacture things there has to be a series of steps taken with each sub component to make it work with the whole. That’s how manufacturing works. Refining, filtering, micro coating, preserving, acidifying, stratifying, skimming, homogenizing, pasteurizing, emulsifying, cooking, freeze drying, encapsulating, dodorizing, clarifying, salting, curing, marinating, liquifying, grinding, frying, smoking, brining blah blah blah. If you eat packaged foods you’re eating all of the above. It’s very easy to put down various foods if you don’t have to come up with solutions. Remember, your solution has to stand up to the scrutiny of other ameteurs and critics just like yourself. It may even have to stand up to expert scrutiny. Unless all you pelple want to learn to plant, harvest and survive on your own food, off your own land, you really need to start reading serious food science literature and stop getting your food intelligence from Fox News and blogs of food ignoramuses.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Dear Jim Pinter,

      Here’s an idea for you – would you like to help translate some of the scientific jumbo into understandable content that amateurs like us would understand? It would be grand if we could understand the tradeoff between hexane processed oil and cold pressed oil, for example. Or what stratifying means. Seriously. Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to have some guest posts from you!

  • Demetria

    Watch out! Soy lecithing is one of those exceptions for Organic certification. The food could be organic and still contain non-organic (likely GMO!) Soy lecithin. The exception was due to the shortage of organic soy lecithin. The Organic certification rules need to be tightened!

  • JustAWorldofConcern

    I personally think the link between infertility and soy is a real reason these key food suppliers are using it in everything! Population control! Look for the studies on rats and mice! Also the French study just released on GMO corn!

  • Emil

    I heard soy lecithin has some sort of blood. anyone heard of that?

  • Kayakgirl1984

    My son has a Soy Lecithin allergy. People think I am crazy when I say that they are like this is something that is good for you. Well after spending almost every night for a month when he was 2 in the hospital we went back to basics. We only did whole fruits and veggies and meats then slowly added food back in. 5 M&ms will send him into a horrible reaction with his throat swelling and he gets hives. We have found even in the “healthy” aisle of supermarkets it is impossible to shop. We finally found the company Enjoy Life that makes soy free chocolate chips (at first we thought it was a chocolate allergy but he can eat homemade chocolate cake without problems). He was so happy to have his first chocolate chip cookie at 5 years old. You never know how hard it is to feed somebody with allergies until it actually effects you. Needless to say we are a lot healthier and even at 5 years old my son will read any label and find the words Soy Lecithin.

  • Toruscell

    it is despicable we are consuming gm foods which are insidiously creeping into our regular diet…..it makes me concerned about the obesity problems ..is there a connection?

  • deb

    “Kind” bars: soy lecithin!!! they say they are non-gmo but who knows????

  • soy warrior

    Soy contains estrogen, it turns baby boys into homosexuals. It floods their bodies with estrogen. In the womb, it feminizes the male brain, creating sexual confusion and homosexuality. It also shrinks the male penis. In girls, it speeds up puberty and their first period. If you feed your baby soy formula, you’re a damn fool!

  • Heather

    I avoid anything soy for lots of reasons, like GMO and how it acts like estrogen in the body. Don’t need my hormones further disrupted!

  • Natalie

    Thanks for being direct about Soy Lecithin. So tired of getting corporate emails with the “blah blah blah” response.

  • Henri Tenthorey

    As a chocoholic I only eat the brands that DO NOT have poisonous soy lecithin…including Lindt. They didnt formerly use it in chocolate making but they are now cutting corners with poison.

  • tjakubiak

    So if I am allergic to eggs should I stay away from soy lecithin?

  • GM

    no wonder I’ve gotten sick eating these, soy lecithin, derived from soy oil, which I cannot digest, could be due to the hexane, I don’t know. No more HD bars for me, now to check the Peace Pops ingredients.

    • GM

      ps: I am not allergic to organic tofu or soy sauce, go figure

  • Geek4Lyfee

    GMO free me! Stay away from soy, corn, and beets. All gmo. BAD BAD BAD! Disgusting, unhealthy, cancer-causing foods. They got a point about the world being over populated, but GMO is not the solution. War is not the solution. Supporting gangster play through music is not the solution. Pills–which is a money tree for america–is not a solution. Sorry america but people are becoming aware of the garbage you put in our foods, entertainment, and school systems. P.S. School teachers do not teach anymore. They are a cheap excuse of lazy humans who do not care for the most part about the children. There are not many good teachers left–JUST GHOSTS.

  • Dee

    Food allergies suck. Soy is so pervasive. We discovered my daughter’s eczema allergy to eggs & soy only after the conventional methods of allergy testing failed. The specialty Dr’s solution to eczema? Topical steroids for the rest of her life. No thanks. Thankfully her allergy isn’t as severe as some, but it is still a nightmare for a teen. Trying to stay clear of soy is extremely difficult in this country. 98% of chocolate has it & stuff you wouldn’t even think needs an “emulsifier” in it….has it. I’ve only found 2 kinds of chocolate that don’t. I highly recommend “Enjoy Life” products for those with allergies. I did notice though that sometimes we can find identical products (made in Europe/elsewhere) that use sunflower lecithin instead of soy. Our GMO soy crap (um….crop) isn’t good enough for Europe. Hallelujah! I stumbled across a European brand of Nutella (Nutkao) at Big Lots several months back that used sunflower lecithin. It might be worth it to investigate other foods at Big Lots or World Market.

  • Monique

    Is there a product you would recommend for ppl with a nut allergy?

  • Marcel Gacem

    we find it in every food because of MOSANTO. GMO.

  • docwaid

    Certain types of cancer, in particular, some types of breast cancer, are estrogen fed and soy emulates estrogen. I believe this means that certain moledules in soy can attach to the same receptors that estrogen does. I do not know for certain that soy lecithin acts the same way. Anyone who has an estrogen fed cancer is told to eliminate soy from their diet. Paradoxically, in some studies, soy has been reported to prevent cancer otherwise. Go figure!
    (BTW — the doc is of mathematics not medicine, so you should investigate this further on your own).

  • choy

    How about to people who are diagnosed as G6PD? is soya lecithin bad for them since they are not suppose to take any food stuff with soya derivatives?

  • Sorenras.

    Dear all. I read about kids being diagnised with e.g. G6PD or something similar. the page here is great at updating people on news about such topics. However, if you wanna read more scientifically about emulsifiers I can recommend you to take a look at this homepage: http://www.palsgaard.com/products/ .. They are experts and researchers of emulsifiers in all kinds of food and neutrisics. All the best!

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  • Rhoda

    I’m taking synthroid and it says to stay away from soy, can you tell me why?

  • Teresa

    Breast cancer should avoid soybean. But a lot of food contains soy lecithin including health supplement like Vit C. Others are chocolate and etc.

  • Mockingbird

    Women with breast cancer who are estrogen receptor positive must avoid as much soy in the diet as possible, and this includes soy proteins, emulsifiers and oils..

  • Leona james

    Hey to everyone Evan, it’s my first visit of the blog site; this blog includes awesome and actually best info for the visitors.Most people with soy allergies needn’t worry about products containing soy lecithin, because it is derived from the soybean oil, whereas the allergy itself relates to the soy protein.

  • John Burlingame

    All forms of soy make me sick, Neosporin makes me sick, crap whenwill I be able to find someting with out soy.

  • Cal

    Should a person with chickenpox avoid this ingredient? I’ve heard people say soy is a big no for people with chickenpox.
    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

  • Quality Life Wellness

    That was super helpful, thank you!

  • tiredofit

    stop buying all products that have soy and gmo’s see how fast they remove them when the product sits on shelves going bad and not selling.

  • gumbala

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  • Brick Heck

    As a chocolate maker I am not going to jump on the bash wagon I see below. Chocolate “blooms”. The cocoa butter separates, migrates and you are left with light spots on bars that look unappealing. The customers will not return for more. Believe me, I tried for a year to make chocolate without it, resulting in a lot of waste.

    You only add 0.5% lecithin to a batch of chocolate. Considering how much sugar is in chocolate, lecithin is the least of your worries.

  • Jenny Crowe

    I am allergic to milk which is a recent thing for me I am unable to have soy lechin as well it makes me itch

  • larry

    How are yall

  • Divine Destination

    By any way is it useful in liver cirrhosis..!?