11 Quick Facts about Phosphoric Acid (Yes, that Chemical in Coca Cola)

1. Phosphoric acid is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid with a syrupy consistency.

2. Phosphoric acid is used as an acidifying agent to give colas their tangy flavor.

3. Due to the use of phosphoric acid, cola is a actually more acidic than lemon juice or vinegar! The vast amount of sugar acts to mask and balance the acidity.

4. Phosphoric acid also goes by E338, orthophosphoric acid, and phosphoric(V) acid.

5. Food-grade phosphoric acid is a mass-produced chemical, available cheaply and in large quantities.

6. Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal.

7. Phosphorus-containing substances occur naturally (0.1%-0.5%) in foods such as milk, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and egg yolks.

8. Phosphoric acid has been linked to lower bone density in some epidemiological studies, including a discussion in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

9. Other studies showed the opposite – that *low* intake of phosphorus leads to lower bone density. Guess who funded the studies? PepsiCo.

10. Aside from the risk of osteoporosis, cola consumption has also been linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.

11. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group not affiliated with the food industry, only a small fraction of the phosphate in the American diet comes from additives in soft drinks. Most comes from meat and dairy products. Therefore, your reason for not drinking Coke should be its sugar content and artificial food colorings, not the phosphoric acid.

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  1. Calvo MS, Tucker KL. Is phosphorus intake that exceeds dietary requirements a risk factor in bone health? Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2013 Oct;1301:29-35
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  • OrganicGeorge

    I once had a summer job at a phosphate chemical plant in Florida. Nastiest job I ever had, but I could get all the overtime I wanted and the pay was great. Being broke, and 18 I ignored the fact that exposure to all the chemicals and radio-active phosphate rock, maybe it had something to do with getting cancer in my 50′s.

    So first you strip mine the earth for the raw phosphate rock; using tons of water from big wells sunk deep into the Florida aquifer, then you expose workers to radio active dust, it called brown lung in Florida, the flare off the excess sulfuric acid into the atmosphere; this is why car paint does not last in central Florida, and all the energy needed to run the chemical plants are supplied by coal fired electric plants that spews acid rain heavy metals into the air.

    Any way you take radio-active phosphate rock, grind it into powder the mix it with pure sulfuric acid then evaporate the excess acid off in an evaporator, you are left with phosphoric acid and lots of pure phosphate to sell to the middle east. What you say, why so much phosphate to the middle east. Well you mix the phosphate with another Ag chemical, urea, and Voila, you have a bomb.

    I don’t drink anything with phosphoric acid for my personal health and the health of the planet.

    • AspartameIsGood

      Your lying!

      • Fygbf

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    • Shoe

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    • A Chemist

      No really you are lying. Here are the facts: Phosphorus rock is not radioactive. It glows in the dark for other reasons. Brown lung comes from dust exposure not chemical exposure. Car paint does not last in Florida because there is a lot of salt in the air due to the ocean, the high temperatures and the humidity. Phosphates can be used to make bombs, but not all phosphate is the same. There are many phosphate chemicals. Phosphates are also essential nutrients, being a component of DNA, RNA and ATP (which is basically your boby’s energy source).
      That being said, a lot of photphates are probably bad for your health due to its acidity, particularly in the case of phosphoric acid. Alternatively some are probably good for your health and other would kill you outright.

      • PharmKid

        While phosphoric acid can be corrosive when outside of the body, you must remember that your own stomach produces HCl from globlet cells which is waaaaaay more acidic than phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid can degrade your teeth, cause ulcers, and exacerbate GERD symptoms. That being said, as long as you take the proper precautions, such as drinking water after you drink soda to wash off your teeth and help neutralize the acid in your stomach, and only drink soda in moderation, it should be fine. While soda is toxic at extremely high levels, so is everything. Even water, the essential “element” of life, is toxic at high enough levels, just to put things in perspective.

        • beebee

          HCl from globlet cells which is waaaaaay more acidic than phosphoric acid. – this is so false! HCl is acidic but not more acidic.

          • LabGeek

            Well you’re just flat wrong. Look at the Pka values for HCl and phosphoric acid; it’s pretty simple math. On top of that, it’s pretty well known hydrochloric acid is a strong acid and phosphoric acid is a weak acid. Hence, HCl is more acidic.

          • aajjeee

            HCl is a strong acid, higher pka, and is more concentrated in the stomach
            phosphoric acis is a weak acid, lower pka, and is less concentrated

  • Chemist

    OrganicGeorge, phosphoric acid and urea does not amount to something even close to a bomb.. Also, phosphorite, the mineral rock containing 20% phosphate is not radioactive. At least get an education before you preach bullshit.

    • Pineapplepie

      Maybe he is talking about the *radioactive uranium that is found in the same locations as phosphate.

    • Westk

      Never mind it’s not my job to educate the world. I think I’ll just go back to living my life now. Good luck.

  • http://www1.fipr.state.fl.us/PhosphatePrimer/0/AF78BD06086A22F385256F88007CD94D Truth

    I would like to point out that the chemist comes at this from a perspective of a chemist rather than that of a geologist…. Florida’s phosphate deposits have naturally high amounts of trace uranium present.

  • youssef

    I m’ suprised that people still do not make difference between phosphate, phosphoric acid and phosphorus !!
    Coke and soda drink contient phosphoric acid!! that will harm your digestif tract !

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  • calvin crabtree


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  • Itsme

    I think the time in the phosphate plant probably fried your brain.

    None of the stuff that you say about how the Phosphates were extracted has anything to do with soft drinks. The reason that any chemical is extracted and purified is to leave the nasty stuff behind and obtain only the pure chemical. Most everything we use comes from the ground in an impure state, and the impurities have to be removed. That is the process in which you were involved, but it has nothing to do with the purity of the finished chemical. In debate we call this a red-herring.

    And as far as the use of phosphates, by far their number one use is as fertilizers. Of course someone can make a bomb from them, as in Oklahoma City, but for you to imply that the Middle East purchases phosphates primarily for this usage is only because you want to stir up trouble. You know it’s not true.


  • rusty

    you should sell phosphate to the americans too, they bomb loads of people too

  • Eatz

    12. Phosphoric acid was the foundation of the soft-drink industry, long before Coca-Cola’s popularity. For about 100 years, US soft drinks were commonly made to order for customers at neighborhood “soda fountains,” often inside pharmacies, using flavored syrups and carbonated water or (for “health nuts”) mineral waters, dispensed from equipment behind the counter. “Phosphates” were soft drinks with phosphoric acid to make them tangy. (I have late-1800s and early-1900s books with recipes for this purpose.) These common institutions vanished around the 1960s but I’m old enough to remember them, and to’ve ordered “cherry phosphates” (cherry syrup as for sundaes, with carbonated water and a dash of phosphoric acid for tartness). “Celery phosphate” is traditionally sold as a syrup for home use. I believe phosphoric acid was preferred as a tartness ingredient over common alternatives (citric or tartaric acid or “cream of tartar”) because it’s both stable in solution and a source of dietary phosphorous, a vital mineral.

    13. Many US consumers now drink sweetened soft drinks daily (perhaps unaware that it’s a peculiar regional custom, absent from many industrialized countries). Vast unquestioned sweet-drink consumption is an important part of the huge US average sugar intake, well correlated with _major_ epidemics like obesity and diabetes.

    Why is this context omitted from the “quick facts about phosphoric acid?” Why (other than to create anxieties and attract readers) do pundits trumpet peripheral points like the specific tartness agent, or specific sugar, in soft drinks, thus distracting from the central problem, the 140 pounds of sugar (all kinds) voluntarily consumed annually? What minor ingredient will be the NEXT irrelevant food-anxiety fad, clouding the picture further?

    • AsphartameisGood

      Your an idiot! You don’t know chemistry at all so just don’t try and pretend you do.

      • Eatzissmart

        Shut up. Eatz is way smarter than you. You’re jealous.

      • Shoe

        I know chem , he is correct , in what way is he incorrect ? phosphorus is used enamel tooth enhancing products , never understood how say bad for bones ? necessary for bone development , you gotta watch stupid studies they incorrect correlations and assumptions without explanation , ie the moon is blue it rots your teeth

      • Anon

        Neither do you clearly
        Carbonic acid in your blood is actually a buffer and it will neutralize the acid… Not to mention did you know that stomach acid is acidic shit you’d better vomit that up before it melts your bones.

        • whooosh

          If you vomit up the stomach acid, nothing will be there to process your food. then you will die a slow death because you did something stupid. LOL

          • CheshireBat

            That was the joke.

        • Miss

          Not the exposed bones sticking out of your gums…

    • Kelly Johnson

      I know right! Though the fact Cola is often used to clean rust that just makes me want to drink it even less. But the real evil is the sugar.

      • whooosh

        If you are a person, who takes sodium warfarin as a blood thinner and to protect the heart, you should know, that it was originally on the market as rat poison. The rat ate it and then would bleed to death internally, since it thins the blood.
        Going to stop taking your heart meds, so you can save the planet?
        When it comes to a choice between ME or the planet, it will be ME every time.

        • Noel Sefton

          Warfarin is rat poison. Is it often suggestted to take rat poison for one’s health?

          • whooosh

            Sodium warfarin is the generic version of comidin. Comidin has been around for at least 40-50 years. It began as rat poison and then, scientists found, it worked great as a blood thinner; believe it or not. Taken properly, it is a very cheap and effective way to keep the blood thin in people, who have heart problems. I know. My wife takes it and it cost $4 a month. Other blood thinners can cost $75-90 a month.

          • URSULARICHES

            Instead take proper natto without the vitamin k removed, this means you can have your cake and eat it. Natto enzymes eat blood clots and vitamin K assists with normal blood clotting.

          • Tecpedz94

            Vitamin k2 mk7 :P

          • overit

            CoUmAdin. and yes there ARE better safer options like grapeseed extract for eg that lower cholesterol ease arthritis and thin blood a bit.
            and Ginko Biloba alone thins blood

          • T

            Well, caffeine is dog poison, but people can benefit from it in small doses. The rat poison is just a blood thinner. You’re statement in this context should really be,” Warfarin kills rats by being given in high doses to thin their blood enough to kill them. Is it often suggested to take warfarin to thin your blood a little when you need it?” Doesn’t have as much emotional impact, does it?

          • PharmKid

            At the right dose, everything is lethal. You’d be surprised how things are discovered. Take a look at how aspartame was discovered. It would never happen in today’s time bc he completely disregarded all lab safety practices and safeguards that are present in research labs today.

        • Earthdefender

          And there would be no “you” without the planet. Interesting how the tables turn. Also whoosh, people who don’t consume large unnecessary amounts of dead things like meat, poultry, fish and poultry periods don’t have to take heart meds. The more plant based foods you consume, the less change you have of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. You should look into it ;)

          • Earthdefender

            chance* ^

          • whooosh

            Back in the 60′s, there was a personality on tv, who was a strict vegetarian. No meat; no dairy products etc. Only all natural, organic foods. Did he die of heart disease? No. He died at 59 years of age from..drum roll please…stomach cancer.
            I know plenty of people in my family and background, who ate meat; dairy products and just about anything that tasted good and they lived to be in their 90′s. 90 years of age is just fine with me.
            If you are trying to live to 110 by giving up all the things that taste good, then go ahead moron. You certainly don’t impress me or anyone else for that matter.

          • Jay

            People are vegetarian for ethical and religious reasons too. I have a friend who finds meat repulsive and I know many people who are lactose intolerant. Calling people “morons” for giving up what you personally believe is “good food” is outruling their experiences and preferences for your own. No one was trying to impress you either. Get off your high horse and do your research.

          • john haggle

            I was a vegetarian for 5 years. My health was superior but it was so time and labor intensive to maintain it in a healthful way. Seemed like I was hungry a lot. Many fellow vegetarians would default to vegetarian poor quality food because they couldn’t fit high quality vegetarian food into their time, energy, obligation resources. Almost all eventually went back to the SAD American diet. I now eat a lot of NON-processed meat, eggs, fermented cheeses (like extra sharp cheddar), peanut butter, butter, coconut oil, and a lot of fruit and vegetables. This diet is doable with my schedule and obligations. I add in homemade whole wheat bread periodically. The trick with grains is in the preparation. Bread has to be fresh and it has to be thoroughly baked among other things. Bread takes years to get right. I’m 64 and no meds, no diseases, no aches or pains. Of course… Your experience may be different. Vegetarians are often much better people ethically than non-vegetarians. That’s why so many won’t kill animals for food. Still, animals CAN be raised and killed in very humane ways. So much of the problem is with corporate farming. After all, most humans that aren’t a totally self-centered psychopaths, would prefer their meat to come from animals that don’t suffer. .. right?????

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            Try and explain away the fact that the healthiest population in the US and one of the healthiest in the world is Loma Linda, California, heavily populated by the largely vegan 7th Day Adventists.

          • Googlie-mooglie

            Bet them plants are dead by the time they come out of your ass.

    • Shekel Goldsteinberg

      If you look at the nutritional information on a soda and compare it to orange juice or pineapple juice, you will find that (in identical quantities) orange juice has 75% of the sugar as a soda and pineapple juice has 125% of the sugar in a soda. I don’t think people would consider fruit juice bad for you. Moreover, sugar in soda isn’t particularly bad; the problem is that people drink soda in too large quantities.

      • bbbbbb

        True but the sgar in soda is not the same type of sugar as in fruit. Fruit sugar is organic and sugars in soda, which r synthetics-high fructose corn syrup….. are in organic man-made sugars. Apples and oranges…pun.

        • chris

          Fructose syrup comes from fruit. Fructose syrup only replenishes liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen which is why it is such a useless carb.

          • chris

            Btw fructose sugar is about 50% of modt fruits sugar content

        • Little Ronnie

          Sugar is sugar. Your body doesn’t recognize whether it comes from organic wheat or GMO beets. It metabolizes it the same. Too many people politicize sugar sources. V

      • chris

        Fruit juice IS bad for you in some ways, it certainly isn’t healthy anyway. Eat the damn fruit, dont drink it. It is wasted calories that won’t fill you up not to mention the additives and crap most fruit juices have. It is debatable if you should even eat more thsn two bits of fruit a day snyway what with all its sugar. Vegetables are a far more healthy option.

  • Nutritionist Judy

    no one has mentioned the amount of phosphoric acid in considered tolerable. There is such a thing as calcium/phosphorus ratio and when phosphorus gets too high it does pose health risks. Can soft drinks push it over the edge and put the ratio too high for phosphorus?

  • http://mannursediaries.blogspot.com Chris [The Man-Nurse Diaries]

    Your kidneys do have clear calcium from your bloodstream in an effort to remove excess phosphate. Decreasing your blood level of calcium will remove calcium from your bones to make up the difference. Whether this leads to long-term osteoporosis is probably not rock-solid proven, but it seems physiologically plausible, so that’s enough for me to not drink it DAILY.

    Do you have any insight into using, say, Italian sparkling mineral water, with its calcium and potassium and whatnot, and making your own soft drinks (i.e. Italian sodas)? That seems healthier than the artificially sparkling your pop with phosphate. Also I seem to use less sugar when I add syrups or flavorings than you would find in a normal American pop.

    • down in mouth

      My dentist to;told me drinking CocaCola was bad for my teeth, he also said it could affect ones bone density. Thank you for explaining how.

      • putinbach

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        ten years pritty green i think regards putinbach

    • Doktor Jones

      Phosphoric acid (phosphate) isn’t used to make soda fizzy, it’s used to make it tart/tangy. Sparkling mineral waters should be just fine since they contain no sugars and no strong acids; making your own soft drinks can be healthier, as long as you don’t dump loads of sugar (or worse, corn syrup — high fructose or otherwise) into it like the commercial drink manufacturers.

  • http://Foodierelations.com Lisa Warren

    I just finished dealing with a bathroom remodel gone wrong. One major issue was that tile grout dried and hardened in my shower drain – I solved this by pouring a 1 liter bottle of cola down the drain and waiting 24 hours. It worked great and now I have a functioning shower. I don’t think this is the marketing campaign the cola companies want to take :) Scary!

    • Aspartameisgood

      For one your lying. Tried this myself and nothing happened. You did a test without testing for any other adnormalities in the environment. Scary? Yes your lack of true scientific research yet your poor attempt at a scientific conclusion.

      • Healthy eater

        Keep drinking your aspartame. Survival of the smartest. We certainly do not need minds like yours.

  • amera

    what is the basicity of phosphoric acid?

    • fluke

      i believe its 14- (9+5)

  • edward

    if you are a chemist, you know that uranium has a strong affinity for phosphorus and can always be found in combination with other phosphate minerals. dishonesty is your reason for preaching b.s.

    • Kaity whitless

       the bi product of phosphate is gypsum and it is radioactive. i live about ten miles from a phosphate plant

      • Westk

        There are lots of elements that exist as radioactive isotopes. Our bodies will use the radioactive isotopes just as eagerly as they will the stable isotopes to build itself. Carbon is an example. There are many elements that do not exist in nature uncombined and in their pure state. When elements combine to form compounds some of the elements ( atoms ) will be stable and some will be radioactive. So you you see, when you breathe, drink the water from the faucet, and even eat the food you grew yourself with the greatest of care and the most organic of methods, you are most definately becoming radioactive. The question is to what extent.

      • Westk

        There are lots of elements that exist as radioactive isotopes. Our bodies will use the radioactive isotopes just as eagerly as they will the stable isotopes to build itself. Carbon is an example. There are many elements that do not exist in nature uncombined and in their pure state. When elements combine to form compounds some of the elements ( atoms ) will be stable and some will be radioactive. So you you see, when you breathe, drink the water from the faucet, and even eat the food you grew yourself with the greatest of care and the most organic of methods, you are most definately becoming radioactive. The question is to what extent.

      • Doktor Jones

        Are you high? Gypsum is most certainly not radioactive. In fact, it’s used to make plaster and drywall, which is probably what the interior walls of the building you’re sitting in right now are made of.

        Don’t you think the alarmist nutjobs would’ve had a field day with this by now if we were building homes out of a radioactive material? Oh wait, you’re too busy being an alarmist nutjob to think about that…

  • HBB


    Glass houses.

  • hola

    im doing a science fair project this stuff sounds bad

  • liliangrae@yahoo.com

    I recently used a can of CocaCola to loosen the rusty nails in my license plate. That fact should be a reason why it should never be ingested by a human being!

    • Genial

      Citric acid will do the same thing I guess you’ll avoid oranges and lemons too.

      • Ashish

        hey buddy when we are speaking of Phosophoric acid u speak of that. Y do u want to divert it some other thing. If u like pepsi or coke thats ur choice dont worry ur stomach rust is getting cleaned one day u will also be, Enjoy.

      • sevencandles

        oranges and lemons are natural, unlike PHOSPHORIC ACID which man has created!

        • GooRu

          Let’s see… oranges and lemons have a pH between 3 to 4, sodas with phosphoric acid, citric acid and carbonic acid (yes, the carbonation is acidic) have pH between 2 and 3.  The natural acid in your stomach is a solid 1, ten to a hundred times more powerful than that soft drink.  Do you think that cola is going to make a hill of beans difference?

          • Justin

            The acid in your stomach does not travel down the esophagus lining and through the rest of your body, does it. 

          • Trudy Moore

            It does travel up occasionally….if that makes any difference

        • Shoe

          phosphoric acid is natural too , quit smokin medicinal marijuana you idiot

        • mjooles

          People would rather talk thank read. Obviously.

        • Googlie-mooglie

          And nature created man. Therefore everything man creates is natural.

    • Westk

      I used an iron srewdriver to remove the screws that were holding my license plate to my car. Everyone stop ingesting iron!

    • Westk

      I used an iron srewdriver to remove the screws that were holding my license plate to my car. Everyone stop ingesting iron!

      • mjooles

        Yur a moron. Do some research. If yur not going to run yur brain, please don’t run yur mouth

        • Jack

          You clearly missed the joke made at the expense of the other guys poor logic.

        • Doktor Jones

          Learn to spell “you’re” and “your” before you criticize someone for their sarcasm (that you so obviously missed) — “yur” isn’t a word.

    • whooosh

      Holding on a license plate with nails, must be something you learned from Obama, our fearless moronic Muslim-in-chief.
      Normal people use screws, so the plate can be removed once in awhile.

      • 1700Js

        Really… Congrats on bring Obama into this mess. You are just too dumb to even insult. Spending your life insulting Obama isn’t going to make your personality any better. You can try but you will always fail. Oh and that racism isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, you might want to get it checked out… It’s poisoning your judgement.

    • Googlie-mooglie

      And vinegar will soften a chicken bone..yeah did that one in school too.

  • https://identi.ca/clacke clacke


    I’m not saying that CocaCola is in any way a part of a healthy diet, but with your line of reasoning ketchup, lemon juice, vinegar and several other substances found in the average kitchen should never be ingested by a human being, as they can be used for dissolving various kinds of stains on pots, pans and kitchen tiles.

    • watchful

      I’ve not heard of anyone who goes around all day sucking on a bottle of ketchup, lemon juice and/or vinegar. Have you? But I’ll bet you could without difficulty name a dozen people you know who drink soda constantly – from the time they first get up in the morning even! That’s the difference: the quantity and DURATION of ingestion. Their teeth aren’t getting brushed after each can/bottle, either.

      • AspartameIsGood

        A person in a coma for a long time (feed intravenously) can get severe teeth rot. No ingestion of pop or candy etc.. So this totally  makes your argument invalid.

        • Guest

          Just because there are other ways to rot teeth does not make the fact that soft drinks will rot your teeth invalid.

          • Shoe

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      • Westk

        Everything in moderation.

      • Shoe

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    • Gravitymind

      That’s a great point (although putting a fruit containing 2% naturally occurring phosphorus with ketchup and vinegar is ridiculous)  vinegar & ketchup are noxious to the human organism as are many of todays common food items. The most interesting point of investigation is the common correlation between what causes harm in the body and what tastes good. Why does the destruction of the human organism  taste good?

  • rich


    just found this crap in Hellmanns light mayo . seems they are trying to poison the health freaks any way they can . BOYCOTT HELLMANS TODAY > tell them http://www.hellmanns.ca
    and all yours friend

  • FEWAS22

    phosphoric acid WOW

  • FEWAS22

    phosphoric acid WOW

  • watchful

    Center for Science in the Public Interest may not be officially, openly or obviously affiliated with the food industry, but it fails again and again to act in the consumer interest.

  • Harvest Insight

    Look up sodium fluoride it is basically identically harmful to our health.

    • Spin

      As is chlorine which is added to almost all drinking water in the USA.

  • Harvest Insight

    find and LIKE Harvest Insight on Facebook.
    Has numerous amounts of information on sodium fluoride… this stuff is a USDA, FDA, CDC, ADA, and EPA government legal toxin, poisoning the masses.

    • Shoe

      dude either way you’re supposed to spit it out , i wouldn’t swallow soap either IF i were you , WHICH thank GOD i am not

  • Genial

    Several recent studies have debunked this theory as well as the myth that one need ’8 to 10 glasses’ of water per day. Just more b.s.

    • Sabrosina

      You are right.  It is a myth that we need 8 to 10 cups of water each day.  We need MORE.  The body cannot function without it, and it has only one way in–pour it down your throat.

  • daniella espinosa

    Coca Cola is bad for you because of acids levels in it. If stomach levels are near the 2 and 1 and the level in soda is about a 3 and leads to lower bone density it can’t possibly be good for consumption. Also if Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal then it doesn’t belong in our bodies.

    • Doktor Jones

      Please learn chemistry before you try to preach it :)

  • Grace Eshelman

    Coca Cola is bad for our bodies because of the acidity levels. If stomach levels are near the two and one and the level in soda is about a three and leads to lower bone density it can’t possibly be good for our digestive system. Phosphoric acid is also, used for rust removal; so why would we want that in our bodies?

    • Kaity whitless

       The kind of acid that they use for food is a different kind they use for rust removal. The two acids are of a different grade. One is more concentrated. It all comes down to molarity.

      • Ye4jim

        There is such a thing as non-food grade phosphoric acid, which would
        typically be used to remove rust.  The only difference from this and
        food grade is that it’s not manufactured in such a way as to guarantee
        that other chemicals might be present.  HOWEVER, straight food-grade phosphoric acid is just as concentrated as non food grade, and can be used to dissolve rust just as easily, but it gets diluted in the Coke manufacturing process such that it is present at only about 0.2-0.3% by weight. 

    • Ye4jim

      1. Elementary chemistry:  The lower the pH, the more acidic something is. Phosphoric acid (at pH 3 or thereabouts) is a natural organic acid that is at least 10 times LESS acidic that stomach acid (hydrochloric acid).
      2. Straight phosphoric acid has a pH of about 2.8, but Coke contains only
      0.2% phosphoric acid, and has a pH of about 3.4, due to the buffering
      effect of other ingredients, which include citrate.
      3.  Phosphoric acid is instantly neutralized to sodium phosphate as soon as it exits the stomach, in the same way that hydrochloric acid is neutralized to sodium chloride.
      4.  Sodium phosphate is a natural salt found in significant quantities in any healthy animals bloodstream.
      4.  Vinegar (5% acetic acid) and lemon juice (5% citric acid), both around pH 2.3-2.5, are two other natural organic acids that are quite effective in removing rust and scale.  Would you hesitate to consume these?

      • Hose281

        Phosphoric acid is inorganic

        • Foodie

          So is hydrochloric acid. So is water, for that matter.

          • Doktor Jones

            And guess what… stomach acid is composed primarily of hydrochloric acid! Oh no, you’d better go vomit up all your stomach acid before it kills you — it’s inorganic, so it can’t be good for you! *facepalm*

        • ye4jim

          I stand corrected.

    • Shoe

      because you’re an idiot carrying a chihuahua dog , now please go euthanize yourself , stand and live off the sun’s rays with your jackaldog

  • http://kidneystonediets.org kidney stone diet

    Although the article doesn’t state the levels that are classed good or bad for you, i imagine we shouldn’t be pouring litres a day down our throats. Even too many vitamins are bad if you exceed the recommended dosages.

  • http://kidneystonediets.org kidney stone diet

    Although the article doesn’t state the levels that are classed good or bad for you, i imagine we shouldn’t be pouring litres a day down our throats. Even too many vitamins are bad if you exceed the recommended dosages.

  • http://kidneystonediets.org kidney stone diet

    Although the article doesn’t state the levels that are classed good or bad for you, i imagine we shouldn’t be pouring litres a day down our throats. Even too many vitamins are bad if you exceed the recommended dosages.

  • Miranda

    Unless all you drink is soda. Not water, not juice, occasionally milk, but if you start the day with a 2 liter of Coke or Pepsi, then should you worry about the phosphoric acid? The man that Drinks Only Soda is obese (with that much sugar consumption, how could you be otherwise?)smokes, use chew tobacco when cigarettes are not an option, and will turn 40 in a few weeks. His diet is processed foods, also, so I don’t expect he’ll be around much longer, which is sad, because he has plenty to offer the world if he would just stop treating himself like a human garbage can.

    • Shoe

      and medicinal marijuana is so medicinal why military and airline pilots use it but mainly the dumb ugnegro pres and casinosrepubican foreignervermen

  • Guest

    Tons of uneducated people are tweeting this without even reading it I bet. 

    Sickens me.

  • Calvin


    • Likekitty


      • T F

        Ohhh, I like this game! Guess:Things you call your hunney!

  • Likekitty


  • Keyla

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  • keyla

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    • likekitty

      i been here like since 10 mns ago u stupid!!

  • Volkswoman2

    All I know is this.  I have acid reflux.  Bad.  I had to give up alot of my favorite foods and drinks.  Coke, and Champagne were two of my favorites.  I switched to flavored vodkas, I mix them with club soda and no pain.  I was working outside a few weeks ago in the heat.  A friend offered me a coke.  I stupidly drank it right up.  I could barely work the rest of the day because of the pain.  I know they are BAD for my stomach.  They are bad for everyone’s stomach.  Most people don’ t get pain because they don’t have acid reflux, but the coke is still doing the same thing to them.  

    • Westk

      I can still soda the acid doesn’t bother my stomach at all. If I drink more than a glass of orange juice my stomach burns like It’s on fire.

  • P8russ8

    Hey, everyone to sum it all up, we all consume one way or the other what  poisonous food we all eat in our every day life day in and day out. We are all doom in these crazy world we live it, we just wait for our time to go to back to Him, the Almighty Father in Heaven. We are all doom whether we like it or not. There is no more safe in these world we live in, no one can escape in these world with those food that is made full of chemical, we are all expose by it in out every day life. Everything is contaminated name it, it is all around us in the name of money. Who cares to all of us, we are all doom to die one way or the other. The air alone that we breath in and out is contaminated, water, our clothing, cars, and the food we eat. Period, no matter how clean are we, and how we take good care of ourselves, one or the other, we will go out in these crazy world we live in. You think gargle, toothpaste and etc. doesn’t have any chemical in it, think again people, it is part of our lives now. Period. So, all we could do is pray to God, to give us all a good death, not to suffer in the death bed. So, it is time to ask God, forgiveness of our sins and give us all a good death. So, enjoy life as much as we can while we are still kicking and alive and see the world if, you can and wear smile every day to the people you meet, be kind to one another, be good to one another, be courteous to one another and be good to one another. Think God in our lives every day. Thank Him of the blessings He shower to us every day and count your blessings too. Amen

  • Paula

    Cancer did not grow over night maybe over time. Smile

  • Paula

    Enjoy life while we can and eat you think is right for you and be merry and Thank God for the blessings He shower us all. 

  • Kittencannon69

    Yeah your stomach is more acidity than soda…. But all of your vital organs don’t. Those aren’t important or anything

  • AZMama

    I believe Coke has carmel coloring which is natural.  Other colas have artificial coloring though.

    • T BOMBA

      If you want to know the facts about caramel coloring, check-out Consumer Report link:

      You just might think twice about that soda and everything else containing this common food coloring . . .

  • ehook022258

    coke is not more acidic than lemon juice or vinegar. It’s about the same pH or a little higher. Higher pH means less acidic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591062526 Bazzio Australia

    Phos Ac is a great plant growth stimulator

  • Barrowford Bluesman

    I liked that. Short succinct and gave me a bunch of facts that I didn’t previously know – if we take them as being correct. I drink about 1 can a day of the “diet” version – I’m more worried about Aspartame than the phosphoric acid.

  • Gimpsuit

    Feel free to correct me but I read that Coca Cola contains so much sugar that if it were not for the phosporic acid you would begin to vomit after drinking a can. Sugar in return hides the tartness of the phosporic acid and the current blend of sugar, phosporic and caffine is designed to remove the need for the cocaine that they used to put in it.

    Seems like I’m in the right place to have my facts checked!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001334225253 Noah Johnson

    you need just the right amount of phosphorus in the body, bones are made from calcium, phosphorus ad oxygen. too much is harmfull

  • Earlo

    thats backwards actually, the phosphoric acid is added to counter the sugar content in soda, if you ate the teaspoon count equivalent (10 tsp’s) you would reject that much sugar by throwing it up.

    • Damn-Deal-Done

      No you won’t. It’s a myth spread by unintelligent idiots like you.

  • James Pedigo

    http://www.amazon.com/Save-Your-Life-Power-Balance/dp/1438252897/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359211399&sr=8-1&keywords=balance+your+pH+and+save+your+life Phosphoric acid along with artificial sweetners and processed sugar lower your body’s pH level. Your body will maintain your blood pH level between 7.3-7.4 but it will be at the expense of the health of your kidneys, pancreas, lungs, etc. before you jump on here with everything you have ever heard; do a little research. It’s the years of living with an acidic pH that is causing the health problems. Balance your body’s pH and you will notice a change in your health for the better.

  • whooosh

    What this article failed to mention and should have mentioned is that the Center for science in the public interest (CSPI) is the number one group, which heads up the “food police”. They and other groups are the ones, who push for cities to regulate what people may eat or drink.
    They are also supporting a hidden agenda, which seeks to put the meat and dairy people out of business.
    I would guess, that somewhere in their business ventures, you will find the animal rights wackos, who want to remove meat from our supermarkets.
    if some moron wants to author an article, they should at least be upfront about the source of their information.

  • Sam

    does phosphoric acid increase Gout or Diabeties leavels ???

    • Doktor Jones

      Not necessarily (though the minerals displaced by the phosphoric acid could potentially affect gout)… but the sugar levels most certainly can have a profound effect on diabetes.

  • http://www.thesqueee.co.uk Traxy

    12. The amount of phosphoric acid that goes IN your body is the amount of magnesium that goes OUT. If you drink colas regularly, you really ought to take a magnesium supplement … (I don’t know if this is related to the thing about bone density, but it was a very interesting fact I read somewhere.)

  • Super nickid

    Phosphoric Acid is also used for whitening teeth, according to Wikipedia.

  • BlogZilla

    Wow, guaranteed damage to your organs, and osteoporosis, not to mention heart disease (HFCS) and tooth decay. Give me that soda… :/

    What the USA eats and drinks is so disgusting. How about real food for a change, instead of the sea of artificial, toxic poison, you call food?

    I’ll take the French and Mediterranean diet anyday over the stuff we’re forced to eat.

  • abhijitfiasco

    By the time I finished reading all the comments, I had finished 2 Pepsi 12 Oz cans.

  • Selina

    I disagree profoundly with #11. Whether or not it can be consumed elsewhere, limiting the harsh substance wherever possible is a good reason not to drink coke in itself. Other sodas, yes, are horrible in terms of sugar and empty calories and the like, but don’t include phosphoric acid. its just not necessarily and completely goes against our bodys natural balance and healthy prevention of acid related disorders

  • Rob Smith

    They also use ORTHOPHOSPHORIC ACID in commercial dishwashing rinse additives for fast spot free drying of crockery & cutlery so we all ingest it not just through food.

  • down in mouth

    I has just had a filling.. The dentist prepare the tooth and prayed it with something which tasted foul. After the work was done I asked him what it was. He told me it was Phosphoric acid used to roughen the tooth so that the filling material would adhere. (The bad taste was probably the dissolved tooth and other material.)
    The only conclusion I can come to is: When you drink Coca Cola you damage the surface of tooth whilst adding vast amounts of sugar.
    Why would you want to do that?

    • Doktor Jones

      That’s pretty much the idea. Why would you consume a beverage that rots your teeth, has no nutritional value, dumps loads of artificial sugar into your system to contribute towards diabetes, and is thought to possibly lower bone density?

      Oh, and the sugars in all carbonated beverages do a really good job of helping to rot your teeth too. Unless you brush after every soda, the bacteria in your mouth are getting an all-you-can-eat buffet of sugar, and then they excrete acids that erode your tooth enamel. Fun times!

  • castle biggar

    What is your middle name Hemi Weingarten?

  • CJ Biggar

    hey when you poop can you pop a pimple and get infection on your but

  • Lee

    To OrganicGeorge. I do agree with you about not drinking sodas. I see more children with rotten teeth. I have Leukemia from handling actual radioactive sources and inhaling radioactive dust from oil/gas drilling equipment every for eleven years. Material two miles deep in the earth will be radioactive but our government allows oil/gas companies to dump illegal toxic waste onto our farms. They all make us sick!

  • SpaceFenix

    Doesn’t phosphoric acid stop people from vomiting when they drink a whole can of cola? The amount of sugar in the cola is too much for the body to handle is what I heard. And also Phosphoric acid stops you from vomiting was also what I heard.

    • Damn-Deal-Done

      That is nonsense. Don’t believe everything you hear. Also have you ever heard of google? or better yet, quit being lazy and make an effort to find out the truth by experiment. Simply eat the amount of sugar and see what happens.

  • Katieeee


  • kitty

    This is so crazy I am going to do my science project on this it is going to be how much acid is in our soda

  • Curious

    This supp. left “water rings” on my counter… Is there an antidote to remove those spots/rings?

  • Princess Julie Qadir Gill

    and what they,do put it in syrup for kids .oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh i been,through alot from it
    .i have to forgive

  • Niji Potamus

    Phosphoric acid is pretty non dangerous on its own, but when you combine it with aspertame and certain colorants they combine to put your body in a dangerous state, especially if you are diabetic similar to acidosis, making diet cola one of the most dangerous drinks for people who are not eating certain foods that counter this effect. (Such as diabetics or people on no carb diets, people who do not eat fruit, etc)

  • jonathan wolfe

    can phosphoric acid rot a banana peel?

  • DAN

    I used to use Phosphoric acid to clean and etch aluminum before painting. Had skull and crossbones on the label. Not a good thing to drink.

  • http://www.arifsaha.com/ S P Arif Sahari Wibowo

    “phosphoric acid is corrosive, but actually the acid concentration in soda pop is lower than that in orange juice or lemonade. Try submerging identical strips of magnesium (or iron staples) in each of these beverages overnight. Which beverage dissolves more metal?” – http://antoine.frostburg.edu/chem/senese/101/consumer/faq/why-phosphoric-acid-in-soda-pop.shtml

    • http://www.arifsaha.com/ S P Arif Sahari Wibowo

      “The phosphorus found in food is needed to build healthy bones and other tissues. Because phosphorus is in many foods, it’s rare for healthy people not to get enough. Phosphorous in the form of phosphate or phosphoric acid is often added to processed foods and soft drinks. As a result, concern has been expressed that Americans may be getting too much phosphorous. Some studies suggest that too much phosphorous can reduce the amount of calcium that the body absorbs. However, there is no scientific agreement about whether the current level of phosphorus in the American diet is harmful to the bones.” – http://nof.org/faq/588

  • JuHoansi

    How does the sugar in cola “balance” the acidity of phosphoric acid? Sugar is not alkaline.

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  • ARavingNutCase

    The article shows a bias towards the anti-low bone density position as none of the Pepsi studies were referenced so a reader could conduct their own review of both low and high density hypothesis. This is evidence of slanted reporting now commonly found in advocacy articles.

  • normanlampman97

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