Taste Test – The Fruit Guys Home Delivery Box

Last week we got a refreshing email from the Fruit Guys, who run a fresh fruit (and vegetable) delivery service in key metropolitan areas across the country. here’s their story:

The Fruit Guys is a green and sustainability-focused company that delivers farm-fresh, organic & conventional fruit to offices across the country. The FruitGuys recently launched their home delivery service, making it easy for everyone to access the best locally produced fruit. Each fruit crate delivered includes a delicious mix of bananas, oranges, apples and seasonal fruit. During peak season 70-90% of the fruit mixes offered are locally grown within the regions they serve (East Coast, Midwest, West Coast) and literally go from the farm to home or office within 3-4 days.

And in the San Francisco Bay area they do veggies too.

Would we want to try out a fresh crate?

Who could refuse.

We had the box shipped to faithful reader Zack S and his family, and here is what they said.

“Very elegant package and the fruits were very good. The blueberries were excellent; the oranges and grapefruit were incredibly fresh and had a strong just picked smell. The plum was juicy and very sweet. ”
“The lettuce was a bit bitter. But the other vegetables were very fresh and tasty.”
“The probelm in my opinion is that you get too little to be enough for a family for at least a week. You get one apple, one pear, one orange, one grapefruit etc. – this is not something I can count on for my weekly supply. Also it doesn’t include all my vegetable needs (like cucumbers, bell peppers etc.)”

What you need to know:

This is not a cheap treat. The produce is 100% organic and primarily sourced from local farms, but prices are not what most people are prepared to pay for food, even if it is locally sourced vegetables from Hollister and Mecca or fruit from farms located in Kingsbury, Pleasant Valley and Watsonville (all in the San Francisco bay area).
The price for a regular size (25 servings) crate is $32 and for a small size (16 servings) crate  $24.

What to do at the supermarket:

Even if you can’t afford a weekly box of goodies delivered to your door, there is plenty you can do to make sure you and your family eat  the tastiest freshest fruits and vegetables. Start with your local supermarkets and see which ones sell locally grown produce. It’s definitely becoming a trend. Secondly, you don’t need to buy everything organic. Third, farmer’s markets are in full swing all over the country now, and on any given Satruday morning you can find some of the best produce and buy directly from the growers. Another option is to sign up as a member of a CSA (community supported agriculture), where a group of 100-200 families pay a farmer for an entire season’s worth of weekly deliveries and receive each week the harvest of the land. Lastly, more and more Americans have discovered their backyards can become veggie patches. What are you aiting for? Disconnect  the kids from the Wii and kick the hubby off the La-Z-boy. Go grow a tomato!

Disclosure: Ah, the perks of food blogging…The Fruit Guys PR firm contacted us and offered to send  us a crate. We had them sent to a family of volunteer testers. We did not pay for the samples. We were not paid to post this blog nor were we instructed in any which way regarding its content. In fact, we forewarned the good people that we are skeptical and scathing of most  products sent our way. If you would like to have something new and possibly tasty sent to your house, why not become a Fooducate Product Tester? Just comment below or shoot us an email: blog [at] fooducate [dot] com.

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  • Jean Fahey

    Aloha from Kauai, The Garden Island! We, my husband and I love fresh food and especially fresh, local grown foods! I really enjoyed your article and would love to hear more aout being a product tester for you.
    We have five sons, all out of the house now, and two daughters in law. We are blessed with two grandaughters, one this past Monday morning, and one more due this July! They are spread out a bit from Des Moines, Iowa to Georgia! Two are in the Military. If you need more taste testers in other States, they may be interested too, but keep in mind we are a pretty picky, we’ll tell you what we really think of the food, bunch! lol I know you will appreciate that!
    I really enjoyed your article on the fresh local produce that is delivered. I appreciate honesty and forthrightness of the family that tried the fruit and vegetable box that was delivered to their home. The idea of fruit and vegetable delivery sounds like a winner. I don’t think that the sellers of the Farmer’s Markets have anything to worry about, because we who love “fresh” will still be shopping there for years to come!
    Happy eating and keep the good info coming!
    Jean Fahey