New Beverages in Japan – Green Tea Coke, Basil Pepsi

Japan gets hot in the summer. A hot Tokyo train ride during rush hour is no treat. So cold beverages are available for sale in vending machines all over town.

Now, catering to growing interest in healthy drinks, both Coca Cola and Pespico are unveiling local versions of “healthy soft drinks”. (Don’t you just love this oxymoron?)

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that while Coke is going for the classic green tea play, Pepsi  will introduce a more exotic basil leaf “Pepsi Shiso” later this month.

What you need to know:

Folks – it’s liquid candy, and we don’t care if they added a vitamin or an antioxidant to make you believe otherwise.

What to do at the supermarket:

Save $500 a year by switching to tap water! If you must get your antioxidants from a beverage, look for unsweetened iced teas.

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  • Bla

    even better solution invest in quality water filter instead of bying soft drinks and have drincable water right from your tab, donno how your plain tab water tastes but here it waste like chlorine *yuck*