KidFresh Concept Failing?

Earlier this week, KidFresh shut down its New York store. Not many people are familiar with this tiny company that has been trying to revolutionize kid cuisine for the last few years.

KidFresh launched in 2007 with the vision to become an alternative to the unhealthy meals most parents buy their kids at the supermarket. The company offered a small but healthy range of prepared meals, using fresh and organic ingredients as much as possible. Artificial preservatives and food colorings were not allowed, and instead of juice or soft drinks, only water was provided in the lunchbox line of meals.

Despite a very sleek design concept and a health conscious NYC market, it seems that the recession has taken its toll on KidFresh. The founder and CEO has said the company was weighing the possibility of opening other retail locations as it revamps its product offering and reconsiders its business model. This is PR-speak for “our business is tanking”. It’s too bad, but just goes to show us how hard the food business is.

Prepared healthy options are expensive and outside the reach of most families, who unfortunately opt for cheap convenience instead.

What to do at the supermarket:

KidFresh still continues to sell its products at selected (read: very few) Whole Foods locations across the country. Luckily for you, their products are not so difficult to “copy” and make at home. OK, maybe cutting a turkey sandwich into a hand shape isa bit hard, but their recipes are rather simple. So why not try yourself? It will take some time to prepare, but aren’t your children worth it?

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  • eileen

    Just on line looking for my local Kidfresh retailer and read this. Thankfully, the author appears to be 100% inaccurate, and the “speak” was not PR-based (only) but was the truth. Seems the model was indeed re-evaluated and now Kidfresh meals are available in numerous markets and through varying venues. As a “concerned Mom” in Atlanta, Georgia, I am just thrilled about this!!