Top Supermarkets Ranking Published by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ upcoming May issue will include an extensive report on supermarkets. [subscription required]

The good folks at CR surveyed over 32,000 shoppers across the nation to come up with a ranking of the 59 largest chains.

The ranking criteria used:
- Service level
- Quality of perishables such as meat and produce
- Price level
- Cleanliness

Unfortunately, overall nutritional quality of foods sold was not a criteria.

The top 5 supermarket chains for 2009 are:

1. Wegmans
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Publix
4. Raley’s
5. Harris Teeter

Whole Foods Market came in 8th, penalized heavily for its high prices, while Walmart came in third from last. Although it scored OK on prices, the other parameters were very weak.

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