Chef Alice Waters on 60 Minutes: “Looking for Flavor”

Alice Waters is a celebrated chef and one of the leaders of the organic and slow food movements in the US. She appeared tonight on CBS’s 60 minutes [12:31 minutes]:

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Some tidbits from the interview:

Looking for flavor…I love it when people eat…Why would I need a microwave?…stewardship of the land…nourishment of the nation…press conference at the compost heap…

What you need to know:

Although Waters represents an extreme form of food consumption and preparation, more and more Americans understand that the modern food system is not working for them. Food is not as tasty as it should be, instant meals save us time but make us fat, and we’ve lost a connection of thousands of years our forefathers had to the land.

What to do at the supermarket:

How about checking out a farmer’s market near you the next time you go out for groceries? Don’t buy everything there, it’s way too expensive, but why not try just one item that you would have normally bought at the supermarket. Now decide if the flavor difference is worth coming back…

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