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Haagen Dazs

Häagen Daazs ice cream is probably one of man’s best inventions, a true elixir. Undoubtedly the recipe was handed down from the heavens to help us mortals live a better life. It’s ice cream at it’s best, ambrosia for $7 a pint.

And it’s fattening, much to our dismay.

A pint will set you back 1200 calories, 100% of your daily fat allowance and 200% of your daily saturated fat allotment. True, the serving size is a quarter of a pint, with 4 half-cup servings per container, but show us someone who knows when to stop…

Ice cream is a fun treat if you eat healthy and indulge every once in a while. At least it’s money well spent compared to other “snacks” that don’t match up in flavor.

Now if they could only make their ice cream a bit healthier…

That’s why we were happy to read [thanks slashfood] about a new product line from the company, called Häagen Dazs Five:

All-natural ice cream crafted with only five ingredients for incredibly pure, balanced flavor… and surprisingly less fat!

Curious to know what’s new, we checked out the ingredient list of Häagen Dazs Five Vanilla Bean flavor to see what has changed from the classic formulation. We expected to find a drastic reduction in superfluous ingredients (including evil preservatives and whatnot). Here is what we discovered:



Guess what – the classic formula has exactly six ingredients. And despite the “FIVE” logo, the new formula also has six! (Vanilla bean flakes and vanilla extract count as two separate ingredients by our book, not one).

We continued to check the nutrition information. serving size is half a cup in both formulas.

New formula: 220 calories, 11g (17%) fat, 7g saturated fat (35%), 0 trans fat (not really zero just rounded down)

Classic formula: 290 calories, 18g (27%) fat, 11g saturated fat (54%), 0.5g trans fat

We see here that more skim milk is used in the new formula than cream, and the result is less fat and less calories. The big questions is how much of a difference in taste does this reduction in fat cause? And is the 25% saving in calories worth it?

What you need to know:

This Five campaign is a nice marketing move by Häagen Dazs, but will not likely help you with your diet. As usual, don’t let marketing tricks fool you to believe that products are beter for you.

The market pressure is so high, that food companies can’t rely on selling a solid good product anymore, they need to constantly innovate and keep consumers interested in buying more and more of their new products. Trying out all sort of weird flavors (Hello Ben and Jerry’s) is one way. Line extensions are another, hence HD’s Five. It’s not really about our health.

What to do at the supermarket:

Five Shmive, our favorite flavor is Dulce De Leche, and nobody is going to stop us. We promise to limit ourselves to the manufacturer suggested half  cup serving size…

What do you think about the taste of a new Five product compared to the classic formulation? Let us know in the comments below..

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  • http://www.myvanillashop.com Harcourt Breton

    very helpful thoughts… thanks for your time… very useful… for your vanilla needs you could find premium natural vanilla beans and vanilla powder directly from Madagascar at my vanilla shop (click my name for link)… have fun…

  • Anonymous

    Does Haagen-Dazs ice cream,contain any pork?

  • enyduke

    Is there any pork or pork fat in haagen-dazs ice cream?

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate


  • Ollie

    does haagen dazs uses skimmed milk powder or liquid?

  • Tellus

    I hardly ever eat ice cream. But today I needed a special treat. Butter Pecan was calling me. So I was sooo excited to have a little when I got home from the store. I took a spoonful and thought something is different. So I search the Internet and found they had changed the taste. Damn it! My favorite ice cream is GONE! It’s been 6 months since I last had some of it and now I have this sitting in front of me and feeling disappointed! I won’t be buying anymore of their ice cream that’s over priced and now lost its familiar taste.

    • iloveicecream

      haagen dazs has changed alot of the original receipes. The almonds are smaller and less on the vanilla milk almond bars. They put more air in the mix to make it fluffier. Nestle was ruined haagen dazs. I know, I work there.