HarvestMark Lets You Trace Your Melon Back to the Patch Where it was Born

This week, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack announced the implementation of Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law for meats and nuts. The law has many loopholes, but it is a good first step.

In the meantime, private enterprise is always a few steps a head. Realizing that there is a growing market of consumers who want accountability and traceability not just at the country level, but at the farm level, YottaMark, a California startup,  has developed a nifty solution.

HarvestMark is a sticker that the farmer places onto a bulk package of fruit or vegetable during harvest. The sticker includes a unique numeric code which can later be used to trace the product back to harvest day and know among other things:
- which farm was this product grown in?
- when was it picked?
- how long has it been in storage?
- who were the middlemen?

The code is different than the UPC barcode. All the data associated with a certain batch of produce is uploaded by the various stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the product using software that the YottaMark company has developed. For example, a warehouse can track when the product came in ,when it left, and if there were any irregularities during storage. This sort of a solution can also be helpful in product recall management.

If applied at the single product level, consumers may be able to get all this information as well, whether in the supermarket or at home.

It will be interesting to see if, when and how HarvetMark gains market traction.

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  • Kenneth Spain

    This melon had a lot of seed of seed and it was not sweet.

  • Jill Rigney

    One of the best watermelons, I have ever eaten. Vey few seeds, and juicy. The label read Revoluion long seedless. GREAT !!!!

  • http://sassypam64@yahoo.com PAM Gassmann

    I had recently purchased a seedless watermelon from Fournies Farm in Collinsville. I was very disappointed in the quality of the watermelon. When I got it open it was not ripe at all,not even sweet. I paid $5.75 for that watermelon. The number or code number is 4032 and other numbers are 5146 4120 4421 SNS1. Please respond back to my comment. Thank You,

  • http://www.melontrace.com James White

    I tried to trace the location of a melon that I bought from COSTCO using the website listed on the tag which was on the melon. I was not able to determine the location because the process was too difficult. In fact, I’m not sure the process listed even works. The tag on the melon stated to enter a code (103 000 316 928)which I did after going to the website which is listed above. I only got more websites. Surely there is a better way to do this trace.

    I’m sending this message only because I’m angry that you made this sound so simple but instead it is extremely difficult and still I was not able to get an answer. At this time I don’t give a damn where the melon came from.

    Thank you,
    James M. White
    Kansas City, Kansas

    • V Farmer

      I agree. False advertisement. This site is poo.

  • Mike Hill

    The traceme label also didn’t work for me. I got my melon from a Costco in Kirkland, WA

  • kmat70

    I think they figure no one will actually try to trace a melon – well I did try because I am concerned as to where my food comes from. No luck and I used the label on the melon but the site just simply did not load due to errors – one after another. The melon was actually quite good, sweet and seedless. However I don’t like how difficult it was to trace when it should have been very simple. It was grown in the USA (on the label and yes I do read them all) which is a priority for most of the fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats we buy.

    • Stewart

      Today I got up so excited to be able to trace my melon to where it was laid and born!. My Mom and Dad had gotten it yesterday after watching it be laid and born just 1 day before my birthday. They said I was still to young to see such a thing as the Mallard duck laid my melon. So today on my 15th birthday I was going to trace back to my melons birth spot. Hoping I dont see the laying of the melon video. But as repeatedly put in the trace number #3421 and it just kept saying “try again” l must have entered it 20 times before my parents stopped me as for I was crying so hard I couldn’t see the key pad to enter. My Mom and Dad said maybe it’s to soon beings only yesterday it was laid and might not been entered in the records. Mom and Dad teased me saying it was 5 years before anyone knew about me!. So again tomorrow I get to try again. And they would go back to were it was laid and straighten out the #3421 number cause no one is going to break Bob & Larry Storkenvinski’s sons heart. I just hope they can fix the #3421 trace number for my little new born melon. Its so small and cute, like me! Stewart R. Storkenvinski! Happy 15th birthday to me!!

  • Al Johnson

    where do you input the code???????

  • Karen

    I also could not get the website to trace my melon.

  • Duane Pries

    I also tried to trace the melon with no success. After being in the Midwest States for 10 years they couldn’t hold an candle I bought mine At safeway in Puyallup Wa

  • Sanford Gardner

    Ya not working for me either. Code#201 097 823 940 evidently doesn’t exist. My 8 year old son was so exited and now so bummed as am I! First and last purchase for me that has anything to do with Robinson Company in Davis, CA. 95168

  • Ada Green

    Good work, the barcode will help people recognize the products, at same time, it’s also conducive to the management of agricultural products

  • don krueger

    Melon # 201 110 333 718. Same problem others have, can’t track. Will now only buy another brand. This company operates like Obama, any kinn? This company should contact USA Clothing, they can tell me which farmer provided to the cotton for my cloths. YottaMark in California huh label states grown in Washington? You are a bit messed up and incompetent. Bye Bye no more business from our house hold for any of your products.