Q4 Food Spending Down – Good or Bad for Our Health?

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Here’s an interesting piece from the Wall Street Journal, summing up the change in our collective behavior thanks to the recession:

Consumers have cut back sharply on food spending, shunning restaurants, opting for generic products over brand names, trading in lattes for home-brewed coffee and shopping for bargains. That is hurting sales and profits at many food processors, grocery chains and restaurants.

In 2008′s fourth quarter, consumer spending on food fell at an inflation-adjusted 3.7% from the third quarter, according to data from the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. That is the steepest decline in the 62 years the government has compiled the figure.

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People who never used to look at prices are now on the lookout for deals.

Several trend:

- a shift from full service restaurants to cheaper fast food joints. [BAD]

- more meals at home rather than out. [GOOD, home food is usually lower in fats, sodium , and sugar]

- at the home: more cooking and baking from scratch, rather than relying on prepared meals. [GOOD, less chemicals, additives, and sodium]

- sales of  fresh vegetables are actually up 2.3%. [GREAT!]

What to do at the supermarket:

Check out our top ten tips for healthy shopping during a recession.

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