So What’s Inside Yoplait Yogurt Anyway?

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We wrote yesterday about Yoplait’s encouraging announcement, promising to use milk for yogurt only from cows not treated with growth hormones.

Today we’ll take a look inside Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt, a stalwart, and see what else is going on…

Yoplait has a wonderful consumer website listing all its products, recipes, commercials, and community outreach programs. The good folks at Yoplait also conveniently provide nutrition information for each of their products. Highlights are:

Serving Size: 1 container/ 6oz / 170g
Calories: 170 (about 8% of your daily max)
Calories from Fat: 15 (less than 3% of your recommended daily max)
No fiber (shouldn’t strawberries have some though?)
Carbs – 33 grams  (11% of the recommended daily value)
Sugars – 27 grams (more than 5 teaspoons!!!)
A few vitamins and minerals to boot.

How unfortunate though, that an ingredient list is nowhere to be found. Have no fear, Fooducate is here, and so are the ingredients:

Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low Fat Milk, Sugar, Strawberries, Modified Corn Starch, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Kosher Gelatin, Citric Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Colored with Carmine, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3.

Yes, we’ve highlighted the added sugars, which we’ll get to in a minute.

The front of the yogurt label boldy claims it is  99% fat-free, leading a person to expect a very low calorie yogurt. Instead, 170 calories. Not a lot, but not close to zero either.

Note though, that 108 of these 170 calories are from sugar! In context: By weight, 17% of this product is sugar. 63% of the calories in Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt are from sugar!

Sounds more like a snack or treat than a health food.

The four sources of sugar in this yogurt (by their weight in the ingredient list) are yogurt/milk (lactose), table sugar, the strawberries themselves, and high fructose corn syrup (let’s not get into that controversy here today).

To be fair, one can purchase the Light version of this yogurt, artificially sweetened (other issues there), and with only 14 grams / 64 calories from sugar.

To summarize, here’s what we would like to know:

1. what’s the fruit content as a percentage of the ingredients in the yogurt?

2. how much  sugar was added to this product, beside the natural sugars found in the yogurt and strawberries?

3. Just what are those natural flavors?

4. It would be nice to know just what Tricalcium Phosphate and Carmine are too, but obviously there is not enough room on the nutrition label. There’s certainly enough room on the website, though, so why not educate us consumers?

What to do at the supermarket:

Read, read, read the nutrition panel and ingredient list. You’ll be surprised how much better your choices can become.

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  • Scott

    I remember when I was a kid in the 70′s and yogurt tasted horrible. We never ate it. Ditto with the cranberry juices… I remember drinking some at my gramma’s house and I didn’t want much beyond the first sip. Tasted as bad as a little nip of wine my parents gave me to test.

    Fast forward to the 90′s and beyond — look at how much cranberry-based drinks and yogurt gets consumed. What happened — they added lots sugar and other sweeteners. Props to Fooducate to pointing this out.

    The best way, in my opinion, to eat yogurt is to buy plain and add fruit, cinnamon and (if necessary) fake sweeteners.

  • Lauren

    I’ve actually been doing some research one of the questionable ingredients, Carmine, for a class. It’s what gives the strawberry yogurt it’s strawberry-red tint. Cochineal extract (or carmine) is made from the desiccated bodies of female Dactlyopius coccus Costa, a small insect harvested mainly in Peru and Canary Islands. The bug feeds on red berries. They are collected, dried and crushed into pigment, which we then enjoy for breakfast. Yum.

  • raj

    I am surprised that Carmine is coming from animal product…I am a vegetarian and I am shocked that insects are being killed to give the coloring or flavor. Is this true?

    • staff

      yes. and has been true for centuries.

  • monika

    I know this post is old, but it is number three on the popular posts list :-p

    You talk about the natural sugar found in strawberries, but not the natural sugar found in milk…lactose. From comparing their plain yogurt (Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Nonfat Milk, Modified Corn Starch, Kosher Gelatin) it would seem that about 12.7 of those 27 grams of sugar are from the yogurt itself.

    • staff


  • LaurelC

    Great article. I suspected the “light” version was “artificially sweetened”, which is such a shame. That artificial sweetener is just terrible for so many of us – we think we have IBS or lactose intolerance or whatever (horrible symptoms), when in fact it is artificial sweetener causing all the angst. I’m all for saving calories, goodness knows, but I will have to go for sugar if I want to eat yogurt (which I do!) For years I thought I couldn’t eat yogurt….now I realize it is just “light” that I can’t eat (unless I want to spend the rest of the day in the lady’s room!)

  • Bsa

    Well, plants are alive as much as any animal. We cannot eat or survive without killing. The better idea to live by is kill only what you need to survive and allow the rest to repopulate for future harvests and planetary benefit.

  • Bsa

    Not to mention the gelatin. What animal is that coming from…

  • W

    Yoplait Yogurt
    Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low Fat Milk, Sugar, Strawberries, Modified Corn Starch, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Kosher Gelatin, Citric Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Colored with Carmine, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3.

    DIY yogurt
    Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Low Fat Milk, Strawberries, Sugar, Pectin

    Tastes loads better with half of all bad things and twice of all good things. I always keep frozen strawberries on hand. A teaspoon of sugar isn’t ridiculous for ~1 cup of fruit yogurt. The 14g in ‘light’ yogurt is (almost half a soda!).

    I cook almost everything myself from scratch and this is why.

    Also, yes one of the enumbers is beetles. You should look into some of the other dyes, many of which are illegal now.

  • berger717

    I eat Yoplait Light everyday, sometimes twice a day. I always knew it had a boost of sugar, which is not bad if you eat it right after a workout. With that said, how do you balance the pros and cons of eating this yogurt versus an organic fat free yogurt that you must mix with your own berries and sugar. Should I take the plunge?

  • J.M. Banks

    I had a sample of Yoplait at B.J. Wholesase in Miami. I have a severe reaction to gluten, beans, tubers, rice, corn starch and more. I have controlled my diet so that I have had no symptoms in a long time. This week the symptoms came back and I could not figure out why. Then I remembered the 2 tbs of Yoplait in the sample. Yes, a list of ingredients is essential for people with food allergies or incompatibilities.
    What % of cornstarch is in Yoplait? Whatever it is, is too much for me. LIST YOUR INGREDIENTS, YOPLAIT!



  • kc

    Nobody mentions that there are 10 sources of GMO corn in this yogurt: Low Fat Milk, Modified Corn Starch, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Citric Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3. 10 out of 15 ingredients contain genetically modified corn. This yogurt is essentially a little milk and a bunch of inedible corn, like almost every yogurt on the market. No one should be ingesting GMOs, but anyone with allergies, blood sugar problems, or digestive issues should be especially diligent in avoiding them. The only widely available yogurt on the market without GMO corn is Dannon whole milk plain and I can’t get my grocery store to carry it (apparently I am the only person in the world that wants whole milk plain yogurt). (I hate to get off topic, but isn’t anyone else horrified by this new trend of putting toddlers on non-fat and low-fat diets?) I also can’t get milk without GMO corn so that I can make my own which is my preference, actually. Didn’t you know there is GMO corn in your organic milk? Anything fortified with vitamins in this country contains GMO corn. That includes table salt, milk, white rice, wheat products, vitamin supplements – even organic brands.

    • Lzbth

      How could citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, Vitamin A or D3 possibly be a “source of GMO corn”? I think I’m missing something

  • otherlightyogurt

    You guys probably are against that one too, but Dannon Light Yogurt is only 80 calories for the same serving size.

    (no I don’t work there, and I don’t really like Dannon’s regular yogurt.. I remember as a kid thinking it was ‘grainy’)

  • Fatisnotbad

    who cares if it has added sugar, sweet natural sugar from strawberries or high fructose corn sweetener cause any way you look at it, its still just sugar, and your body reacts the same. Your body deals with it the same way, your insulin levels blast, and you can’t burn the stuff away. If you’re a man, it ends up on your spare tire, if you’re a woman it ends up on your stomach, thighs and the backs of your arms. Yogurt has 1 redeeming characteristic, in that it contains some digestive enzymes, right?

  • VorpalBlonde

    Tricalcium phosphate is a compound with formula Ca3(PO4)2. It is also known as calcium orthophosphate, tertiary calcium phosphate, tribasic calcium phosphate, or “bone ash” (calcium phosphate being one of the main combustion products of bone).

  • a mad customer

    I’ll tell you whats inside it, a steaming load of crap that’s what. Because their not creative, they can only make flavors that taste like strawberry! So what I would like to say to them is, GO SUCK ON A STRAWBERRY!

  • Heather (errantdreams)

    For even more context—27g of sugar is as much as in a serving of Ben & Jerry’s or Hagen-Dazs ice cream, and twice as much as a serving of Breyers ice cream!

  • C’mon

    I used to eat yogurt thinking it was actually healthy. Yoplait was always my favorite and I started on the light ones until I realized that almost all yogurts you buy have some of the worst things for you in them. It started with the dannon yogurts. I was never a fan of the fruit on the bottom and the light and fit seemed like a good option. Well I looked at the back and saw the aspartame in it and realized it definitely wasn’t healthy. Then I was looking for something for a smoothie and saw the dannon with the fruit on the bottom, which I hate but attempted to resort to and realized it had high fructose corn syrup. Since then I have generally seen all low cal yogurts have aspartame and all “original” yogurts have high fructose corn syrup. I wasn’t yet blown away until my father picked up yoplait yogurts, after I discovered all this, and I saw that the light one contained not only aspartame, but also high fructose corn syrup. I guess thinking I could avoid one or the other was too good to be true. I don’t even bother with yogurt anymore and if I do it’s as a treat(which is still bad) or I have my dad make it in his 50 year old yogurt maker

  • Jill

    A boost of sugar? 27g is nearly 6 teaspoons in a tiny 6 oz container! That is more than a serving of haagen dazs.

    You don’t have to be subjected to this.

    Try Walaby yogurt, Chobani yogurt (my two favs), or any brand that is not mass marketed.

  • masimba

    Wow, I thought I knew about yogurt until I read this (and the comments)! I love yogurt, but since we started making our own / buying plain yogurt, I have found that sweetened yogurts (artificial or not), just taste too sweet and even one little tub can be too much. I can eat loads more plain yogurt in one sitting.

    One thing I struggle with is the alternatives we have to choose from – it’s hard to buy healthy when the only choices are what the manufacturers/ retailers deem as healthy. Our local Walmart only carries one brand of non-sweetened yogurt and it’s made from low fat milk. I tried contacting them through their website, and finally got a call from my local store, but the end result was the local store didn’t have much control over what they stock. What do we need to do to get whole-milk yogurts back on the shelves (like Stonyfield for example)? I know I’m not the only one looking out for healthier yogurt, right?

    Digestive enzymes? The probiotics in yogurt are beneficial bacteria, not enzymes. Most enzymes are typically destroyed by pasteurization. There are ways to make your own yogurt that you can keep the enzymes, but not going to get into that right now.

  • Monica


    The only whole-milk yogurt ive seen so far is Mountain High. It’s the only one i buy but it’s like $1 more than the other kinds.

  • lilly

    gelitin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i allways tought that yogurt was a daiery product. is there any vegitarian yogurt product

  • Corey

    How on earth did you come to the conclusion that table salt is a GMO product? Salt = NaCl a rock, the only one we eat. Added Iodine? Iodine is elemental…it is what it is… you cannot genetically modify rocks.. these are not even organic compounds… wow.

    • Whippleswig

      Iodized salt usually has some form of dispersant to distribute the iodine evenly. They usually use corn starch.

  • trish

    Check out Greek yogurt, preferably the unflavored variety. Add your own fruit and sweetener ( I use truvia, honey or agave syrup.) Yoplait is a joke as far as nutritional value is concerned.

  • Sandy


    Can you please tell me what is Kosher gelatin and identify which is used in your yogurt? What non-vegetarian ingredients are used?

  • safir

    je crois que c est la gelatine de porc et qui n est pas identifié sur l etiquette ATTENTION!!! AU MUSULMANS!!!

    • beaverAnalGlands

      The pork gelatin …what???

    • beaverAnalGlands

      The pork gelatin …what???

  • julie

    what are the better choice for yogort. i know i should know.

  • avlisk

    Aspartame/phenylketylalanines cause swelling of the prostate in some men. (I know from personal experience.) A very dangerous chemical. Now, I read that fructose is also dangerous. (Don’t know about sucrose.) Is there any safe yogurt?

  • Karen Joy

    julie :
    what are the better choice for yogort.

    I’m working on a blog post of my own about yogurt ingredients… I’m a recovering Yoplait consumer, and while its low price tempts me, A MUCH BETTER choice is Cascade Fresh: All natural, fruit-juice sweetened, lower sugar/carbs… (It’s about $0.79 at my local natural foods grocery.)

  • Aida

    Make your own yogurt – I use organic 1% milk, buy the starter (the bulgaricus bacteria) and a Yolife yogurt maker (it just keeps the yogurt a constant temp) – you heat the milk to just boiling, let it sit then until it cools to warm, mix a small amount with the yogurt starter powder and stir, then mix in the rest of the warm milk – put in yolife thing and let it sit overnight. Next day take it out of the yogurt maker, let it sit room temp for a little while then refrigerate. You’ll have nice tart real yogurt to which you can add real fruit, or anything else you want. It’s good for your digestive system to have the live bacteria of actual yogurt.

  • daria

    i eat Fage low-fat or non-fat greek yogurt. the ingredients are just milk and cultures. add nuts, raisins, seeds (sometimes some crunchy cereal). PLUS it is a perfect sour cream replacement on savory dishes, and if you mix it with a touch of mayo you get mayo-flavored yogurt for dressings, dips, etc. it’s so versatile.

    …please tell me it’s as healthy as i think it is! :)

  • Margaret Iverson

    has anyone of you heard of Astro yogurt?? they have different kinds, natural, Balkin style, Astro is the best brand that I have had..

  • tony

    I used this produdt as a part of a diet to lose wieght.after suger induced highs dizzy spells and the GAIN of 20 pounds plus i started to question this stuff i dont use that much suger in my coffee. its a dessert not somthing to lose wieght.i remember yogurt with a slight bitter taste mixed with fruit it was quite pleasant.based on 2 a day 5 days a week for about a year.

  • tony

    no such thing.@safir

  • Megan Doyle Ray

    I love yogurt but get so confused at the grocery store by the giant wall of all the different types and choices. I do read the labels, but even then it is hard to tell which ones are the truly healthy ones. Food manufacturers have been become so clever at making foods appear healthier than they really are. I like to buy the individual portions because they are easier to pack into lunches. Do you have a brand and type of yogurt you would recommend that is healthy and not filled with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients?

  • Julie

    My hubby & I have become vegetarians over the last year. Slowly we are getting rid of any animal baised produdcts from our diet. He is still a cheese lover however, we are careful about the Rennet & where it comes from. On the subject of Yogurt however, We stopped eating cows milk baised yogurt. We started buying Silk soy yogurt and are very happy with it.I actually just looked up their ingredient list on the Silk web site & it is Vegan friendly, their tricalcium phosphate does not come from bone because I would not buy it again if it did! Yes it still has sugar, but it’s organic evaporated cane juice, which I am MUCH happier about than HFC. You can say all you want about HFC being the same as sugar, I don’t buy it, sorry. As far as the Yogurt goes, we add our own fruit, and we almost always buy organic, so we know whats going in our bodies. Yoplait used to be my favorite yogurt, until I learned about nutrition, and that it colors it’s strawberry with bugs.. as do others besides yoplait. READ YOUR LABLES!!! It’s the only way we can get the message across to the big company’s to stop selling their FAKE crap they call food, and give us the option to buy REAL fresh food thats not full of chemicals and BUGS!

  • kc

    @Megan Doyle Ray
    Buy plain whole milk yogurt and add your own sweeteners or fruit. Read the labels and you’ll see that plain whole milk yogurt has the least ingredients of any others on the shelf. If it is vitamin enriched, it also contains one or more GMO corn derivatives that are not listed on the label. The more ingredients, the less healthy, and all reduced fat or nonfat versions have extra ingredients to make up for the loss of fat. Try to buy all your food as close to its natural state as possible. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of food additives (most are made from GMO corn or soy) that your children ingest is a good step in the right direction.

    Invest in some cute bento boxes or colorful reusable containers for yogurt and other homemade treats to pack in lunches.

  • John

    Hi, it is also made from oxidized milk.

  • carol

    @Bsa Kosher gelatin is from fish.

  • mrfixit123

    just buy plain greek yogurt and add some honey oats or berries. keep it simple

  • greenmom

    This is why I have always made my own flavored yogurts. I use organic low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon or so of fruit sweetened jam (9 g sugar per tablespoon, so less than half of that in my yogurt). My kids love it! I don’t even sweeten it for myself, but often add fresh fruit.

  • Eviedorato

    I love Stonyfield products. How does their yogurt hold up? I’m not sure if there is an article on that.

    I love all the ideas for dressing up plain yogurt, will give that another try.

    • Jennifer Dixey

      Stonyfield yogurts are very tasty – and organic – but they do have a high sugar content. This article is a great reminder to check the label!

  • Laconda

    I normally eat very healthfully, organic whenever possible. At home I buy a small family dairy organic yogurt in large containers, but at work all that is available is Yoplait. Every time I eat the stuff I get an upset stomach…excess sugar, corn syrup, tricalcium phospate, carmine, “natural flavors?” Anything else not acknowledged. Never again, I intend to buy Stonyfield organic in small containers and keep a supply at work.

  • DeniseB

    Are you sure you want to know what “Colored with Carmine” is? Carmine is coloring made from pulverizing dried Cochineal beetles. YUCK!!

    • Beej126

      I agree DeniseB !! I just found out that the carmine foods are colored with is made by crushing and boiling BUGS! I am going to be watching for this in foods (it is also known as Red Dye #40) and won’t be eating any more boiled bug juice!! How nasty! Who could come up with such a thing???

      • Fooducate

        Actually Carmine is VERY DIFFERENT than RED #40. The latter is an artificial, synthetic dye whereas the former is made from real bugs.

        • Conqueror57

           Carmine is also known “Natural Red Dye #4.”

      • LadyScot

        Do you use sugar? Do you know why sugar is white? It is bleached to conceal the beetle bug parts that escape the bug pickers. Lots of thing you eat have bug parts in them. No one has died yet from eating a bug.

        • Anda

          Did you know that white sugar is bleached with cow bone char? Did you know that our food is allowed by law to have a certain percentage of bug body parts? Interesting, but eww. :)

      • Nani Lawrence Weasley

        Protein. Who the fuck cares that OMG IT’S ICKY BUGS!?

  • Anonymous

    At Washington State University, Chef there promotes yoplait yogurt. It is not vegetarian, with filler modified corn starch, HFCS. I talked about this brand of yogurt is bad. I regularly purchase plain mountain-high yogurt – i.e. no filler. and I add my real fruits there so that there is no excuse for them to add more sugar in my yogurt.

  • Fgrthhrhrthth

    Im doing a speech on yogurt and to me this is really complcated to me

  • Penny0314

    Well, we need to remember that the Yoplait Light avoids the sugar but uses aspartame to sweeten. Also, scary that this is the brand used in most hospitals.

  • larenn002

    Tricalcium Phosphate is ground up bone ash used as for anti-caking and Carmine is ground up red beetles used for coloring food. That’s why Yoplait’s strawberry yogurt is soooo thick and pink.

  • Dallasguy

    I emailed General Mills regarding the use of high fructose corn syrup. They denied the use of high fructose corn syrup in the yogurt I was eating even though I read it on their product label. i guess they don’t know what they put in their products. This is their response:

    “Thank you for contacting us about Yoplait yogurt. It has been a long-established policy of General Mills to produce a wide variety of unique products to fit families’ individual needs.
    Yoplait Original, Yoplait Kids, GoGurt, Simply GoGurt, large size Low Fat 16 & 32 ounce yogurts and other varieties do not contain high fructose corn syrup. They are sweetened with sucrose (table sugar). Any General Mills products that contain high fructose corn syrup will have it clearly listed in the ingredient portion of the packaging.

    In answer regarding the FD & C artificial colors, we do label for these as it is mandatory. Some of our yogurt products are naturally colored with beet juice or carmine. We label for this as well. Your comments will be shared.”

  • Jaweedo

    u might think im stupid but does yoplait yogurt have gelatin or anything made of pig cause some religions cant eat pig or gelatin

  • Penny0314

    Well, how interesting to know that  hospitals serve Yoplait and Yoplait Lite (sweetened with aspartame) virtually to a one.  Hospital dietary offerings are almost as scary as those in the middle aisles of grocery stores!

  • Faliticj

    I never buy this yogurt for just that reason-it has WAY too much sugar in it!!

  • Toni Roberts

    What about Live Active Cultures?  Isn’t that what would make it “yogurt”?

  • Vinvan45

    Its not even yogurt…Its basically a overly sweetened sugar snack…I cannot believe people actually buy this crap! Its not even good for you and shame on the company that produces this unhealty product and pass it off as healthy yogurt. I sometimes just want to put warning signs on certain foods in the “regular” grocery stores stating “consumer beware…do not consume!”

    • IS3FIFTY

      I agree: this is not even yogurt.  Definition of yogurt is milk + cultures.  What they do is substitute the good milk for cheaper, unhealthy fillers (corn starch, gelatin, HFCS) to save cost but at the expense of our kids health… Not acceptable!  People, read the ingredients list and boycott those who want to profit at the expense of your health. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not totally sure what the problem with the crushed beetles as food coloring is?  It seems to me that criticizing the use of aspartame because it’s “synthetic” then being upset over them using an obviously natural food coloring is somewhat hypocritical.  Just because us westerners think bugs are gross does not mean that there is anything fundamentally wrong with eating an insect.  Millions of people throughout the world get a good portion of their protein from insects.  

    The high levels of sugar, and the potential problems associated with aspartame are reasonable arguments against this product, but you can’t be mad at them for using synthetic sweetener, but then also be angry at them using a perfectly natural food coloring.  It would be nice if the redness was a byproduct of there actually being a ton of fruit in there, but when people want a yogurt for under a dollar, that’s the reality of mass produced food.

    • Anda

      Vegetarians and vegans have a problem with eating beetles. :)

      • bennybrady

        Vegetarians and vegans also have a problem eating yogurt…

        • Meejay4

          I have a problem with the use of Red #40 coming from a beetle because many people happen to be allergic and sensitive to that beetle. It often causes hyperactivity in children.

  • Ethel Powers

    I don’t mind the sugar so much as the high fructose corn syrup. The beetles are fine too but selling this yogurt as a healthy product is so misleading. Thus, the reason I read labels!


    How hypocritical of Yoplait:  they support the cure for cancer (purely for marketing reasons) but their yogurt drive obesity among our children.


    BTW – I went on Yoplait’s Facebook profile to ask them (nicely) about the use of the HFCS in their yogurts and they immediately blocked my profile…

  • Danielleb811

    They forgot to mention that carmine is made from ground up beetles.

  • Srimom2003

    Is the gelatin used in yoplait yogurt  plant based?

    • Celticmama

      No it comes from animal “byproducts”… If it was plant based it would say Carrageenan, Pectin, or agar agar which are plant based…

  • tim rode

    hi the carmine is a color and the tricalcium phosphate is a calcium fortification.  i would wonder though what cultures they use and what preservatives.

  • beaverAnalGlands

    I’ve been making “yogurt pie” as a low calorie dessert.  It is about 200 calories per serving.  1 yoplait yogurt, 1 yoplait light yogurt, one cool whip or cool whip light mixed and frozen in a graham cracker crust.  After seeing 60 minutes last night with their news on the flavoring business; including the delicious flavors that come from Beavers’ anal glands I am starting to rethink a lot of things…including the latest yogurt pie I just made!

  • Chris Pollard

    Carmine is some cases causes death through anaphylactic shock and in my case causes atrial fibrillation.  I drank half a bottle of Fruitopia colored with carmine and ended up with an expensive trip to the emergency room.  If you ever get an increased heart rate after ingesting carmine laced products – never eat them again.  I realized after I had drunk it that on at least one occasion before I had had a raised heart rate for an hour or so.  There is NO need for this colorant.


    what happened to the live cultures??  Has anyone tried Noosa Yoghurt?? Comes in a 2 serving container and has 9 grams of sugar. My favorite is mango. 

  • Cathyking5

    You should have also discussed Carmine!! B

  • Martina Marty

     Carmine is crushed bugs to make it reddish looking.

  • Francine

    Unfortunately since you have high fructose or corn sugar in yo plait yogurt and I have stopped eating it and have switched for another brand that doesn’t contain this. I have also recommended not to buy yo plait any more to all my friends and family. If one can’t find a suitable yogarg just buy plain and add fruit.

  • d.swindle

    I would like to know if yoplait yogart is gluten free

  • Angela

    I just ate a container of yoplait blueberry yogurt and noticed some green fragments in my yogurt that i initially thought were blueberries. upon closer inspection, the green fragments looked unnatural and closely resembled green tissue paper. have no idea what this is, but disgusted.

  • RIco Suave

    what the fuck should i buy then ….. i always get that shit now i see this online n im like wat da heck man…. no mames. sry for the writing but im tired as fuck n i cnt sleep so tada

  • Ken Fiala

    I recently had a heart-a-tack and
    I’m using a lot you’re your products now I’ve developed diverticulitis

    And can’t have any seeds so my question is do your flavored yogurts like blackberry pomegranate have seed in them?

  • Ann Sutton

    I consumed some of this yesterday when the Greek yogurt was out. I was most put off by the ingredient list, most notably the corn syrup. Meanwhile, the whole thing had the gelatinous texture of chocolate pudding (although I’ve been eating Greek yogurt so long I may have forgotten what the other kind is like) and was disturbingly pink, with no visible fruit. Blech!

  • Debbie

    What is carmine,coloring?dr oz said it is bugs crushed is this true?

  • Mark B

    Does the yogurt contain live bacteria?
    Vitamin D3 is synthetic?

  • David S. Paloff

    Carmine is a red pigment obtained from dried crushed beetles. Enjoy!