What do Grocery Shoppers Want?


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The American Grocery Shopper Survey, one of the largest of its kind, surveys 50,000 consumers about shopping habits and preferences. It is conducted by Brandspark International every year and additionally produces the Best New Products Awards.
Here are some interesting tidbits:

52% of consumers plan to eat more at home in 2009 compared to last year.

71% of shoppers are worried about health claims of products they purchase.

80% of early adopters in supermarkets are women. This is easily explainable – 70% of a household’s primary shoppers are women, and they usually spend more time shopping.

Three trends for early adopters:
- greater awareness and concern about chemicals and artificial sweeteners in food
- more health conscious
- believe in branded foods as representing higher quality

Top motivators for buying new products are:
- value for money
- better quality
- added health benefits

Top 3 trusted food brands
- Kraft
- Campbell’s
- General Mills

Most important health concerns:
- healthy living
- weight loss

Green issues:
- 58% of consumers want new products to be “natural”
- 70% of consumers are interested in buying environmentally friendly products, but 75% believe manufacturer claims are more PR than substance.
- Only 40% of shoppers are willing to pay more for greener products.
- 78% think manufacturers need to reduce packaging waste.

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  • Michelle

    I find that funny that more people are concerned with the enviroment that being “natural” that shows how the mainstream media controls people. They must have forgot about the huge percent of American’s and children that are obesse.