Superfood Sunday – Cinnamon

A highly fragrant spice, cinnamon has been around since biblical times and was used even by Moses. The inner bark of a small evergreen tree, cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka, where 90% of the world’s supply comes from.

What you need to know:

Studies conducted by the USDA have shown that cinnamon may help  better regulate blood-sugar levels.This could be a boon to diabetics. In tests, half a teaspoon a day lowered blood-sugar levels in patients with Type II diabetes and reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Cinnamon may also inhibit cancer cells, is anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. It also tastes darn good sprinkled in a cup of hot coffee or tea.

What to do at the supermarket:

Cinnamon can be purchased in 3 inch sticks, or powdered. The sticks can be thrown into stews, punches, and even soups, whereas the powder can be sprinkled into hot drinks, blended into pastries, or added as a condiment to various dishes. For freshness, best to take a stick and grate it yourself (warning – it’s a tedious task).

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  • ricky

    i have heard that 1.1 peoplein the US HATE cinamon and im not one of them.usually like the ketchup people would say ”stuff” about the hate of kecthup.